Pattee, Anna Elizabeth Willits



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Monmouth College

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Anna Willits was a Founder of Kappa Kappa Gamma as a sub-freshman, one of the original four organizers and listed as Alpha 4; she signed the charter in 1870. Many early meetings were held in her home, where the design of the badge was determined: golden key with the Greek letters Kappa Kappa Gamma and Alpha Omega Omicron. Legend is that Anna's mother helped the Founders select a proper sort of pin and suggested a key “for a key usually stands for something secret.” Anna later confirmed the fact that her mother had suggested the use of a key for the badge, but that the Founders actually designed it, including the placement of the two sets of Greek letters. Her badge is the only known original key in existence.

Anna Willits attended Monmouth Academy and entered Monmouth College in 1870 as a sub-freshman, receiving a AB-AM degree in 1874. A lifelong resident of Monmouth known for her sociability, hospitality, and community service, Anna was a member of the Monmouth Board of Education and P.E.O. She married in Henry Howard Pattee, prominent businessman, in 1881 and together they had one son, Allan. Anna's granddaughter, Frances Pattee, was initiated with her badge when Alpha was reestablished 1934. Anna Willits Pattee died on August 11, 1908 following a surgery in Chicago, Illinois and was buried in the Pattee family plot in Monmouth Cemetery.



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