Barbeck, Louise Little


Gamma Phi

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Positions held

Fraternity President

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The first great task placed on Louise after she took office was the complete reorganization of Fraternity Headquarters. The end of the 1960s was a rough transition, as campus rules and regulations created new pressures, and even forced the closure of two chapters. To make matters darker, in 1970, Clara Pierce passed away in the midst of planning the Centennial Convention. But Kappa went on with the Centennial Convention, and the programming brought balance and a renewed determination for the new decade. Between 1970 and 1972, there were significant revisions to the Fraternity Bylaws, the reference system was reviewed, Headquarters began to develop the Resource Department, and the Centennial Fund reached its $500,000 goal. The following year, Lou was invited to Chicago to receive the National Rehabilitation Association Organizational Award for Kappa, honoring the rehabilitation services Kappa had organized during the war.



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