Wales, Juliana Fraser


Beta Nu

Initiation Date


Positions held

Fraternity President

Birth Date


Juliana, also known as "J.J.," has served the Fraternity in a variety of roles since she was President of her pledge class. Among these positions were Chairman of Fraternity Education, Field Secretary (now Traveling Consultant), Gamma Province Director of Chapters, Director of Membership, Director of Chapters, Director of Field Representatives, and Vice President. She strongly believes in women supporting women, and this is reflected in her emphasis on Fraternity growth, values, financial security, and programming. She pioneered the leadership skills manual, The Kappa Leadership Guide, which includes instructional booklets for chapter and alumnae association officers. She also promoted the Fraternity's right to be a single-gender organization through public relations. She restructured the Foundation Board of Trustees, and hired the first Foundation Director of Development. Also during her term, the History 2000 Committee was formed, and prepared to publish a comprehensive Fraternity History.



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