Shenehon, Kate Bird Cross



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Kappa's third Grand President, Kate had held every office of Chi Chapter since her initiation in 1884, but most important to her was her time as president. She felt that Fraternity history and genealogy were essential aspects of life as a Kappa, and appointed Kappa's first ever Fraternity Historian, Mary Kingsbury. Kate's own family included many Kappas, including her three daughters, two sisters, a Kappa sister-in-law, and four Kappa nieces. She encouraged the building of Chapter houses, and campaigned to financiance them. A lover of knowledge, Kate's term saw the encouragement of chapter libraries, and Founders Day became of great importance. Also during her term, Kappa's insignia was developed, and the iris and sapphire became the Fraternity flower and jewel. New officer badges were created with the Kappa symbols, and the Beta prefix was used for the first time for the installation of Beta Alpha Chapter, rather than new chapters taking the names of closed chapters. Kate also encouraged Fraternity publications, most notably the second edition of Song Book, the first Catalogue, the Manual for Corresponding Secretaries, the Grand President's Report, and the amended Constitution and Bylaws. She also made the decision to hold the first Panhellenic Convention in Boston in 1891, which would later become the National Panhellenic Conference.



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