Beta Gamma



Founding Date

May 15th, 1876 - Jan 26th, 2021

Closed Date

Jan 1st, 1914 - Jan 26th, 2021


Fraternity Loyalty Award Recipients


Historical Information Exhibit

Beta Gamma Chapter was founded at University of Wooster (now College of Wooster) in Wooster, Ohio on May 15, 1876. The chapter closed on February 14, 1914. Initially, the fraternity custom was to name a new chapter after a closed one, so that all 24 letters of the Greek alphabet were always in use. Because of this custom, the Chapter is called simply Gamma in early records. This practice ended in 1890 when Convention delegates voted to affix Beta to the name of a chapter to indicate it was the second and to affix Gamma on the second round, then Delta, and so on. The chapter at Wooster was the second chapter to be known as Gamma and, after 1890, it became known as Beta Gamma.



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