Founding Date

May 22nd, 1880 - Jan 26th, 2021

Closed Date

Jan 1st, 1885 - Jan 26th, 2021



Historical Information Exhibit

Pi Chapter was founded at the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California on May 22, 1880. The Chapter was founded in an unorthodox fashion; after skimming through Baird's Manual, Anna Long (Brehm) and Ella Bailey (Bruns) applied to Kappa Alpha Theta for a charter, but the Thetas refused to grant a charter to a group with fewer than six members. The two girls acquired another foursome and then, after talking things over with some fraternity men, decided to apply for a charter from Kappa instead. The Chapter closed in the Spring of 1885 due to administrative opposition, lack of chapter harmony, recruitment difficulties, and the Chapter's complete isolation from other members and chapters of the Fraternity.



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