Chapter Letters: Zeta - Iowa University, June 1886

[Beta] Zeta reports on a series of her members who have returned to visit. The Sophomore declamatory prize this year was won by a [Beta] Zeta chapter member, and a thoughtful alumnae gift of $22 has caused the chapter hall to be decorated with pictures. On May 7th, there were plans to attend a reception hosted by Omega chapter along with the Phi Delta Theta's at Kansas University, but the plans fell through. Three Kappas appeared in the Erodelphian Literary Society exhibition.







Initially, the fraternity custom was to name a new chapter after a closed one, so that all 24 letters of the Greek alphabet were always in use. This practice ended in 1890 when Convention delegates voted to affix Beta to the name of a chapter to indicate it was the second and to affix Gamma on the second round, then Delta, and so on. The chapter at the University of Iowa was the second chapter to be known as Zeta and, after 1890, it became known as Beta Zeta.

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