Editorial Talks, June 1886

Within Editorial Talks, the Key editor calls for all chapters to attend the 1886 Convention in Akron, Ohio regardless of expense. The editor approves of Tau's convention suggestions and urges Lambda not to to provide copious entertainment, but instead to show the prosperity and resources of the chapter. The editor expresses regret at the low-level of literary contributions in the Key, as they are so often overshadowed by fraternity events. Finally, the editor celebrates an increase in fraternity discipline as "every chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma presents a letter and a report in this number of the key, all without urging and most of them on time."



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THE_KEY_VOL_3_NO_4_JUN_1886 page 20.jpg; THE_KEY_VOL_3_NO_4_JUN_1886 page 21.jpg


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