L'Amour Mechant

This poem is written in french and entitled, "The Naughty Love," with the subtitle, "A full observation." It begins, "Listen to me you evil love," and goes on to chide the abstract idea of love for derailing the best laid plans of young people. The author complains that in just one glance by a handsome man or women, glory, study, and pride of homeland may be swept aside.




A rough translation of the "Naughty Love": "Naughty Love" (A Full Observation) Listen to me you naughty love, Of your misdeeds I form my song Aren't you ashamed? To ruin all good wishes Young people think about life, That they must work for glory and their homeland But just one glance, brilliant and clever And it's all over! It's the end! The girl with her book Thinks of a holy life, Then comes monsieur So beautiful and divine Hey! See? Here lies the end. Naughty love, robber, thief, I hate you with all my heart! If you dare to come here . . . What? Great Sky! Me Too?

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