Editorial Jottings, March 1883

The editors apologize for being unable to print a number of last-minute submissions in this edition of the Golden Key publication, and request that all further submissions are sent by the fifth day on the last month of the quarter. They also welcome the rebirth of the Scroll, the Phi Delta Theta publication, and correct the Chi Phi Quarterly for reporting that a name change was the condition of the Mr. DePauw endowment to Indiana Asbury University. They also add that the condition of the Purdue appropriation bill (reported on in this edition of The Key publication), has failed to bass due to a Republican minority filibuster in the Indiana House of Representatives, and that resultantly Purdue lacks their annual budget. They encourage fraternity members to challenge rhetorical fallacies which associate bad behavior by fraternity members with bad fraternity influence, and celebrate a hopeful new Pan-Hellenic Council.




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