Section of 1900 National Convention Group Photograph, August 22-27, 1900

This section of the official 1900 National Convention group photograph was created in order to get a satisfactory image of Mary J. Hull and Bertha P. Richmond while they were in office as Editor of The Key and Grand President, respectively. Visible in this photograph in the lower row, from left to right, are Mary J. Hull, Harriet Moore, Bertha P. Richmond, and May Cynthia Whiting. Behind Miss Hull and Miss Moore, wearing her badge as a brooch, is Ellen Janney, and behind her is Nellie L. Merrill. The image of Bertha P. Richmond Chevalier that was taken from this photograph was featured on pg. 56 of the Fall 1970 issue of The Key.

Date/Date Range

Aug 22nd, 1900 - Aug 27th, 1900




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