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This article includes a photograph of Patricia Welt, Mary Jarmon, Merrie Kilner, and Lucy Calahan; Judy Schwegler, Ruth Walker, Nancy Powell, Susan Rumbaugh, and Sara Holliday; Schultz, Blanchard, and Whitney; Vickie Taylor, Joy Clark, Mary Hanniman, and Gay Cooper; Louise Keener, Betty Boyd, Catherine Schultz, JoAnn Richardson, Ruth Lane, Ryder, and Frances Alexander; Dr. Gibson, Jane Rikkers, Mrs. Gibson, Helen Whiteman, Jeannette Rustemeyer, Eleanore Campbell, and Nancy Acheson; Beta province's active delegates; Theta province's active delegates; Clara Pierce Rustemeyer, Eleanore Campbell, and Louise Barbeck; Zeta province convention committee chairmen and guests; Eta province's active presidents; and Mabel McCoy with Goulding and Rikkers.

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