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Programs and Traditions

This article includes photographs of Eliza Willets, Elizabeth Hopkins, and Dorothy McLaughlin; Margaret Gibbs, Mrs. A.C. Cowle, and Arlene Kenny; Lorraine Beach with Lee Hesse; Clara Hodgson, Virginia Shange, Mary Guthrie, and Ann Hitchner; Betty Blanchard, Sally Storey, Mimi Bunten, Colleen Osborn, Toni Slough, and Nancy Cummings; Mary McHarry, Mary Siebert, Mary Marvel, Karin Williams, Margaret Moots, Mary Shurtz, Judith Pirtle, and Judy Clark; Norma Smith, Niki Detienne, Elizabeth Arnold, and Pat Wolf; Carroll Lowitz, Florence Bailey, and Emily Ashcroft; Claire Berglund with Eleanor Campbell; and four alumnae from the LaGrange and Hinsdale alumnae associations.

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