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A History of the Hearthstone Project

This article includes photographs of the Louise Bennett Boyd Hearthstone; Winter Park Kappas with Alba Bales; Louise Bennett Boyd, Alba Bales, Betsey Chaffee, Florence Roth, Rheva Shryock, Irene Railsback, Helen Steinmetz, and Mary Patton vonFruhthaler; the Boyd Hearthstone living room, the Hearthstone dining room with the Ware candlesticks; Harriette Scott; Helen Steinmetz, Mabel Smith, Florence Roth, and Ruth Nash; the lakefront terrace of the Hearthstone House; the 1948 addition to the Hearthstone House; Gladys Trismen, Lila Houston, Helen Hutchinson, Mary Wattles, and Helen Steinmetz; Lillian Fishback, Josephine Eberspacher, Mary Chickering, Alice Hostetler, Catherine Walz, Jean Tuthill, and Beatrice Vincent; Nina Losey, Mary Wamsley, and Mrs. Roth; Carolyn Wentworth, Eliot Townsend, Helen Swank, Louise Hempstead, Isabel Beazell, and Revina McCollum; and Grace Welsh.

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