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Centennial Will Take Kappas to Indiana

At the 1970 National Convention, Kappas will experience a homecoming in many forms Firstly, the Delta chapter at Indiana University is Kappa's oldest chapter with an uninterrupted history. Indiana is the origin of the Delta chapter's imposing "Red Book," filled with every procedure, statistic, and event in Delta's early life as a chapter. Indiana was also the location of the 1880 National Convention, in which Tade Hartsuff proposed the council system of government. Presidents Jean Nelson Penfield of Iota and Elizabeth Bogert Schofield of Mu were Indiana natives, and so was Minnetta T. Taylor of Iota, the creator of The Key who ran the publication single-handedly from 1882-1885. The tradition of Indiana Kappa excellence has continued. In 1968, one-third of Delta Gamma Chapter's freshman class were members of the freshman scholastic honorary. The article contains images of Kuhns, Taylor, Delta Chapter in the 19th century, and Gamma Delta chapter members. This article is continued on page 83.

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