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The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma 1870-1970: IV. The Return to Expansion 1900-1920

The fourth section of the history of Kappa begins in 1900, with the election of Jean Nelson Penfield. Grand President Penfield saw the opening of five new alumnae associations and two chapters. Penfield also proposed the establishment of a permanent fund for emergencies and for financial aid for students, Kappa scholarships later developed from this early fund. The 1904 Convention saw the appointment of alumnae officers for the first time, the 1906 Convention revised the rushing process, and the 1910 Convention re-emphasized scholarship, adopted the Kappa crest, and approved the addition of the first Canadian chapter to Kappa. At the close of the decade, Kappas became active in the war effort the fraternity continued to expand.

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