1950 National Convention Scrapbook, June 23-July 1, 1950

This scrapbook, likely created by Madeleine Hield, showcases her experiences at the 1950 National Convention in Murray Bay, Quebec, Canada. It contains photographs, programs, and documents from the convention itself and ephemera from her travels to and from the event. Its pages may not be in their original order.

Date/Date Range

Jun 23rd, 1950 - Jul 1st, 1950

Historical Context

Murray Bay, Quebec, Canada

Condition Notes

The edges of most pages of this scrapbook are crumbling, and many items throughout the book are loose.

Physical Description

This 30-page scrapbook features ivory-colored covers with a gold and blue design and the words "Scrap Book" embossed on the front. The pages are tied together with a brown string.


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