Vincent, Susan Burley Walker

The youngest Founder (at age 15), Sue was the first member added to the original group of four organizers in March 1870. She is listed as Alpha 5, but did not sign the charter because mother was giving a formal dinner party on the night of the charter signing and she was needed at home to help. The first Alpha initiation, for Martha Louisa Stevenson, was held at Sue's home on April 1, 1870. Sue Walker attended Monmouth College from 1870-71, most likely as a sub-freshman, but left in 1871 without graduating. All Fraternity histories agree that she is the first alumna. She was the only Founder to follow the scientific course of study instead of the classical course and the only Founder not to receive her college degree. Sue was considered "the beauty" of the first Alphas. She married Rev. Alvan Stuart Vincent in 1876; together they had two daughters and one son. She and her husband followed a number of church callings including, but perhaps not limited to: Brighton, Iowa; Spring Hill, Indiana (Decatur County, classified as a ghost town since 1901); and Paxton, Illinois. They returned to Monmouth in September 1896. Sue was the first Founder to pass away, dying of cancer on May 2, 1897 at age 42. She was originally buried with her parents in the Monmouth Cemetery but was disinterred on November 12, 1912 and reburied in neighboring Glendale Cemetery, where she was joined by her husband in 1916. The privately-held Glendale Cemetery was later annexed by the city-owned Monmouth Cemetery.

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Birth Date

Jul 27th, 1854

Initiation Date

Mar 1st, 1870

Death Date

Feb 2nd, 1897

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