Epsilon Xi

Epsilon Xi Chapter was founded at California State University, Northridge in Northridge, California on November 16, 1974.

Founding Date: Nov 16th, 1974

Status: Active



District: Kappa

The Early Years (Excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity: 1870-1976)

During the weekend of November 15, 16, and 17, 1974, Epsilon Xi Chapter came to the San Fernando Valley. Thirty-one actives and 37 alumnae were initiated at the Gamma Xi house at the University of California at Los Angeles. Sixteen pledges exchanged the tiny golden owls that had pledged them to the colony for the blue Sigma within the Delta. Epsilon Xi is the newly installed Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter on the growing campus of the California State University at Northridge, California.

During the eight months following the colonization, members worked with their chapter adviser, Elinor Johnson Groom, Delta- Indiana, and Elizabeth Hawkins Pickett, Delta Tau- Southern California, the Kappa province director of chapters, struggling to assimilate the traditions and policies of their new group. During the hot summer evenings with the temperature at the house hovering in the mid 90s, they agonized learning Kappa songs for rushing and even included one created by Roseanne Horn, president, and Karen Kuhn, membership chairman.

In mid-September the Northridge campus of 24,000 students was deluged by well over twice the number of rushees than ever before. Taking time only for a quick gulp and doubling the punch recipe, the colony plunged into rush, emerging a week later with 15 marvelous pledges including its first Kappa legacy.

Under the capable leadership of the installation marshal, Janey Binda Walker, Gamma Zeta- Arizona, the San Fernando Valley Alumnae Association, and Denise Donmoyer Huddle, Delta Gamma- Michigan State, president of the Valley Alumnae Association, the vents of the installation, the banquet at the Sportsmen's Lodge, and the reception at the University Faculty Center flowed smoothly.

Lending great dignity and solemnity to the occasion were the installing officers, Marian Schroeder Graham, Beta Phi- Montana State, fraternity president; Kay Smith Larson, Beta Pi- University of Washington, director of field representatives; Betsy Molsberry Prior, Beta Nu- Ohio State, director of alumnae; and Elizabeth Hawkins Pickett, Delta Tau- University of Southern California, province director of chapters. The occasion was perhaps all the more meaningful since Marian Graham had been a long-time resident of the Valley and a member of the San Fernando Valley Alumnae Association. She reminisced that about 14 years ago a Kappa alumna, whose daughter had just pledged the local Alpha Omega sorority at Northridge, contacted her to suggest that Kappa might be interested in colonizing; but, Marian explained, Kappa was not expanding in California at that time...maybe later.

One of the most touching moments of the weekend came as Betsy Prior presented Roseanne Horn, Epsilon Xi president, with a particularly unique old president's key which had been salvaged several years ago from a Los Angeles antique shop by an alert Valley alumna. Carefully restored by Betsy's husband, James C. Prior, the lovely old turquoise and seed pearl key seemed to form a tangible link between Kappa's great tradition and her youngest chapter.

As momentous an occasion as was the initiation and installation, there was no time to relax, for the following weekend was Homecoming, and Roseanne Horn was Homecoming Chairman. At the end of the week the Kappas claimed not only first prize for their Homecoming float built with the engineering department, but Homecoming Queen Maureen Moran as well.

As this is written, Epsilon Xi chapter has just concluded its first election of officers. It seems fitting that in an area that once was exclusively orange groves and horse ranches now stands a community of 1,200,000 residents, and within this growing community grows the newest of the Kappa blue flower gardens.

Highlights of the 1980's

Epsilon Xi was very active on campus and community philanthropies as well as campus social events. Often receiving campus awards for those as well as academic awards. Implemented a committee system that improved the efficiency and participation of the chapter. In 1988 we had the largest pledge class on campus with 46 new members. Also welcomed Travel Consultant, Patsy Levang and also Chapter Consultant, Lisa Krusa. Started the first annual Volleyball Tournament Fundraiser and raised $1,000 for charity. Entered the computer world of finance making the Treasurer’s job easier and more efficient.

Highlights of the 1990's

Epsilon Xi continued to emphasize scholarship and helping raise awareness of faculty of the Greek’s determination to emphasize scholarship. Received the Most Improved Scholarship Award at Province Convention. Jan. 17, 1994 was the Northridge earthquake effecting girls on campus and the community. Damage to our house was quickly repaired. The saying “making lemonade from lemons” was true as all Greeks on campus have come together to improve the community with Operation Sparkle to help those who had damage from the earthquake. And the Greek system has never been stronger. Philanthropy, Favorite Faculty desserts and the Greek system all worked together to increase recruitment numbers and it benefited all of the chapters with improved numbers. In 1997 we won the Chapter of Excellence Award at the PM which we hosted. We had the highest GPA among Greeks on campus and won the Scholarship Programming Award from the Order of Omega. WE continued to support campus and community philanthropies. In 1998 at the KKG Convention in Scottsdale, we won the Scholarship Award and Honorable Mention in Membership and Greatest Improvement. The six-week New Member Program was adopted for all chapters at this Convention. In 1999 we won the Alphonise Howard Award and we celebrated the Twenty-fifth anniversary of the chapter at Founders Day.

Highlights of 2000's

Epsilon Xi has had an exciting and accomplished year. Spring brought us our annual golf tournament, Kappa Klassic, where we raised funds for Guide Dogs of America. We also held our annual Kookie Kaper, an event where we invite other fraternities and sororities to join us at the Kappa house for an evening full of sweets and inter-Greek relations. Other spring semester events included sisterhood events, Sapphire Ball, and Favorite Faculty, where we honored some of our favorite professors as well as our accomplished sisters. Our chapter was also proud to earn number one in grades for another semester in a row. This past year was filled with trials and tribulations for our chapter however we are strong and have proven to be one of the best sororities on campus despite our troubles. We started off Spring semester by having recruitment, our first one since 2002. We received 7 wonderful women who were all initiated in April. March was a tragic month where we dealt with the passing of our past president, Corinne McClane. We held a memorial for her on campus and set up a scholarship foundation immediately after. We set up a scholarship in her memory. Despite our loss, we were able to have one of the most successful Kappa Klassics in recent history, raising just under 6,000 dollars for the National Meningitis foundation.

Highlights of 2011

In the year 2011 the Epsilon Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was able to continue in growth and mark its 37th year since being founded. The chapter held a myriad of successful philanthropy events in the spring including, Kappa Kookie Gathering, Skate and Donate & Reading is Key. Kappa Kookie Gathering was put on by the Public Relations Officer and was enjoyed by members of various Fraternities and Sororities. The event took place at the Kappa house and in substitution for selling tickets, guests were to bring children s books that we could donate to schools and libraries in need.

Following Kappa Kookie Gathering, the philanthropy chair put on our annual Skate and Donate, where we rose awareness for drunk driving and gave to the Corrine McClain Scholarship in honor of a sister who was killed in a drunk driving accident. Shortly after, the chapter headed to the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley for our Reading is Key philanthropy event, where we read books and did arts and crafts with the children. These events not only gave us the opportunity to give back, but furthered our Greek relations with other houses as well.

Fall semester started early with our recruitment retreat held in August, where we rehearsed all of the essentials that we would need in order to be prepared for our big recruitment weekend. All of the hard work that was put into planning the retreat, yielded to be worthwhile when the chapter received a 100% retention rate on day one of rush. At the end of new member period, the chapter was proud to initiate 39 members as new sisters. This year was filled with academic excellence with the house receiving second in grades and inducting over ten sisters to a Greek honor society. We sent 7 girls to province, where we won two awards (one of which is alumni relations or alumni appreciation) and sent one of our active members to leadership academy. The house underwent a remodel, which included an expansion of the chapter room and a backyard makeover where the swimming pool was filled after many years of not being used.

Campus: With the continuously unpredictable economy, budget cuts have greatly affected CSUN students. Classes were difficult to obtain and as a result many students had to look to local community colleges in order to maintain full time student status. In January, the campus and community was able to expand its cultural experience when the Valley Performing Arts Center opened. At the end of the fall, semester panhellenic passed a motion to start the expansion process in hopes of bringing on another house in the upcoming years.

Chapter: During 2011, our chapter continued to grow and expand with our new chapter room being extended to accommodate our rising amount of members. Other changes to the house also included filling the swimming pool and making the backyard beautiful by putting in grass and planting flowers. This would not have been possible without the help from family and friends who attended our Extreme Makeover Kappa Edition work day on one of the hottest days of summer and the generosity of all those who donated. Other changes also included installing a security system with cameras to ensure that the house and it's members remain safe at all times.

At the start of 2011 the house came to the realization that we may be faced with the challenge of being at risk to fall below house total once all seniors went alumni status at the end of the semester. With not enough time to participate in official spring recruitment, the house decided that it would be in the best interest for our fall recruitment if we held a Continuous Open Bid night at the Kappa house. This gave us the opportunity to welcome seven lovely ladies into our sisterhood and put us in an ideal place for fall recruitment. Apart from those planning on claiming alumni status at the end of spring,one of the primary reasons for a sudden drop in house total was a result of apathy in the areas of attendance and accountability. To tackle these issues, the house began to take a different approach and use positive reinforcement for attending events by speaking highly of them as encouragement, as opposed to reprimanding girls for lack of attendance.

Highlights of 2012

In the year 2012 the Epsilon Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was able to continue its growth and mark its 38th year since being founded. The chapter held a myriad of successful philanthropy and social events in the spring including, “Kappa Kookie Gathering” and “Reading is Key”. Kappa Kookie Gathering was an event organized by the Public Relations Officer. The event took place at the Kappa house and as an alternative to selling tickets to the event; guests were asked to bring children’s books, which were donated to schools and libraries in need. Members of various Fraternities and Sororities participated and contributed to the event.

Reading is Key was held later in the spring, at the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley, where the chapter read books and did arts and crafts with the children to promote children’s literacy.

Epsilon Xi started the fall semester early, because recruitment retreat was held in August. The lovely sisters of the Gamma Xi chapter at UCLA allowed Epsilon Xi to utilize their beautiful house for the weekend. This gave the chapter the opportunity to rehearse all of the essentials needed in order to prepare for recruitment, which was soon approaching. The weekend away gave the chapter the opportunity to bond and learn the true meaning of sisterhood. All of the hard work that was put into planning the retreat was worthwhile when the chapter received one hundred percent retention rate on day one of recruitment. In Epsilon Xi welcomed forty-one new members into its chapter.

The week after recruitment, the chapter held its first philanthropy event of the fall semester, “Kappa Splash”. Kappa Splash was held at the swimming pool located on campus. Kappa Splash is a competition between IFC fraternities, where they are judged on who had the best belly flop and who donates the most books. All the books collected were donated to Locke High School, where an alumnae sister teaches. Prior to the event, Locke High School did not have a library available to the students.

Shortly after Kappa Splash, “KKGlee” was held for a second time after being founded by Epsilon Xi in 2010. Fraternities and Sororities filled the University Student Union Theater to maximum capacity to watch one another preform various dance and lip sync acts. KKGlee 2012 held a special place in each sister’s heart, because all proceeds were donated to the Lupus LA Foundation, in support of an active sister fighting lupus. To conclude the semester, the chapter was proud to initiate 38 members as new sisters.

With the continuously unpredictable economy, budget cuts have greatly affected California State University Northridge students. Classes were difficult to obtain and as a result many students had to look to local community colleges in order to maintain full time student status.

In January, the campus opened its new Student Recreation Center. The facility is a three-story energy efficient building filled with state of the art equipment, gymnastics courts, indoor track and outdoor swimming pool. This gave the intermural department a chance to hold intermural in the Student Recreation Center encouraging more supporters to come support games and overall increased Greek unity. The California State University Northridge community truly embraced the new recreation center and it quickly became a popular place for students.

In the fall semester California State University Northridge expanded it Greek community by and welcoming Phi Mu onto campus as the seventh Panhellenic sorority. Kappa specifically ensured that the women of Phi Mu felt welcomed and enjoyed an exchange with them at Brandy Melville.

Over summer break 2012, Kappa continued to grow and expand in many ways. During our summer retreat, the chapter was able to bond in such a way that made sisterhood our biggest strength. Members were able to walk away from the weekend with a deeper understanding of one another and move forward with a genuine support system. In addition to retreat, the summer off allowed for house renovations. The two front rooms received new beds, nightstands and lamps. Chapter Council was also able to recover the benches in the chapter room.

The chapter faced challenges in the area of academics. At the end of the spring semester, the chapter struggled to maintain a strong house GPA. To tackle this, the Vice President Academic Excellence held weekly pizza study hours at the house. She also collected the syllabi of girls who requested test reminds. Sisters who received A’s were rewarded with a “Smart Cookie Award” where they received recognition in meeting and a delicious cookie. Implementing all of theses methods together significantly improved the grades of the house and Epsilon Xi received second in grades for the fall semester.

Highlights of 2013

In the 2013 calendar year, the Epsilon Xi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma celebrated its 39th year since being founded on November 16th 1974. Throughout this past year, Epsilon Xi participated in a number of philanthropic events. Our kickoff event started with Kappa Kookie Gathering, which is an event that our Public Relations Chair organizes to promote Reading Is Fundamental. Our chapter hosts an event where we provide baked goods for other fraternities and sororities as well as anyone on campus to enjoy and to learn more about our philanthropy. The event is hosted at our sorority house, all we ask as an entry fee is for each person to bring at least one children’s book. The books we collected were then donated to local schools in need. The second philanthropy event of our Spring semester was Skate and Donate. Skate and Donate is an event that our Philanthropy Chair hosts at Skateland in honor of a sister who was killed in a drunk driving accident. By the money we raise, the Corrine McClain Scholarship is funded. Our last philanthropy event we participated in for spring was Reading is Key. Through Reading is Key; the sisters of our chapter all come together to read to children grades 1st-6th. This event was held at the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley.

Fall Semester was underway with our annual sisterhood retreat, held at the UCLA Kappa House. During this weekend in August, our Recruitment Chair hosts a number of rehearsals for our upcoming Fall Recruitment. After we gained 37 new members, we were busy planning “Kappa Splash” event. Kappa Splash is an event hosted and organized by the Public Relations Chair. Kappa’s event includes a tailgate setting with food, baked goods, and a brief gathering before our diving competition starts. Each fraternity enters our diving competition at our campus’s pool, where they compete for best dive, most creative splash, along with others. Again, the entry fee for each fraternity to enter the competition is to bring children’s books. Through Kappa Splash and the help of our peers, we raised over three thousand books from this one event alone. This was the year we set a record for the highest amount of book we have ever collected at one single event. At the end of the new members’ period we were proud to initiate 37 new sisters. 2013 proved to be a great year for Epsilon Xi, and one of our most exciting happenings was the renovation of our front room at the Kappa house. The house chairman was responsible for implementing new design ideas including new paint, crown molding, and new furniture. The new color scheme of our main room goes along with our Kappa colors; light and dark blue.

CSUN’s Greek life continues to thrive. The overall Greek unity on our campus is a great way to network and connect with other students. Fall semester of 2012, our school welcomed with open arms a sorority well known across the U.S. but new to our campus. This sorority was Phi Mu. During the following year, every house made their best effort to show the sisters of Phi Mu support and encouragement during their founding process. This included attending their philanthropy events and gatherings they hosted. Another major change on campus was the installment of our new campus president. Dianna F. Harrison became the head president for California State University, Northridge. She implemented a new system that arranged an agreement between our sports programs and Greek life. With her new system, she partnered sorority and fraternity houses up with sports teams. For example, Kappa is partnered up with Women’s basketball this semester. This means that as a house, we attend and support their team at their games. Dianna F. Harrison is a huge advocate for campus involvement with students. By teaming up Greek life and sports events, students have yet again another great opportunity to get acquainted with other students on campus and becoming more well-rounded individuals.

Our Kappa House facility has gone under some major renovations this past calendar year. The front room, our main attraction was newly furnished, including a fresh coat of paint with colors such as baby blue and white. Along with the new paint, one of the more exciting pieces of furniture is our new bookshelf. Decorated with our lovely wooden letters and our admired symbols, fluer de lis and keys, it is definitely an attention grabber. Many of the issues of “The Key” are also displayed on our bookshelf. These new changes created a more charming environment for our sisters, as well as others who visit our house for philanthropy events. Another great thing about these new changes is that it creates a lovely setting when we invite new members’ parents for Kappa Kappa Gamma Presents.

Highlights of 2014

In the 2014 calendar year, the Epsilon Xi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma celebrated its 40th year since being founded on November 16th, 1974. In honor of this, the Epsilon Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma held a huge celebration at the Northridge Center located on CSUN’s campus where Alumni were invited to come back to celebrate and reminisce on all the wonderful memories they once shared in this beautiful chapter. During this year Kappa also managed to put together several fundraising events, including Kappa Splash where 6,000 books were raised to donate to Susan G. Coleman Foundation, along with putting together KKGlee to support and to donate to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), to give and show our support for this charity. With this we also had the honor of sending one of our Kappa’s, Meghan McCarty, to a weekend Leadership Academy in Springfield Ohio, where she learned the skills needed to become a leader and got to experience other Kappas from other chapters where she was happy to report that all the girls were a joy to be around.

Kappa celebrated its sisterhood with an event where we all bonded while doing yoga on the beach. Kicking off our spring semester we held philanthropy events; Kappa Kookie Gathering, Reading is Key, and Kappa Kickball. At our Kappa Kookie Gathering event, fraternities, sororities and guests were invited to the Kappa House to munch on treats and meet each other at the cost of donating one children's book. Reading is Key gathered members of Epsilon Xi to the Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley to read and play with the children. Lastly, Kappa's invited family to have a family day at a park where they picnicked and went to the field to play a game of Kickball with Kappa's and their families. Kappas of Epsilon Xi bonded on a Sisterhood Retreat over the summer to the UCLA Kappa Kappa Gamma House and prepared for Fall '14 recruitment . We also had the pleasure of bringing in 13 new members into our chapter during Spring ’14.

Once fall came around recruitment was our number one priority and a lot of time and effort was put into practicing the recruitment process. During this time we initiated a total of 42 new members to add to our sisterhood, starting off our fall semester on a good note. Our first philanthropy event held in the fall was Kappa Splash where we had a huge turnout of fraternities and sororities showing their support thanks to the planning and help of our Public Relation Chair, and doubling the amount of books raised from 3,000 to 6,000 children’s books donated. Following this event we also held KKGlee where we had yet another successful turn out of fraternities coming to participate and support for a great cause. This year for Kappa has set new records for us to try and surpass and strive to be our best for the following years to come. Along with this our lovely home received a fresh coat of paint, crown molding, and brand new furniture.

CSUN’s Greek life had some setbacks due to negative social media attention that reflected poorly on Greek Life but Kappa managed to uphold our standards and bylaws and remain up to par with our standards of academic excellence by providing help for sisters in need by creating links for girls to access providing them with members who have already taken similar courses to help with anything needed. Kappa also continues to reserve study rooms every week for girls in need of a quiet place to study and get homework done. With this Kappa Kappa Gamma also managed to come in first with grades with a chapter overall of a 3.01 GPA.

Highlights of 2015

In the 2015 calendar year, the Epsilon Xi chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma celebrated its 41st year since being founded on November 16th, 1974. Throughout this past school year, Epsilon Xi has been a part of and thrown many philanthropic events. To kick off the Spring 2015 semester, we held our annual Kappa Kookie Gathering on April 13th, which is an event our House Chair organizes to promote Reading is Fundamental. We host this event at the Kappa house and invite fraternities, sororities, friends and family to come and support our cause. We asked each guest to bring one children’s book for admission and then they are welcome to eat delicious baked goods and mingle. The second philanthropy event held in the spring semester was Skate and Donate. Skate and Donate is an event our philanthropy chair hosts at a local skating rink, which raised money for the Corrine McClain Scholarship. In early February 2015, Reading is Key gathered members from Epsilon Xi to The Boys and Girls Club of Simi Valley to read and play games with the children, to stress the importance of reading. We kicked off Fall 2015 with Kappa Splash on September 26th where we invited fraternities to participate in a fun diving contest and we raised over 7,000 books. Later in the semester, we invited all sororities and fraternities to participate in KKGlee, a fun talent show. $3,000 from ticket sales was donated to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA). As a chapter, we decided to donate to AARDA to raise money and support sisters who are living with autoimmune diseases. With this we also had the honor of sending one of our Kappa’s, Emma Feitshans, to Leadership Academy to represent our chapter.

Epsilon Xi celebrated its sisterhood with fun and exciting events during the spring and fall semesters. As a chapter, we went laser tagging and had a blast with our sisters. As well as going to the Escape Room, where sisters got into groups and had to “break out” of a room by solving puzzles and riddles. Blue on Blue dinner was held the night before recruitment began where the chapter gathered together, dressed head to toe in blue and enjoyed tacos all together in our backyard. This fall during I-Week, as we began to prepare for initiation we had another sisterhood event. We all tie-dyed Kappa shirts in the backyard of the Kappa house and had a blast.

Unfortunately, Epsilon Xi was unable to recruit new members in Spring 2015 but we made the best of the situation and prepared for fall as much as we could. As recruitment and the school year approached, our Membership Chair, put on a 3-day retreat from August 21-23 at the UCLA Kappa Kappa Gamma house. During this retreat weekend we spent time bonding, laughing and preparing for recruitment. Fall recruitment was held from September 12-16, 2015 and when Bid Day finally came, we were so excited to welcome 46 beautiful new members into our chapter.

CSUN’s Greek life experienced some setbacks and hardships due to continued poor decision making and negative social media attention that reflected poorly on our campus Greek life. But Kappa managed to uphold our standards and follow our bylaws to remain up to par with our standards and academic excellence. Kappa continued to reserve study rooms in the library each week for girls in need of a quiet place to study and get work done. As well as fun activities during chapter meeting such as the No Skippy Jar, where girls put there names into a jar if they didn’t skip any class that week and a name was randomly chosen to win a great prize. Also, the Geeks of the Week, where any member who received and A on an exam or quiz, texted the Vice President of Academic Excellence a picture of their score and their names were read in meeting and were automatically entered into a monthly giveaway. With this, Epsilon Xi managed to come first in grades during the spring 2015 semester with a chapter overall GPA of a 2.975

Highlights of 2016

Epsilon Xi experienced an eventful year filled with sisterly bonding, events, and lifelong memories. We hosted successful philanthropy events that brought us closer together as sisters. This year we have really focused on building strong relationships with one another. We have done so by having philanthropy events and sisterhood events. To start off our semester on February 19th, we had our annual philanthropy event, Reading is Key that was hosted at a local elementary school! We were able to read to children, enjoy fun crafts that were designed to be grade specific, play games, and bond with the children. This event is special to our chapter because we are able to interact with children and see where our proceeds are going to. Shortly after Reading is Key on February 29th, we had our philanthropy event called Kappa Kookie Gathering, that the house chairman puts on to promote Reading is Fundamental. We host this event at the Kappa house and invite fraternities, sororities, friends and family to come and support our cause. We ask each guest to bring one children’s book for admission and then they are welcome to eat delicious baked goods and mingle. To end our spring semester, our philanthropy chairman planned an awesome event called Kappa Kappa Gameday. For this event, we invited fraternities to come and participate in a flag football tournament. All of the proceeds, went to the Corinne McClane Scholarship. This scholarship was awarded to our president, Lexi Wilson. To start off the fall semester with a splash, on October 8th, we hosted another philanthropy event, Kappa Splash, that was definitely one for the books! Kappa Splash is a diving competition between fraternity men that were judged by their Biggest Splash, Best Belly Flop, and Most Creative Dive that had us all laughing. This event we raised over 25,000 children books, triple the amount raised last year, that were donated to different schools around our community. Our last philanthropy event of the semester was called Kappa Con Queso which is nacho average philanthropy. On November 16th, We were able to celebrate our 42nd year philanthropy event called Kappa Con Queso, around all of the people that we love. This event only cost $5 to eat endless nachos and got the chance to dance and have fun with our sisters. The proceeds from Kappa Con Queso went to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation.

As a chapter we also got to have fun, exciting sisterhood events that were planned for us by our Standards Committee. These sisterhood events really make us grow closer together and this is very important in making our sisterhood continue for many more years. On March 28th, we had our first sisterhood event that entailed renting out a movie theater and enjoying a special screening of “How to be Single.” Not only did we get to enjoy popcorn and candy but we also got to enjoy spending time with our sisters. On April 12th, Instead of having our regular Monday night meeting we had a paper meeting and instead we had another sisterhood event at a bowling alley. This sisterhood event, we got to see some of our sister’s bowling skills and shared lots of laughs. On October 24th, our standards committee put on a Halloween themed sisterhood event where we all cuddled up in the chapter room to watch Hocus Pocus. We also had lots of fun playing games and enjoyed treats like cotton candy and popcorn. November 9th was our last sisterhood event of the semester and it was also the week of initiation. It was lots of fun because our standards committee put on an event with In-n-Out, a bouncy house and puppies!

Over the summer, Our President, the Vice President of Standards, and our lovely advisors traveled to San Diego for the Kappa Kappa Gamma’s 71st Biennial Convention. They connected with sisters from all over the world to share our kappa knowledge and gain new information on ways to help our chapter thrive. We also got the chance to send one of our sisters, Anela Kremicki, to Leadership Academy in Ohio to represent our chapter.

In the spring semester, we did not have recruitment because we already had enough women to fulfill house total. This gave us extra time to get prepared for recruitment in the fall. On August 19th through the 21st, our membership chairman, Deanna Saab hosted our retreat at the kappa house at UCLA. At our retreat, we got to spend lots of time bonding with our sisters, making memories that will last a life time and also prepared for fall recruitment. On September 9th, our chairman hosted our Blue on Blue Dinner, where the chapter got together and got to eat and prepare for recruitment that was soon to come. On September 10th through the 12th, fall recruitment was held and on September 13th we welcomed 35 women into our chapter. On November 12th, 32 women got to be initiated into our chapter.

Epsilon Xi, has shown resiliency to keep our chapter strong. We upheld our bylaws and standing rules bylaws to remain up to par with our standards and academic excellence. Several of our sisters got inducted into the Honors Society of Gamma Sigma Alpha. Our VPAE chairman continues to book study rooms each week so our sisters always have a place to study with our sisters. The VPAE chairman also continues to pass around the No Skippy Jar, which is where sisters put their name in if they didn’t skip class that week and a name is pulled and they get a prize. We also have the Geeks of the Week, where the VPAE chairman reads off names of the women who got A’s on any test, quiz, or paper. Each week, sisters send in their A’s to our VPAE chairman and she reads them to the chapter. This boost moral and also keeps sisters motivated to keep studying and do well in school. Epsilon Xi held our GPA at 2.89.