Rho Deuteron

Rho Deuteron Chapter was founded at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio on May 1, 1925.

Founding Date: May 1st, 1925

Status: Active



District: Gamma

Highlights of the 1920s

Eight years passed before college sentiment changed. In February of 1922, the alumnae of three former groups returned and re-established their local fraternities. Lucile Leonard LeSourd, a member of Rho Sigma, was one of the most faithful workers for faculty recognition of these groups. Due largely to her efforts, the faculty consented to permit national fraternities for women to return to campus, thus lifting the ban of 1881. Mrs. LeSourd was one of 34 Rho Sigma alumnae who were later initiated into Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Within the three years from 1923 to 1926, 19 of the 21 Panhellenic Congress Fraternities installed chapters at Ohio Wesleyan.

The Kappa Convention of 1924 gave permission for Rho Sigma to present a formal petition. The petition was submitted January 10, 1925, and notification that the charter had been granted came on February 16. Initiation was delayed until May 1, so Rho Deuteron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, was the 13th Panhellenic group installed at Ohio Wesleyan.

May Whiting Westermann, Sigma- Nebraska, then national president, presided at the installation, with 170 Kappas present. The 25 charter members were made conscious of their relationship to the chapter of long ago when their new charter was handed by Mrs. Westermann to Fannie Glenn, a charter member of old Rho, who then presented it to Justine Heasley (Wagner), president of the new chapter.

In the early years the home of Sallie Reed Semans, mother of two chapter members, became Rho's headquarters. But by 1927 it was necessary for the chapter to rent rooms in town for their meetings and rush parties. The Kappas moved to various apartments until 1949, when a charming old stone house on West Winter Street was purchased with a loan from the Fraternity.

Since its re-establishment Rho has been concerned with building a close, congenial chapter. Classes often met for supper in the Kappa apartments, planned a variety of social functions, and even arranged house parties at summer cottages on Lake Erie.

Highlights of the 1930s

Each decade presented different problems and challenges to the members. One of the hard problems of the thirties was the need for all sororities to retrench. The Depression affected all groups and many were forced to surrender their charters when their membership slipped dangerously low. Panhellenic proposed a strict pledge quota system, which helped some to equalize numbers. This pioneering action brought national recognition to the Ohio Wesleyan Panhellenic Council. Rho Chapter, though smaller in number as a result of the new system was able by frugal management to keep chapter dues at $5.00 per girl per month. Actives were able to save from their own limited expense money the cost of a handsome blue and blue Kappa blazer. These Kappa jackets were introduced with great pride one spring morning at chapel, when the entire chapter inaugurated this campus first.

Highlights of the 1940s

During the 1940s, as the country geared for war the campus experienced many changes. The Navy V12 program placed cadets at Wesleyan, and it became a familiar sight to see them march from their quarters in Stuyvesant Hall to classes on the main campus. Chapter life was more quiet and subdued. Rho members spent a great deal of time working with the recreational program at the Veteran's Hospital in nearby Chillicothe.

Highlights of the 1950s and 1960s

Following the war the campus experienced a construction boom as old buildings were replaced with more modern and up-to-date structures.

The chapter was growing too, and the house on West Winter Street was expanded with the aid of another loan from the Fraternity. A recreation-chapter room was added at the back of the house and the kitchen was remodeled. This beautiful addition and stunning redecorating made the house more suitable for chapter activities. Alumnae contributed funds for a wood-burning fireplace in the chapter room dedicated "in loving memory of Sallie R. Semans - a loyal Kappa."

Highlights of the 1970s

For fifty years Rho Deuteron Chapter has continued to be a vital part of the college community, winning its share of honors and distinctions. By 1970 Rho members could boast that more than 20 Kappas had served as president of the Association of Women Students; that the only two women editors of the campus newspaper, The Transcript, had been Kappas. Each year Kappas have been elected to honoraries and selected as beauty queens. One long-remembered year saw six Kappas "capped" Mortar Board - a proud moment.

Certain chapter traditions still continue. Among them are the annual Christmas party for faculty, the spring luncheon for mothers, and the "Poppa Poppa Gimmie" party on Dad's Day. Fun is combined with seriousness and Rho members continue to support the school in many ways. In 1974 Kappas participated in a telethon to alumni across the country in an effort to raise funds for the university.

It would be remiss not to mention the loyal, small band of Rho Deuteron alumnae who have served faithfully with the chapter: Sallie Reed Semans; Margaret "Skip" Leland Russell, who was membership adviser for more than 20 years; Edna Hall Russell; and Dorothy Welch May, who not only helped to furnish the house with her own possessions, but moved in as housemother on two occasions. Lola Warfel Manuel, I - DePauw, was another loyal adviser.

Even today there is a reminder of the past at the Rho Deuteron Chapter House. On the piano stands a beautiful antique doll, a replica of Lucy Webb Hayes, dressed like her counterpart in the Smithsonian in wine velvet ornamented with a tiny Kappa key. (The doll was presented to the chapter by two past presidents, Elizabeth Monaghan Volk and her daughter, Deborah Volk Cook.) She is a symbol of the past to the future of a fine chapter.

Outstanding Rho Deuteron Alumnae

Members of Rho Deuteron who have served as field secretaries are Marilyn Newman, 1953-54; and Martha Galleher Cox, 1943-46.

Martha Cox has a distinguished record of Fraternity service. She was director of chapters, 1946-48 and 1970; chairman of graduate counselors, 1948-54; extension chairman, 1945-46; ritual chairman, 1956-66; and director of philanthropies, 1966-70.

Margaret Easton Seney, currently chairman of Kappa's History Committee, was Rehabilitation Services chairman, 1956-66; assistant chairman of the Centennial Committee, 1966-70; and director of philanthropies, 1970-72.

Highlights of 2011

Rho chapter continues to value academic success. The Chapter again achieved above the Greek and campus average by tying for highest GPA among women's Greek organziations. Members of our chapter have garnered such significant awards as induction into Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Mortor Board, and Order of Omega in addition to receipt of several grants for conducting research abroad. The sisters of Rho chapter also succeeded in the arts this year; several sisters have choreographed dances for campus shows and one sister will have a work published in a creative non-fiction anthology. Rho changed its Fall Philanthropy to benefit our local philanthropy, Kappa Kidney Kamp, from Kappa Balloon Pop to Kappa Kakes. The pancake sale was held over Ohio Wesleyan's Homecoming Weekend and provided an exciting way for the members of Rho Dueteron to demonstrate our commitment to service to our parents and everyone else who came to support Kappa Kidney Kamp. The sale was lucrative and fun and we hope to hold a similar event next year.

Campus: Ohio Wesleyan began renovations on Stuyvesant Hall to be completed in May of 2012. The university has also begun construction of a fountain to be situated in the heart of campus. The campus celebrated the Men's Soccer team's triumph at the NCAA Division III championship. Ohio Wesleyan has also begun expansion of the Greek Community by inviting Phi Gamma Delta to begin recruitment for a new chapter.

Chapter: Rho chapter remains committed to service and academics. Its members engage in outreach work in the community in addition to supporting the chapter's three philanthropies. Rho also maintained its high overall GPA by holding study tables including an all day study event at our house before the Fall semester finals. Additionally, the Standards Committee has fostered supportive and rewarding friendships by planning many exciting sisterhood events including two all chapter retreats.

The Chapter had some difficulty adjusting to the new BillHighway finance system. These difficulties were overcome by educating the members about the system and reminding them of important deadlines. Also, because of the chapter's overwhelming commitment to leadership, many sisters who were interested in leading the Chapter did not receive positions on Chapter Council for the next year. These women were encouraged to apply for positions on Panhellenic Council and to find other ways to use their skills for the betterment of our chapter.

Highlights of 2012

2012 has been another wonderful year for the women of Rho Deuteron Chapter. The Chapter has maintained a GPA of 3.49, giving them the honor of highest GPA in the Ohio Wesleyan Panhellenic Community. Many sisters accomplished various academic achievements such as recognition on the Dean's List, receiving travel-learning grants, and being awarded academic scholarships. In addition to academics, Rho Deuteron has continued to value service and community outreach.

The Chapter participated in many philanthropy events hosted by other Greek Organizations on campus as well as organized two of their own. The spring philanthropy event was Kappa Karaoke. 150 people were in attendance and all proceeds went to Reading is Fundamental. The fall philanthropy event was a pancake breakfast called Kappa Kakes. It coincided with Homecoming Weekend and the Rho Deuteron reunion so there was a lot of support from alumni as well as fellow students. 200 people attended the event and all proceeds went to our local philanthropy, Kappa Kidney Camp.

Another proud moment for the Chapter, was the "Rho-Union" that the actives hosted for which 150 Rho Deuteron alumni attended over Homecoming Weekend. There was Open House all day Saturday for all of the alumni to come see the house and old composites. Following the Open House, the alumni joined the actives in the Greek Sing competition and won first place. On Saturday Night, all of the actives and returning alumni gathered in the campus center to eat dinner together. Following the dinner in a short ceremony, 50-, 65-, and 75-year membership pins were given to alumni who had accomplished such longterm memberships for their dedication and loyalty to the fraternity.

Ohio Wesleyan finished renovations on Stuyvesant Hall in August just in time for student's to move in for the new school year. The university also completed the construction of a fountain between the Library and the Campus Center and began phase three of re-landscaping the center of campus. The administration also experienced turnover in staff. They conducted one national search to hire a new Provost and one to hire a new Vice President of Finance, Administration, and Treasurer. As a Chapter, Rho Deuteron has remained dedicated to academics and service. The Chapter has weekly study tables that members are encouraged to take advantage of as well as a full study day at the end of the semester in preparation for finals. Many members volunteer in the community in addition to participating in the Chapter's philanthropies. The sisterhood of Rho Deuteron deepens daily as members spend more time together. Relationships within the chapter are fostered in many ways including sisterhood bonding events that are put on by standards throughout the semester as well as the sisterhood retreat.

Highlights of 2013

The sisters of Rho Deuteron chapter have had quite the year. We opened up the year with formal recruitment in the spring semester, initiating 18 ladies. We then initiated 4 sisters in the fall during informal recruitment. Together, the chapter maintained diverse interests and honors on campus such as study abroad, varsity sports, leadership on student boards, etc.

Rho Deuteron continues to value sisterhood and philanthropic and community outreach. The chapter participated in numerous philanthropy events, including holding their own. Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash proved to be a blast, with the sisters performing a routine to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. To raise money for Reading Is Fundamental, we held our annual Kappa Karaoke, with participating fraternities and sororities serenading the audience with Kappa inspired Disney covers. This was our spring philanthropy event. In the fall we held Kappa Kakes, to raise money for Kappa Kidney Camp. Both events were a success, drawing participation from various groups on campus. Ohio Wesleyan President, Rock Jones, was in attendance at both events. The ladies had a stellar academic year.

The chapter has been recognized for highest GPA in Greek Life at OWU. In the fall, sisters teamed up with the rest of the Greek community at OWU to participate in a Greek Day of Service. The sisters love helping out. We also participated in Greek events such as Sigma Chi’s Derby Days, Greek Week and Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug. We also played in active role in Greek Heritage Day at OWU. At the end of each semester we held a formal at Glenross Golf Club. The sisters engaged in numerous sisterhood events, including knitting, Hocus Pocus movie night, Columbus Zoo retreat and a day with sisters from Denison University.

In 2013, Ohio Wesleyan saw the re-landscaping of the central campus walkway, affectionately known as the Jay. This added additional green space to a previously sparse central campus. The start of the 2013-14 school year left the University without a Sustainability Coordinator, as the grant previously funding the position expired. This led to student protests and activism, drawing the campus together on an issue that the school cares deeply about. The chapter of Rho Deuteron continues to be a positive presence on campus. The sisters are involved with numerous other campus organizations. Diligent in their academics, study tables are reserved weekly for the sisters to use. This promotes chapter bonding in a relatable setting. The friendships in the chapter strengthen with every encounter. Sisterhood events provide time for the sisters to gather as a whole and share in the joy of each others company.

Highlights of 2014

Once again it has been an amazing year for the women of Rho chapter. We started the year off right, welcoming 13 new sisters in the spring, as well as 1 new sister during informal recruitment in the fall. The year was filled with a lot of various activities. All of our sisters are actively involved in campus life, campus leadership, and bringing a lot of success to our Chapter.

Throughout the year women of the Chapter have been recognized for various things. Several sisters have been awarded induction to Psi Chi, Gamma Sigma Alpha, Order of Omega, Phi Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Iota Rho, Mortar Board, and Omicron Delta Kappa. All of the sisters are committed to academic excellence, with more than half making deans list.

The chapter has also been very involved with philanthropic events throughout the year. In addition to holding two very successful philanthropy events of our own; we also participated in the philanthropy events of other campus Fraternities and Sororities. We participated in numerous events such as Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, Sigma Chi’s Derby Days, and Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug to name a few.

In an effort to raise money for our national philanthropy, Reading is Fundamental we held our annual Kappa Karaoke event. This event was a huge success and was lots of fun too! Participating Sororities and Fraternities entertained the crowd by singing to music from the 90’s.

The chapter also held their annual fall philanthropy Kappa Kakes to raise money for their local philanthropy, Kappa Kidney Camp. This event was held during Homecoming weekend, which enabled family members and Kappa alumni to participate. Both of our philanthropic events were highly successful. The events generated considerable participation from other organizations and met or exceeded our fundraising goals.

Along with many of the other Philanthropy events, many sisters were also involved with community service. The chapter participated in Greek Day of Service and many sisters were involved with mission teams and organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. The sisters of Rho chapter are very involved and take great pride in giving back to others.

OWU was blessed with an unprecedented $8 million dollar single donation to enable the restoration of Merrick Hall, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Merrick Hall is an academic building which has not been in use for nearly 25 years. Restoration started on May 26th, with plans to open at the beginning of next academic year. An additional $8 million was donated to transform the Pfieffer Natatorium into the Simpson-Query Fitness Center. This project broke ground in July. The Greek Community is also excited that the Fraternity FIJI will be getting a house next year. However, the renovations that are most exciting for the sisters at Rho are the renovations taking place at our own house. We have been doing numerous projects to make our house beautiful. We had the floor in our front entryway replaced, along with the stair banister. Next we plan to replace our side porch. We also added some little touches, as we got new furniture and painted some of the rooms in our house.

Our Chapter holds our weekly meetings in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. The chapter is ownes and is a block off campus. The chapter does not live in the house. The house is used for weekly chapter meetings and sisterhood events. It also is a place where sisters go to study and hang out.