Delta Lambda

Delta Lambda Chapter was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on November 9, 1940.

Founding Date: Nov 9th, 1940

Status: Active



District: Gamma

The Early Years (Excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity: 1870-1976)

An earlier history of Delta Lambda was written by Ethel Russell Wickenden, Gamma Omega- Denison, who had been instrumental in establishing the chapter. For 22 years she was a devoted and enthusiastic worker and adviser.

The Wickenden history opened with a statement about the university, the second oldest collegiate institution west of the Alleghenies. It was established under Land Grant provisions made in the Northwest Territory Act of 1787, incorporated in 1809, achieved collegiate standing in 1824, and grew until the outbreak of the Civil War when financial and enrollment problems caused it to be closed.

The college reopened in 1885. Women were admitted in the 1890s.

The Miami Triad of fraternities was founded here. Delta Zeta and Delta Sigma Epsilon were founded on the Miami campus in 1902 and 1914. Kappa interest began when a local group wanted to petition and Fraternity officers visited them in 1935.

"A local Kappa alumna, " writes Ethel modestly, "made illustrative charts to go to the convention along with information about the university."

Eight nearby alumnae signed a petition in the spring of 1939, which was presented by Frances Kimbrough, Beta Chi- Kentucky, a Miami faculty member. A group of Fraternity officers, actives, and alumnae from a number of Ohio cities met on November 18, 1939. Ethel and Frances were there, of course. The situation was "canvassed," and it was suggested that these two women organize a group for colonization with Harriet S. Hall (Bennett), niece of a Beta Nu, and two others as nucleus. Later a letter from a Lambda introduced her freshman granddaughter, Marian Huback (Workman). This was followed by their recommendations, and so the foundations of Delta Lambda were laid.

An important tea was given January 14, 1940, for actives and alumnae from Cincinnati. About 30 Miami faculty, administration including the president's wife, members from Ohio State, Denison, and Ohio Wesleyan were invited to meet the dozen Delta Lambda Colony girls. Weekly meetings followed. The group was already active on campus and would have won the scholarship cup but was not eligible to compete. Material and credentials were shown at the Sun Valley Convention. By unanimous vote Delta Lambda's petition was accepted.

Installation was November 9, 1940, with Fraternity President Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, Mu- Butler, presiding, and Beta Rho Deuteron the installing chapter. Assisting were Elizabeth Kimbrough Park, Beta Chi- Kentucky; Edith Reese Crabtree, Beta Gamma- Wooster; Clara O. Pierce, Beta Nu- Ohio State; Martha Combs Kennedy, Omega- Kansas; Nora Wilson Tomkinson, Lambda- Akron; Gem Craig Reasoner, Upsilon- Northwestern. There were 16 charter members and two other initiates. Mrs. Harry Williams, a Pi Beta Phi, is listed as financial adviser on the first advisory board.

At the time of installation Miami enrollment was a little over 3,000, with 240 faculty members and 44 buildings. By 1973, Miami was a three-campus institution, with 16,591 students on all three campuses (13,208 at Oxford alone), 782 faculty (many teaching on two or more campuses), and 110 buildings (96 on the Oxford campus.)

"Old Harrison Hall," where the Kappas held many early meetings, was torn down in 1957 and "new" Harrison Hall is on the site. The suite, decorated for the chapter's use in 1940, was soon outgrown and meetings took place in Wells Hall as well as Harrison. In February, 1952, a move was made to a larger suite in Richard Hall- and word was awaited for permission to move to a larger suite. It was almost impossible to have rush parties, even with all the furniture removed.

At one time men's fraternity houses were used for parties, allocation determined by a drawing. In the fall of 1965 the Delta Lambdas drew the Delta Kappa Epsilon house, one known for unconventional behavior. A pet iguana was let loose, and Dr. Susan Rockwood, Beta Rho Deuteron- Cincinnati, chapter council adviser, saved the evening by holding the creature at bay with a broom. Her report to Panhellenic read in part: "The specific episode in question concerns the deliberate unleashing of a living lizard (very closely resembling an iguana) of light green and yellow coloration, measuring approximately 18 to 20 inches in length with a girth of nearly six inches..."

For this and other reasons the campuses sororities voted to rush in their own suites...For Homecoming that year the Dekes entitled their huge lizard-like construction "The Night of the Iguana."

The Fraternity has recognized Delta Lambda often: 1950- honorable mention, Standards; 1956- Gracious Living; 1964- Efficiency for Unhoused Chapter; 1968- Outstanding Pledge Program...twice the Fraternity Scholarship Cup. More awards: 1960- second place, Standards; also 1960- honorable mention for Efficiency (Unhoused). A pewter pitcher for Gamma Province efficiency, the Toledo Alumnae Award, was retired by the chapter in 1971- it had won the award every year but one.

The pages of Delta Lambda's history are full of accounts of rushing, initiation, Dads' Day, Mothers' Tea, Pumpkin Walks, Sigma Chi Melon Mess, Greek Week, Homecoming, Founders Day, Miss Miami Pageant, May Day retreats at Camp Hook, Pi Phi cozy, Monmouth Duo, Christmas parties, New Year parties, spaghetti-bean dinners (For scholarship), and Powder Puff Bowls (football between sororities).

There are also pages filled with campus honors: Cwens, Spurs, Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Air Force Angels, dormitory counselors, queens, outstanding junior, senior, etc. With all the activities, scholarship is maintained and the campus trophy has been won 19 times during the chapter's first 23 years.

To celebrate the 20th year, funds for an annual scholarship award were deposited in 1960. In 1967, plans were begun for a circular bench to commemorate the Kappa Centennial, an idea initiated by Dr. Susan Rockwood. The arrangement is on Slant Walk, the middle oval bench surrounded by smaller curved benches. A large bronze plaque with the Kappa crest is embedded in the stone seat, and the whole area is complete with paving and landscaping, making a lovely addition to Miami's campus.

There was often discussion of scholarship and grades during early chapter meetings. A bylaw of February 25, 1942, states, "Girls in the semi-professional course will definitely not be considered for pledgeship. If pledges enter (this) course after being pledged their pledgeship will be automatically broken, and they will not be initiated on the basis of grades made in the semi-professional course. No exceptions..." Later on it is recorded that lowering of initiation requirements caused a great discussion. Reasons pro: the stress of war, the amount of time required for war work, and the fact that "scholarship is not necessarily indicative of character and ability" were balance with the reasons con: Kappa stands for high scholarship, the importance in wartime of getting as much as possible out of academic work, and the dangerous precedent which might weaken the chapter and lead to laxness...Initiation requirement remained at 2.3...Later it was lowered to 2.1 but now has returned to 2.3.

During the formative years there were special programs for strengthening scholarship: in 1941, no dates for pledges on week nights; 1942, actives below 2.3 to keep time charts and no dates on week nights; 1943, "all with a 2.0 and below must spend all free time Monday-Friday in the library..." Standards must have been an issue in 1945: "On May 14, 1945, at a regular meeting...Mrs. Wickenden spoke to us...of the moral tone of the campus...It was decided that a large scale show of public opinion against it would be helpful and it was suggested that AMI, the fraternities, and Panhellenic take action..."

By the end of 1972 Delta Lambda had initiated 800 members. An item of December 11, 1946, reads, "It was announced that a 50 cent fine will be imposed on those members who do not attend initiation or who do not help in setting up and taking down the frameworks. To avoid extra expense, it was decided to collect greenery for decorations from the surrounding countryside."

Following the Kent State Tragedy may 1970, the university closed for 10 days when students were sent home because of administration apprehension about riots. At province convention in April, 1971, an Undergraduate Council was formed by the Fraternity Council in an attempt to give undergraduate Kappas more voice in the Fraternity. Delta Lambda's Lynda Green (McDermott), who represented Gamma Province, was selected to be first president of the Undergraduate Council.

Ethel Wickenden's 1943 history at Delta Lambda ended on a high note of optimism about the three-year-old chapter's future. Her feelings have been substantiated throughout Delta Lambda's first 35 years. The chapter shares Ethel Wickenden's optimism as it anticipates its next 35 years.

Highlights from the 1980s

Kappa Klamour continued to be Delta Lambda’s yearly newsletter. It highlighted pledge classes, officers, as well as philanthropy and social events throughout the year. Delta Lambda alumnae were also featured about happenings in their lives.

Kappas participated in events such as rush, Greek Week, Kappa Kanoe Date Party, Founders Day, Kappa-FIJI Ultimate Frisbee tournament, Parents’ Weekend, clothing drives, and visits to local nursing homes.

Money raised from philanthropy events went to Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, The Fund for the Mentally Disable of Bulter County.

In the late 1980s, the Kappa suite in Hamilton Hall was redecorated.

Kappa goes computerized with Delta Lambda being a pilot chapter for using an IBM-PC that was purchased by the House Board. The computer was used to implement a computerized treasury system to handle all of the chapter budgeting. After the pilot period, the computer was available to members for scholastic use.

In the 1980s, many Kappas lived at the Hut-Hut house. This was a house shared by 8 women and became a gathering place outside of the Kappa Suite at Hamilton Hall. The Hut-Hut house held study nights, tie-dye parties, as well as big/little sister outings.

Scholarship continued to be a goal of the Delta Lambda chapter. Decisions during rush included reviewing high school GPA. “Save Our Scholarship” or “SOS” push allowed Delta Lambda to move up their scholarship ranking on campus to number seven.

Members were involved with many campus organizations and clubs including Business Affairs, Student Government, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Delta Lambda (freshman honoraries), SPERS (junior honorary), Miami College Democrats, Pi Sigma (physics honorary), Greek Week Committee, Miami University Student Foundation, Ohio Fellows Honorary, Homecoming Committee and Homecoming Court.

Request: Is there any information about the start of sorority Puddle Pull/Kappa Mud Tug? I believe Mud Tug started in the Fall of 1984. Miami Student with Mud Tug Ad - A. Cramer ([email protected])

Highlights from the 1990s

The 1990s started off with Delta Lambda receiving local and national awards such as first place in Chapter Publications and Public Relations, and Honorable mention for Chapter Finance at the 1990 General Convention. Panhellenic also awarded Delta Lambda most outstanding sorority on campus.

Social and philanthropic events included Kappa Klassic Golf Tournament, celebrating Delta Lambda’s 50th anniversary where charter members attended, Greek Week, Parents’ Weekend, Sisterhood Retreat, Crush Party with Chi Omega, Spring Formal, Kite and Key Date Party, 70’s Date Party, Sisterhood events (ice skating, movie nights, tie-dye, visit to Kappa Headquarters at 530 E. Town, Columbus, Progressive Dinner, Kappa Kore Olympics), Dad’s Weekend, Mom’s Weekend, Chapter Council Retreat, Halloween Date Party and Bingo with Senior Citizens.

Money raised from philanthropic events went to Kappa Kidney Kamp, Can Count, and Miami Service Network. The chapter also focused on planning service projects that gave time rather than money.

Campus safety became an area of focus for Miami University. Miami Metro was implemented and safety programs were offered to increase awareness of surroundings. Speakers did workshops on drugs, alcohol, AIDS, date rape and KEEPSAFE Program.

Goals in the 1990s included: Academics, Accountability and Outstanding Attitudes, increase attendance, increase pride and morale, increase the number of sisterhood events, increase chapter involvement, respect and respect of ideals through positive, support and flexible leadership.

In the 1990s, Miami University switched to a deferred rush program. Rather than having rush in August, the University moved it to January. The sororities had to adjust for officers, weather, outfits and change the focus of getting to know campus to getting to know Kappa.

Members were involved in Miami Correspondence, Campus Crusade for Christ, MUSF, SPERS, Adopt-a-School, International Business Designers, Business School Advisory Council, Zoology Club, Student Dietetic Association, Pre-Vet Club, club soccer, Order of Omega, St. Mary’s Eucharistic Minister, Equestrian Team, Dance Theater, Varsity Swim Team, Academic Peer Mentor, Miami Service Network, Crew Team, Panhellenic Council, Pre-Law Society, Hearing and Language Association, Golden Key National Honor Society, LuxClub, Tutor, Hall Government, Greek Leadership Officer, waterski team, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Praise Choir, Microbiology Club, club tennis, Habitat for Humanity, WMSR Radio, sailing team and broomball team.

Delta Lambda found themselves a bit over programmed in the mid-1990s which allowed them to look at their academic and social calendar and focus on programming using the Fraternity MAP program. National and local alumnae offered much support and guidance. The chapter started ‘freezing’ the calendar to be sure no additional events were added. This increased attendance as well as awareness of scholarship and risk management.

In the late 1990s, Delta Lambda was selected by the fraternity to pilot a New Member Orientation Program. This six-week program was much different than an entire semester of being a pledge. Sisterhood events included outings to Chuck E. Cheese, getting facials, playing games, and learning Kappa songs.

The Kappa suite was redecorated with overstuffed gingham print couches, chairs, fleur-di-lis walls, an award case and new art. The suite has a more comfortable atmosphere for sisters to gather, hangout and study. The kitchen is due for the next renovation.

The 1990s ended with Delta Lambda feeling proud of their award case showing Best New Member Program Award, Most Improved Chapter, Honorable mentions in Public Relations, Advisory Board and Finance, Andrew Herman Chapter Excellence Award, Honorable mention in Ritual and New Member Programs, Challenge to Excellence Award and other awards.

Highlights from the early 2000s

Delta Lambda continued with philanthropic, social and sisterhood events that were well attended and fun including Greek Week, Kappa Klassic Golf Tournament, Kappa and FIJI Dog Night, Tutoring, visits to Adult Day Care, Four-way socials, Rollerskating, Crush Party with Delta Gamma, Puttin’ on the Hits, Pledge Puddle Ball, Bump It Thump It, Kite and Key Date Party, Dad’s Weekend, Mom’s Weekend, Halloween Party, Cincinnati Reds Game, Kappa Kore, Formals, Kappa Kappacino the Founders Day brunch, progressive dinners, holiday gatherings in the suite, movie nights, visiting Kappa Headquarters in Columbus and chapter council retreats.

The increase in scholarship focus proved to be a reachable goal as Delta Lambda strived toward excelling academically. At each meeting members were honored for outstanding scholarship. Members who had a 4.0 were recognized at the Founders Day brunch.

They also saw an increase in members who studied abroad as well as program offerings at Miami’s fourth campus, located in Luxemburg, France.

Delta Lambda continued to review calendar events and fill out appropriate risk management forms as they created their annual calendar. As attendance went up and down for events, the chapter was able to assess which events draw members and which ones don’t. The chapter council officers really worked on using committee members so that each member of Delta Lambda had a specific duty. By 2010, the university saw an increase in reckless consumption of alcohol by the greek community and enacted a requirement of non-alcoholic event for every social Delta Lambda held. This was based on a point system.

Highlights of 2011

The past year held a number of proud moments and achievements for the Delta Lambda Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The year began with a fabulous pledge class of 51 young women, who were brought closer together by the participation in two annual philanthropic events on campus. Bump It Thump It, put on by Kappa Alpha Order is a volleyball tournament that takes place in early February and benefits Muscular Dystrophy. The second event that the new members participated in was Putting on the Hits, put on by Delta Zeta, which benefits deaf children. The new members choreographed their own dance and practiced day in and day out. Their hard work paid off and they won 1st place in the competition, which is a huge accomplishment. The year also included a wonderful Mom’s weekend were members and their mothers participated in a silent auction at Brickstreet that raised $2,907 for the Kappa Foundation.

In April we sold hotdogs at out annual Kappa Dog Night fundraiser, which rose $401.70 for Reading is Fundamental. The semester also included themed socials, pledge class firesides, and a lovely formal at The Elms. These events were a great way for the new members to get involved with the chapter and learn to love it just as much as all of the active members do. We started the 2011 school year of just right! Our first major event was Dad’s weekend, which is always a personal favorite of the Chapters. Dad’s weekend events included a tailgate and a football game as well as appetizers at Decibel. The next weekend we held our annual philanthropy, Kappa Klassic. This event takes place at a local golf course, Hueston Woods, during this event our very own members caddy for the groups of golfers. We were blessed with a warm and sunny day and a full course, we ended up raising $4,200 for Kappa Kamp Kidney.

Members also continued active participation in Opening Minds Through Art, which is a program that helps senior citizens with dementia express themselves through art. Greek Week was another event that gets the whole Greek community excited, especially our chapter. Members participated in activities such as football, soccer, swimming, and even a blood drive. We had a lovely Founders Day Brunch on campus at the Marcum Inn, where we had Gretchen Thomas, a former Miami University Kappa (1978) speak with us and share some of her fond memories of our chapter. The chapter loved hearing her stories, especially her daughter Chelsea Thomas (2012). The semester wrapped up with many sisterhoods, a trip to Butterfield farms, and a wonderful semi-formal at Brickstreet. The year ended with elections, where a new Chapter Council was elected, eager to make changes.

Campus: This past semester the Westboro Baptist Church picketed at Miami University. The Westboro Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality and its protest activities, which include picketing funerals of American servicemen and desecrating the American flag. When the Greek Community found out about the picket, all of the chapters decided to do something to distract the Oxford Community from the racial and hateful slurs that would be heard. The Greek Community put on a “carnival” type event that took place the same time as the picket. This counter activity was a great way to foster unity and tolerance, Kappa Kappa Gamma had a booth at the event were participants could write notes to soldiers, thanking them for all they have done for our country. As well as the carnival that took place the community asked students to sign a pledge to avoid the Westboro Baptist Church protest. This event put a positive spotlight on the Greek Community and brought all of the chapters closer together.

Chapter: The members of Delta Lambda hold themselves to the highest standard of scholarship with a cumulative GPA average of 3.40. We had 4 members who achieved a 4.0 GPA this past semester; these ladies were honored at Founders Day Brunch. Several of our members were abroad last semester in Prague, Rome, China, and France. As well as traveling the globe, many of our members are also actively involved in various campus activities and service organizations including Campus Activities Council, Adopt-A-School, Best Buddies, Miami University Women in Business, Opening Minds Through Art, and the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. We are very proud of our sisters’ involvement throughout the Miami and Oxford community, and the positive representation that they bring to Kappa.

One of our biggest problems was our chapters’ lack of knowledge and awareness of Kappa history. We have addressed this problem by placing a larger emphasis on our history; we have increased ritual and song review as well as implemented other important Kappa facts. Once a month our Marshall will provide the chapter with “Kappa Fun Facts”. This has been a great way to teach out chapter fun and interesting things about Kappa that they will remember, and want to learn. Our chapter was also concerned with the lack of commitment in committees that every girl is assigned to. In order to increase committee involvement, each committee has sub-leaders, and committee nights are held twice a semester after chapter. We continue to pass around a box for suggestions for improvement where people can give their personal feedback.

Highlights of 2012

2012 has been a successful year for the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. We started off the year by welcoming 53 new members that had an immediate connection with our existing members. Within their first week as new members, they participated in Bump It Thump it, a philanthropy volleyball tournament benefiting muscular dystrophy facilitated by Kappa Alpha Order. Building on their new found friendships, the new member class continued to work in collaboration to prepare for Delta Zeta’s philanthropy, Putting on the Hits. 10 new members choreographed the dance and taught the rest of the pledge class, as the props team worked hard to create props that would support their “KKG Overseas” theme. They rehearsed everyday until it was perfect and created a fantastic end result as well as amazing bonds with their new sisters. After working to help other chapter’s philanthropies, we focused to put on our own spring philanthropy events. First, the chapter put on its annual Kappa Dog Night fundraiser, where the girls sold hot dogs in collaboration with Beta Theta Pi. At the end of the night, we raised $800 to benefit Reading is Fundamental. We also raised $4000 for the Kappa Foundation through our Mom’s weekend silent auction, which turned out to be a wonderful chance for the moms and daughters to get to know each other, complete with brunch at Brickstreet. Our members also spent time with the Opening Minds through Art program, in which we paint with dementia patients to help them stay in touch with their inner feelings.

After a summer away from Oxford, fall of 2012 brought excitement for our chapter as we continued to create stronger bonds with our sisters. We began with a fantastic Dad’s weekend including appetizers at skybox and bowling. We continued our philanthropic endeavors by putting on our annual Kappa Klassic, a golf tournament benefiting Kappa Kamp Kidney. Despite the freezing cold weather and rain, we raised $6000 for the kids and had a great afternoon caddying for our golfers. Our chapter got especially excited for this year’s greek week, attending all of the events to cheer and participate in a competition that engages the entire greek community. This was a great week for chapter bonding between pledge classes and created great memories and successful teams. We continued chapter bonding with a trip to Butterfield farms for s’mores and a hayride. Founder’s Day brunch was held in Dayton this year was a great way to be reminded of the legacy that we carry as Kappa Kappa Gammas. Towards the end of the year, we enjoyed a wonderful semi formal at Brickstreet, and then focused on chapter elections, to choose our next batch of eager leaders.

Miami University is located in Oxford, Ohio, a charming little town secluded from big cities. Miami has about 500 student organizations including over 50 Greek organizations. This allows about a third of the students to be involved in Greek life, which creates a powerful group of people that can make a huge difference. Although these Greek organizations strive to make a positive impact on and off campus through philanthropies and interaction with the Oxford community, the organizations can sometimes get a negative reputation due to association with underage drinking. Many Greek organizations continue to fight this stereotype by emphasizing the philanthropic event and history behind our chapters, reminding ourselves and the community what we really stand for.

More specifically, the Delta Lambda chapter is proud to have the second highest GPA on campus, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.39 including 16 members with a 4.0 gpa. We are continuing to encourage scholarship this year by organizing dinners where each major can meet to exchange advice and information to help their sisters in similar majors. Besides our schoolwork and our involvement in Kappa, our members are involved in all kinds of organizations including Campus Activities Council, Women in Business, Panhellic Council as well as several publications. Kappas are active on campus, but also have a large presence internationally, as we have members studying in places like Italy, France and Australia.

Highlights of 2013

The year of 2013 was very successful for the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. We started off the year by welcoming 57 new members that had an instant connection with our chapter. Within their first week as new members they participated in Bump It Thump It, a philanthropy volleyball tournament benefiting muscular dystrophy facilitated by Kappa Alpha Order. As the girls continued to get know one another within their new pledge class they continued to be a helping hand to other Greek Community events. The New Members participated in the Delta Zeta event Putting on the Hits. A dance competition between the Greek Life on Miami’s campus. As the girls choreographed their own dance and practiced it to perfection there was a great turnout. Despite the music stopping in the middle of their dance, the new members were able to show their spirit by winning us the Team Spirit Award.

After helping out our Greek Communities philanthropic events, we aimed towards our events for the spring semester. Our first even being the Kappa Dog Night, we had a fantastic turnout by raising $300 with the help of Phi Gamma Delta. We continued to raise $4,000 for the Kappa Foundation through our Mom’s weekend silent auction. This was held as a brunch for the mothers and daughters as they bonded with one another. It also allowed the new members to further their relationships with their new class. We then had a fantastic formal, which was held at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. Many of the girls enjoyed traveling to the big city for this event. Our members also participate in a local program called Opening Minds through Art, which works with elderly dementia patients to further their imaginations by creating art. It is a great opportunity for many of our members to make a strong connection with our community.

After returning back from the summer break, our chapter was ready to get back together and create brand new memories. We began the semester festivities with our Dad’s weekend, which included bowling and a cook out. Our girls enjoyed bonding with their fathers at the many different events such as the hockey game. We continued our philanthropic events by hosting our Kappa Klassic golf tournament. Although it was a rainy day, our chapter had an absolute blast raising money and caddying for the golfers. We raised an astounding $6,000 for the kids, which was just as successful as previous years. We then participated in many events during our Greek Week competitions, coming close to winning. This was a great way for the girls to build stronger relationships between each of the pledge classes and even develop bonds with our fellow Greek community. One of the biggest chapter bonding events we had this fall was the Butterfield’s Farm event. While we made s’mores, held a hayride, and sat by a campfire with our sisters, we made many memories. We then held Founder’s Day Brunch on campus, which was a great way to appreciate the history and legacy behind Kappa.

The Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma is located in Oxford, Ohio at the historical school of The Miami University. Being a college town, the University offers an array of more than 500 different student organizations, including 50 Greek organizations. Many students of Miami University participate in Greek Life, which makes a strong community among campus. The Greek community strives to go above and beyond the expectations asked of us but know there are some negative reputations of our campus, such as underage drinking. Our Greek life aims to abolish that stereotype by emphasizing the philanthropy events and history behind our chapters. In hopes of reminding our community and ourselves what Greek Life really stands for.

The members of Delta Lambda hold themselves to the highest scholarship with a cumulative GPA of 3.34.We had 7 members who achieved a 4.0 GPA this past semester. We honored these girls accomplishments at our Founders Day Brunch. We also had several members who studied abroad this last year, that included places such as Spain, Luxembourg, and Paris. As well as traveling abroad many of our girls participate in student organizations around campus, such as Women in Business, Women’s Club Soccer and Lacrosse Teams, Best Buddies, Panhellenic Council, and many more. We are proud of our sisters’ and the accomplishments they have strived to make in the past year.

Highlights of 2014

2014 was a busy year for the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Recruitment brought in 61 new members. They were immediately bonding at dance practices for Delta Zeta's philanthropy, Putting On The Hits. The event is dance competition between Greek life where all the contestants choreograph and preform a dance. Kappa chose a patriotic theme of Red, White, Blue and Blue. Keeping the philanthropic spirit alive, the new members also supported Kappa Alpha Order by participating in their annual volleyball competition Bump It Thump It. They were able to bond by cheering on their team of new sisters. With all this excitement, it was nice to be able to relax on Mom's Weekend. A silent auction was held during a brunch while the mothers got to experience a bit of Kappa's sisterhood. With moms in town, it was a perfect time to go shopping for a dress for formal. Next up was initiation. The new members could finally call themselves members of Kappa Kappa Gamma. They were surprised by their families awaiting them at a brunch at The Marcum. A few weeks later, the busses were off to formal at Longworth's in Mount Adams. A night out in Cincinnati was a fun change of pace, but anything in Oxford is fun with your sisters. Kappa Dog Night especially! Together with Phi Delta Theta, we raised $1,000 for Reading is Fundamental.

The summer months were long, and everyone was excited to return to campus. After a few weeks back, the dads were just as excited to come visit for Dad's Weekend. Kappas and their fathers cheered on Miami University's football team as they won their first game of the season. We were in the sporty state of mind and ready to caddy in Kappa Klassic. The golf tournament raised $7,000 for Kappa Kidney Camp, making it more successful than the previous year. Unfortunately, golf wasn't a category in Greek Week. It was neck and neck, but in the end, Kappa came in second place. After all the fun and games, we took a short drive to Butterfield Farm. We embraced fall in Ohio and ate s'mores and hot dogs, went on a hayride, fed cows, and got to meet some Kappas from the University of Cincinnati. Next, Founder's Day Brunch took us to Dayton. We got to meet women who had been in Kappa for over 50 years, which was a great way to appreciate our history and legacy. To wrap up the year, the sophomores had a secret Santa gift exchange with cookies in the suite. A lot of memories were made in 2014.

Miami University has a lot to offer the students. There are over 500 student organizations, and over 50 Greek organizations. Most girls participate in a variety of organizations on campus. Business fraternities, club sports, Best Buddies, PRSSA and Women in Business are just a few. Greek life has a strong presence on campus, and members strives to go above and beyond. Kappas hold themselves to a high standard, including their GPA's. We have one of the highest GPA's on campus, even members with a 4.0. Many of our sisters chose to challenge themselves academically and study abroad all over the world. Delta Lambda Kappas are well-rounded girls and hold a great reputation on campus. We create our best memories at philanthropy events, and always have a positive attitude.

Chapter is held at an academic building that is university owned, Hughes Hall. The sophomores lived in a corridor of Hamilton Hall in Sorority Quad for the spring semester. In the fall, Kappas moved into a corridor of MacCracken Hall. The Kappa suite is also in Hamilton Hall. It has a living room, dining table, office and kitchen. The suite is rented from Miami University. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to live off campus in homes or apartments, usually with other girls in their pledge class.

Highlights of 2015

2015 has been a busy and fun year for the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Miami University. Recruitment brought in 65 wonderful new members to our chapter. They immediately got involved with a dance competition for Delta Zeta’s philanthropic event, POTH-Putting On The Hits. This event includes all Miami Greek Life, where sororities and fraternities choreograph and perform a dance. For this year, our theme was Kappa Kandyland that was filled with candy themed songs and colorful decorations, giving everyone a sweet taste of Kappa! Kappa also enjoyed socials such as a country themed date party, Kappa Korral, and a crush party paired with another sorority, Delta Gamma. With all of this new excitement, it was nice to be able to relax and spend a great weekend with the Moms. During Mom’s weekend, moms and daughters took part in a silent auction and brunch uptown while meeting all of the new Kappa Moms! After this fun filled weekend, came initiation. The new members were finally able to call themselves Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters and could wear their letters! Kappa sisters participated in another philanthropic event as our semester came to a close. Kappa Dog night was paired with Phi Gamma Delta. The event raised money for Reading is Fundamental.

After the long summer months a part, the Kappa sisters were excited to return to campus. The new members all live together in a corridor of Hamilton Hall in Sorority Quad. After a few weeks, all of the Kappa dads were excited to come visit the university for Dad’s Weekend. Kappas and their fathers did many activities together ranging from playing golf and broomball as well as kicking back at a barbecue. This fun filled and sporty weekend got all the Kappas ready to caddie for Kappa Klassic. All of the Kappas caddied for numerous people who signed up for the golf tournament. Our philanthropy raised $9,369 for Kappa Kidney camp, making it more successful than the previous year! Keeping the competitive vibe alive, our chapter took place in the Groovy themed Greek Week. It was a competitive ride, but Kappa finished in third place overall! After all of the fun and games, we took a short drive to Butterfield farms where all of the Kappas bonded and got to hang out by the fire making s’mores and feeding the cows! Next, was the 75th Anniversary event held at Miami of the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. This was a great way to show our appreciation of the legacy, traditions and history of our chapter. We were able to chat with alumni one on one in the suite, looking through old scrapbooks and sharing memories with each other! To close out the year, we had a sisterhood-bonding event with a candlelight ritual, where all the newest members were able to get closer together!

Miami University has a lot of opportunities for students to get involved. There are over 500 different student organizations and over 50 Greek organizations. Majority of our chapter participates and are very active in these organizations on campus. Some are involved in Business fraternities, club sports, PRSSA, Tour guides and Women in Business; the list goes on and on. Greek Life has a strong presence on campus and members hold themselves to the highest standard. Kappas are determined to get involved whether that is through different organizations, philanthropies, or working on campus. Kappas are determined to keep their GPA’s up. We make sure that everyone is able to maintain their academics, by having some of the upperclassmen tutor girls and making sure we have study rooms available. Delta Lambda Kappas are well-rounded girls that hold a great reputation on campus.

Chapter Philanthropy:

What organization(s) has your chapter historically/traditionally raised money for, or donated hours to, in your community?

The Delta Lambda Chapter gets involved with many different events to help raise and donate money to various organizations. The chapter holds many philanthropic events like Kappa Dog Night, Haven House, Kappa Klassic, and OMA. We also raised money for the KKG foundation through a silent auction we had over Mom’s Weekend. For Kappa Dog Night all of the proceeds go to Reading is Fundamental. The girls sold hot dogs with a fraternity in the spring at a popular location on campus. For Haven House, the Kappas made cookies and brought donated books to read to the children and spent the day with them. In the Fall, our chapter hosted Kappa Klassic, which is a golf tournament that the girls caddy for and all of the proceeds go to Kappa Kidney Camp. This year we raised over $9,000. For OMA: Opening Minds through Art, we send a group of about ten girls to a local retirement home every Wednesday for about two hours. Girls are paired with an elder who is suffering from dementia and spends time with them through painting.

Why did your chapter choose this organization(s) to support?

Our chapter enjoys getting involved and helping raise money and giving of our time to help these organizations. We are involved with RIF: Reading is Fundamental because we have been working with them for years and it is so rewarding knowing that the children love the books! We enjoy working with Kappa Kidney Camp because it’s in Ohio and every Ohio chapter helps them because they rely on our donations and it is very fulfilling. Our chapter, in the end, loves to get involved and help out any organization!

Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a busy year for the Delta Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. In February, we brought in 64 new members through recruitment. The new members participated in Delta Zeta's philanthropy, Putting on the Hits. This is a dance competiton that different Greek chapters particate in, choreographing a dance for new members to perform. This year, Delta Lambda did KKG P.D., a police theme. Many new members also participated in Tri Delta's puddle pull event and the FTK (for the kids) dance marathon. This was a great bonding moment for new members and actives. They also participated in CAP events with other fraternities and sororities on campus about transitioning into careers and advice. With all the excitement of these events, it was a nice break for Kappas to have mom's weekend. We hosted a brunch with a silent auction of several prizes that different members could bid on. Next, the new members were initiated and finally able to call themselves sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma. After initiation, they were surprised by their families at Left Field Tavern for brunch. A few weeks later, people filed onto buses to go to Cincinnati for spring formal in Mount Adams. A night in Cincinnati made formal especially fun for our sisters! Later in the semester, we had our philanthropy event, Kappa Dog Night, where we sold hot dogs for Reading is Fundamental. We hosted the event with Sigma Phi Epsilon and raised $1000.

Over the summer, at the 2016 Kappa Convention, the Delta Lambda chapter was proud to receive the award for most improved academic excellence award. This was an honor for Delta Lambda to receive and members were excited to receive the news!

After a long and fun-filled summer, things are in full swing for the girls of Delta Lambda. First, we participated in Greek Week with a plethora of Greek chapters in sports like swimming, volleyball, etc. Many girls participated in events, while others came out to cheer their sisters on. Dads were excited to come in for dad's weekend, where they tailgated, played friendly games of football and went bowling. With the great fall weather and the other athletic events happening, Kappa Klassic came at the perfect time. Our annual golf tournament for our philanthropy had many teams signed up and was a succcess. Though the weather wasn't to our advantage, we still raised $12,000 for Kappa Kidney camp. With the fun fall weather in full swing, we took a trip as a chapter to Butterfield farms for a tractor ride, s'mores and an overall fun, bonding sisterhood event. Next, we had our Founders' Day event in Dayton. We met women who were Kappas for fifty years and had us appreciate the legacy and history of Kappa. To wrap up the year, we had Kappa study rooms booked to prepare for finals and our annual Kite & Key christmas party with Theta. Overall, Delta Lambda had a exciting year and a lot of memories were made.

Miami University has several organizations on campus for students to join and over 50 Greek organizations. Most girls in Delta Lambda participate in a variety of these organizations on campus. Business fraternities, OMA, Best Buddies, club sports, MedLife and Women in Business are only a few of many of these organizations with a Kappa presence. Kappas hold themselves to a high standard, including their GPAs. Many of the members within the Delta Lambda chapter are challenged with tough course loads and study abroad all around the world. In fact, the Kappa has one of the highest GPAs for a sorority on campus. In essence, Delta Lambdas are very well-rounded girls with a great reputation on campus. We continue to uphold this positive presence through our philanthropy and sisterhood events.

The Delta Lambda chapter gets involved in many events throughout campus, donates money to other organizations and hosts events to raise money for organizations we support. The chapter hosts many events throughout the year such as Kappa Dog Night, Kappa Klassic and OMA. The girls also donated books to read to kids at Booker T. Washington Community Center. For Kappa Dog Night, all proceeds go to Reading is Fundamental. The girls sold hot dogs with another frat at a popular location on campus to raise the money. This year, we raised around $1000. In the fall, Delta Lambda hosted Kappa Klassic, which is a popular golf tournament where two kappas will caddy for a group of boys and all proceeds go to Kappa Kidney Camp. This year, we raised about $12,000. For OMA: Opening Minds through Art, we send a group of about ten girls to a local retirement home every Wednesday to spend time with the patients. Every girl is paired up with an elder who is suffering from dementia and they paint with them.