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Delta Kappa

Delta Kappa Chapter was founded at University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida on November 18, 1938.

Founding Date: Nov 18th, 1938

Status: Suspended



District: Xi

The Early Years

The University of Miami, founded in 1925, began to build south of Coral Gables in 1926. The incomplete structure was severely damaged by a hurricane that September, and another building was found closer to Coral Gables. It was only partly finished, had no partitions and classrooms were made with huge sheets of wallboard. The name “Cardboard College” stuck for years. In 1947, the site was changed and the university, tremendously grown, is now situated on a large, beautifully landscaped campus.

Seven girls on the Miami campus were selected in 1927 by Kappa alumnae to be the nucleus of a local group, Lambda Phi, which would someday become a Kappa chapter.

In 1938 Lambda Phi’s petition was accepted and Delta Kappa Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was formally installed that year on November 17, 18, and 19. Nineteen charter members were initiated. Actives from Rollins and Alabama aided in the 1938 installation. Lambda Phi alumnae had the privilege of becoming Kappas at regular initiation services for the next five years. An interesting feature of the installation banquet was the showing of movies of the newly built Kappa Hearthstone at Winter Park, the 33rd Convention at Hot Springs, and the film that Lambda Phi sent with its petition.

Clara O. Pierce, Ohio State, conducted the model meeting November 20, 1938. Chapter officers were installed, talks were given on standards and responsibilities, and the contents of the archives chest were displayed.

Dr. Bowman F. Ashe, president of the university, was host at a tea March 1, 1939, at his home for distinguished writer Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Ohio State, attended by actives and alumnae. Mrs. Ashe was one of the original members of the Kappa Mothers’ Club of Miami. She had a daughter who was the first initiate of Delta Kappa.

The Mothers’ Club was formed in the fall of 1940 and has always been a great help to the chapter. The club has contributed a silver tea and coffee service, the scholarship punch bowl, dishes and stainless flatware, the installation of a terrazzo floor in the Kappa suite, an annual $50 bond for highest scholarship and another for greatest improvement, a Christmas tree and holiday dinner, a champagne brunch for graduates plus a gift for each senior.


The chapter rented its first house in September, 1939. In 1942 sorority houses were no longer sanctioned by the university and the chapter returned to a room. By the chapter’s 20th anniversary Delta Kappa was housed in the Panhellenic Building with all the other sororities. The suite of a large living room, conference room, kitchen and bath was in the prize location on the first floor next to the entrance. The custom of chapter members wearing light and dark blue dresses started with the first rush and proved to be a fine way of identifying Kappas to the Rushees during the silent period.

That first year ended with a good report after winning the scholarship cup, the athletic trophy, and the trophy for the best decorated house during homecoming. Chapter members were in varied activities and garnered trophies and honors through the years.

During 1940, the “Powder Puff Bowl,” a football game between the Kappas and Chi Omegas, became a tradition; the chapter won two of three awards at Mu Province Meeting; and a member was voted outstanding senior in the province.

The chapter purchased a $500 War Bond in 1943. Pledges won the scholarship cup and Kappas were elected to every senior class office but one in 1945-46. Delta Kappa won the Song Fest, and three Kappas were on the university’s All-American Girls Volleyball Team in 1947-48.

Honors and Traditions

The chapter had many beauty queens: one chapter president was chosen to represent the U.S.A. at the Lima, Peru, Fair; Mary Davison (Mills) was 1951 Orange Bowl Queen; Jo Ann Pflug (Woolery), the actress who received the Kappa Alumnae Achievement Award in 1972, was a Miami queen in 1960 and the first president of College Board; nine members were selected as “best dressed” at the 1961 Greek Week; and there were 12 Kappas in the 1969 Homecoming queen contest. Delta Kappa also had a national title winner in 1970, Deborah Shelton (Castro), “Miss U.S.A.” Kappa teams won athletic trophies and had national sports figures too. Doris Hart was the third-ranking national women’s tennis player in 1947-48 and was an Alumnae Achievement Award winner in 1958. Judy Eller (Street) played on the Curtis Cup Golf Team in Nottinghamshire, England, in 1959-60.

Many scholastic honors have come to the chapter and its members. In 1951 Kappas were graduated magna cum laude, summa cum laude, and cum laude. In 1964–65 five Kappas were named to Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, setting a record at Miami.

The highlight of 1971-72 was the chapter’s philanthropy—special education classes and contributions to the drug rehabilitation center.

Among the many alumnae who helped Delta Kappa, Carol Engles Harmon, who served as Mu Province director, 1963-1967, and Fraternity director of alumnae, 1966-1970, received an award from the Miami Alumnae Association in appreciation of her service.

One of Delta Kappa’s favorite songs with words by Randy Mebane (McDonald), a member of the first pledge class, is sung to the tune of “Till We Meet Again.” It ends “Let us pledge each other that we’ll keep, Kappa friendships strong and deep, “till we meet again.” Delta Kappa’s spirit has always been “strong and deep.”

The previous information was excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, 1870-1976. The information that follows has been gleaned from available resources including Chapter History Reports, chapter meeting minutes, letters and comments from chapter members and alumnae, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Archives, and The Key. Each chapter is expected to update its history record annually. Contact Fraternity Headquarters at [email protected] with questions.

Highlights of the 1980s

Delta Kappa had a successful year in 1987. The chapter won the Greek Week for the fifth consecutive year. They had a successful fall rush resulting in 19 enthusiatic pledges, filled quota and chapter total. These pledges won the second consecutive Pledges on Parade. Campus wide involvement and visibility were both very strong this year. This was promoted with jersey days every Friday and two mixers a semester were held.

1988 was a fantastic year for Delta Kappa. The campus saw the largest rush participation in 11 years. The chapter extended 27 bids all of which were accepted.

The 50th anniversary of Delta Kappa’s founding was observed in 1988. The chapter and local alumnae association celebrated with a cocktail party, Founders Day activities which included perusing old chapter scrapbooks and composites. Many DK alumnae attended the activities.

The Kappa Convention held nearby in Boca Raton in 1988. It was an exciting week for the many chapter women and local alumnae groups that helped host the Convention.

Chapter activities included such things as Greek Week and mixers with various fraternities. The members participated in various campus philanthropies, also.

The chapter worked on improving scholarship by having study halls twice a week and providing tutors for those having difficulty with particular classes. They achieved this goal by moving from 5th place to 2nd place of the Panhellenic groups.

Highlights of the 1990s

Delta Kappa had another great year in 1990. The chapter experienced success with a pledge class of 33 new members and winning its eighth Greek Week trophy.

Campus image continued to improve through member participation in all aspects of campus life which included Panhellenic, Mortar Board, Rho Lambda and Student Government to mention a few. The chapter also received the highest overall scholarship award for actives and pledges. Activities this year included a pledge retreat and a well attended Fun Day which benefited children with disabilities in the area. During Greek Week the chapter won the philanthropy award and raised the most money for Cerebral Palsy. Another Kappa Krush was a hit and the annual Christmas Party was well attended.

Thirty-eight pledges started 1991 off right. Next came Greek Week where the chapter donated the most blood, took first place in the Greek Sing, midday events, lip sync, spirit and finished in second place overall.

In March a large Delta Kappa delegation attended Mu Province Meeting at Clemson. The chapter won two awards. April included several great mixers and an awesome Sapphire Ball. At the 1991 Greek Leadership Awards the chapter won eight out of nine awards.

Fall Rush 1991 was a great success with a pledge class of 53, who won Pledges on Parade. The chapter enjoyed a visit from Province Director of Chapters Shelley Melvin, West Virginia. Homecoming was held in November and the chapter won first place in Organized Cheer and second place overall. Chapter members traveled to the University of Florida and Florida State University to enjoy some football. The month ended with a mixer. December brought the annual Christmas party, which was put on by the pledges for the chapter and alumnae. December ended with the Alpha Sigma Phi Beach day and Bar-B-Q that helped all relax and get ready for finals.

The chapter has 110 members, who increased sisterhood and respect for each other through more fun activities getting to know each other better. The women also had more beach days and had dinner together on Fridays.

In the Fall of 1992, Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 hurricane, decimated south Florida. The start of the school year was delayed as a result. The chapter pulled together and participated in multiple philanthropies to help hurricane victims. Big/Lil Sister Day was held off campus at the beautiful home of Mady Sanchez.

Kappa continued to be strong on campus. Members were involved in Iron Arrow, Student Government, Homecoming Executive Committee, Greek Week Committee, academic and leadership honor societies, Presidents 100, Cheerleading, Resident Assistants, Orientation Assistants, peer counseling programs and intramural sports, to mention a few.

During the summer the chapter suite was redecorated. There were also many changes on the campus. New trees were planted to replace those destroyed during Hurricane Andrew. New sidewalks were constructed with brick. The recreation center was demolished and a new state of the art student Wellness Center was built.

Delta Kappa started 1994 with a 26 new members. A Delta Kappa was Homecoming Executive Committee Chairperson and was tapped into the Iron Arrow Society, the oldest living tradition and highest honor attainable at the University of Miami. This is the first Delta Kappa to be inducted into the society, since Elizabeth Rodriguez was tapped in 1987. The women participated in Greek Week taking first place overall. They also took first place in the Zeta Beta Tau volleyball tournament and the Lambda Chi Alpha volleyball tournament. Actives met at the renovated Kappa suite on Thursday nights to watch Friends and Seinfeld.

Fall 1995 started with another successful rush resulting in 37 new members. These pledges participated and won first place in Pledges on Parade. The chapter won second place overall in Homecoming. During Homecoming the women joined to help with Hurricanes Help the Hometown effort on campus which helped victims of Hurricane Andrew.

During this year the chapter decided to have unity with an emphasis on sisterhood as its goal. The focus was to become closer in order to better the chapter, as well as its members. This goal was met through various activities such as going ice skating, trips to the beach, to a club on campus to watch Beverly Hills 90210 on Wednesday and on Fridays for the club’s promotional night. This has strengthened the chapter and brought the members closer together.

The chapter continued to work on academic excellence. This year Panhellenic study hours were installed to help all pledges and members maintain a good GPA. Those with a GPA below 2.3 were required to attend study hours to improve grades.

Delta Kappa started 1995 with a new member class of 26 amazing women. Shortly after Rush the chapter held Kappa Krush at the Chilli Pepper in South Beach and the annual Sapphire Ball at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables which brought a memorable time and fun for everyone. The chapter participated in Greek Week and placed second in cheer, third in Greek Sing, first in blood drive, third in Olympic Day and third overall. The end of spring semester brought graduation and a tearful goodbye to members who have meant a lot to the chapter.

Fall brought the chapter 23 wonderful new members. Then came Homecoming, where the chapter was paired with Alpha Sigma Phi and earned a third place trophy overall. Delta Kappa members were active in almost every aspect of college life. They were a visible chapter; they participated in Greek Week, Homecoming, Pledges on Parade and the various sorority and fraternity activities. From Student Government and clubs to intramural sports, varsity sports, master tutor program, peer counseling programs and leadership in honor societies; members were very active on campus.

This year brought unforeseen challenges to the chapter. Leadership left the chapter in a rebuilding stage with the graduation of the seniors. The new officers tried hard to keep the chapter together and united by trying to improve attendance and participation at meetings and fraternity events. The chapter had Wednesday nights on the town and gathered at the Rathskellar, an on campus restaurant and pub. Senior Night, Heart Sister Day and Big/Little Sister Day were some other activities held to promote sisterhood.

Delta Kappa’s year (1996) began with spring semester. It was full of great socials with various fraternities on campus. These included a mixer with Pi Kappa Alpha, one with Kappa Sigma and Sigma Alpha Mu during Greek Week. There were also a number of philanthropic activities in which the chapter participated. Some included Fun Day which was a day dedicated to the enjoyment of children and adults with disabilities and Sigma Chi’s Derby Days which benefited their philanthropy. The chapter received individual and chapter awards at the Association of Greek Letter Organizations awards banquet. A major event of the spring was the Sapphire Ball, held at the Intercontinental on Biscayne Bay. Elegant and beautiful, it showed Kappa’s charm and class. Fall was busy as usual for DK. The chapter had a tailgate with Zeta Beta Tau before Rush.

By the time recruitment was completed the chapter doubled in size with 46 new members. The semester marked the beginning of the new member Program. Chapter members were a little nervous at first, but successfully used this program to initiate the new members. The new members place second in Pledges on Parade, dressing up as food and making everyone smile! The social calendar was full. The first mixer of the semester was with Sigma Alpha Phi with an Olympic theme. Tailgates followed with Sigma Chi and Alpha Epsilon Pi. Founders Day united the chapter with alumnae at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel for brunch. The chapter received second place in the Panhellenic Salvation Army tree philanthropy and wrapped presents at Barnes and Noble to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. The season ended with a Christmas party, Senior Night and date party at Pen Rod’s on South Beach.

Fall semester was successful academically with the chapter earning the highest grade point average in the Greek system. Many members pledged honor societies and fraternities as well as participating in the President’s 100, student government, philanthropic committees and campus wide program committees. Delta Kappas were involved all over campus and frequently held leadership roles!

The 61st Kappa convention was held this year in Tampa, Florida, in June 1996. Several Delta Kappas attended the Convention and were very proud to accept the Panhellenic Award and the Finance Award for the chapter.

Spring 1997, was full of excitement with many socials and philanthropic events. The chapter participated in a Healthy Eating Seminar where they learned about many eating disorders. Some of the activities included Kappa Krush, mixers with Alpha Sigma Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Sigma and Phi Delta Theta. The chapter won Greek Week this year and won awards at the Association of Greek Life Organizations for both the chapter and individuals. Sapphire Ball was held at the Rusty Pelican restaurant on beautiful Biscayne Bay.

Fall was full of activity with Recruitment resulting in an exciting 38 new members! Pledges on Parade experienced some changes this year and is now known as Presenting Our Pledges. The New member class was excited to win the honor of Best Song and Most Creative Banner. This semester also included mixers with various fraternities and participation in other Greek events. The Founders Day brunch was held at the lovely Colonnade Hotel in Coral Gables where chapter members spent time reminiscing with alumnae. The chapter placed first in Homecoming this year with Kappa Sigma Fraternity. The chapter went camping for their chapter retreat. The season ended with a semi-formal date function and a holiday party.

In the fall of this year, Delta Kappa earned the highest grade point average of all Greek organizations with members pledging honor societies and fraternities as well as participating in the President’s 100, student government, philanthropic committees and campus wide program committees. Delta Kappas were involved all over campus and frequently held leadership roles!

The year 1998 started with informal spring rush which included three nights of events that gave the chapter members an opportunity to mingle and meet new women. This effort resulted in seven new members. The chapter participate in many mixers and philanthropic events. DK started an annual event Kappasta Dinner. The chapter women served members of the college and local community a spaghetti dinner from which all the proceeds went to a local philanthropy, the Love Jen Fund at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

One of the concluding events of the semester was the Association of Greek Letter Organizations Award Banquet. Kappa had an exciting evening with the highest chapter grade point average, highest pledge class GPA, highest sorority woman overall GPA, Rho Lambda spirit award, Marilyn Gerstein Coller senior woman of the year, Mary B. Merritt outstanding Panhellenic award, most outstanding junior woman of the year and the William Butler Scholarship for volunteering. The GPA for the semester was 3.178 exceeding the Fraternity’s Region Two Strive for Pi and attaining the highest sorority average on campus. The final event for the semester was Sapphire Ball at the Wyndham Resort Biscayne Bay.

Fall started of wonderfully with rush resulting in 28 amazing new members who proved to be outstanding sisters and assets to the chapter. There were numerous tailgates and mixers with fraternities which helped increase chapter morale and helped the chapter get to know the new members better. The chapter showed its spirit and pride and won first place in Homecoming working with Kappa Sigma. Founders Day was celebrated with local alumnae with a lovely lunch at the Riviera Country Club in Coral Gables. Another Kappasta Dinner was held raising more money for the Love Jen Fund. The year ended with a semi-formal date function and a sisterhood holiday party to say goodbye for the winter break. Chapter members were tapped for numerous honor societies and participated in many campus organizations, philanthropic events, Panhellenic Council, and President’s 100.

Delta Kappa begn1999 with a bright young chapter council full of ideas. Kappa trainers helped prepare the women for spring Recruitment which was the first main event of the year. The amazing trainers gave the chapter many useful pointers that they were able to use during future Recruitments as well. Spring Recruitment added seven wonderful young women to the chapter. The chapter went on to have the annual Kappa Krush at Penrod’s on South Beach and participate in Greek Week, winning second place over-all. The women went on to have mixers with several fraternities such as Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Sigma.

While they were having fun with the fraternities, Delta Kappa was winning awards also. Chapter representatives attended Province Meeting hosted by Emory, where the chapter won the Risk Management Award and the Jan Stamper Communications Award. A traveling consultant visited the chapter later that semester, meeting with each officer, answering questions and providing helpful hints. At the Association of Greek Letter Organizations Banquet the chapter won awards for Chapter Involvement for having the most members involved in campus activities of all the sororities. As the semester came to a close the annual Sapphire Ball was held at the Wyndham Hotel on Miami Beach in the Starlight Room as well as Senior Week which is a time to honor the graduating senior class. At the end of the semester we were given the opportunity to extend three more bids to amazing women. This resulted in the addition of two new members who were initiated in the fall just prior to fall Recruitment.

In the fall the chapter prepared for formal Recruitment by having a Sisterhood Retreat in Hialeah where they were able to practice some useful techniques to bond with one another. A traveling consultant also helped the women market themselves better during Recruitment. Fall Recruitment added 20 wonderful new members to the chapter. During the semester the chapter participated in Alcohol 101 and several philanthropies, mixers and tailgates with fraternities such as Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Phi Epsilon. The Founders Day Brunch was held at the Riviera Country Club the morning after Initiation, which was pushed back due to Hurricane Irene. Kappa Krush was held again this semester at the Wilderness Grille. The Kappasta Dinner to raise money for a local philanthropy, the Love Jen Fund was held also. The chapter was teamed with Pi Kappa Alpha for Homecoming placing second overall. The semester ended with a Sisterhood Retreat at a nearby campground, a holiday party to exchange gifts and to say goodbye for the semester break.

A Chapter of GAMA (Greek Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) was colonized in the spring of the year to help the Greek community openly discuss and resolve Risk Management issues with one another. In the fall, Panhellenic expanded with the addition of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity and the Interfraternity Council expanded with the addition of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

A New Millennium --Highlights of 2000-2010

Spring semester began with continuous open bidding where the chapter pledged four amazing new members. Following a five- week new member period, initiation was held on April 8th. During the 2006 calendar year the women participated in various fraternity philanthropy events. First was the Sigma Chi’s Derby Days where one sister won the title of Miss Derby Days. Then there was Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s first annual Paddy Murphy Week where the chapter won first place overall as well as winning the Miss Minerva competition. Also, there was Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Week of the Heart which the chapter placed second overall. Lastly, there was Greek Week 2006 where the chapter placed second in the Blood drive. As for social events, there was an amazing Crush Party with Sigma Chi at John Martins and the chapter finished off spring semester with a fabulous formal at Hibiscus Island near Miami Beach.

Fall semester began with Recruitment and the chapter welcomed 35 new members. A five week new member period followed and ended with initiation on October 29th. Also in the fall, some sisters participated enthusiastically in the National Gandhi Day of Service as well as Homecoming activities. The chapter also participated and placed second in Lambda Chi Alpha’s philanthropy event Watermelon Bust. There were a few social events, a Grab-a-Date function at Laser World where the women and their dates enjoy a few games of laser tag. The chapter also held a celebrities party with Sigma Phi Epsilon at Señor Frog’s in Coconut Grove. The fall semester ended with a fun-filled semi-formal at Uva Restaurant in Coral Gables.

The implementation of the new Reading is Fundamental program was still a challenge. To meet this challenge, the philanthropy committee coordinated a book drive and got other sororities involved. These books along with pencil boxes and other school supplies were donated to underprivileged children. The philanthropy committee also planned a book fair in cooperation with Scholastic Books to be held on campus in the spring.

The Delta Kappa chapter had approximately 105 active women. The chapter was very strong academically having the highest average GPA of the Panhellenic community. Chapter women are extremely involved in other organizations on campus where they held various important positions. Spring 2007 the chapter pledged five amazing new members. Following a five week new member period the women were initiated on February 24th. During the rest of the spring semester the chapter participated in numerous fraternity philanthropy events, such as Sigma Chi's Derby days, where a member won the title of Miss Derby Days the second year in a row. The chapter also participated and were the reigning champs for Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Paddy Murphy Week, with a chapter member winning the title of Miss Minerva and the chapter won the competition overall. Additionally the chapter participated in Greek Week 2007 where a few of the members were Co-chairmen of this event. Furthermore, the chapter held a campus wide Scholastic book fair which raised more than $3,500 which was donated to local reading programs. Spring semester closed with a fabulous Art Deco themed formal.

Fall semester began with Recruitment resulting in 28 new members for the chapter. The women completed a five week new member program and were initiated on October13th. As a chapter the women participated in Homecoming with members being co-chairs of the event. The chapter also participated in Sigma Alpha Mu’s Sam Slam where the chapter placed 2nd overall, and became the Champions of Beta Theta Pi’s first annual Beta Blast fight against measles. Besides Kappa’s friendly philanthropy competitions the chapter had a few social events with fraternities including a holiday party with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rock and Roll with Phi Delta Theta, and a Used to be Cool with Alpha Sigma Phi. The chapter ended the year with an incredible masquerade themed semi-formal at Town in downtown Miami.

The chapter really wanted to boost its philanthropy focusing on benefiting not only RIF but the local community. The philanthropy chairman and committee set up a Scholastic Books bookfair on campus to help purchase books to be donated to Kenlock Middle Schools creative writing program. The women also went every Friday to Canterbury Preschool to read books to the kids and encouraged them to read. Twice a week throughout the semester chapter women would go to South Miami Community Center where they tutored kids who were struggling in school.

Delta Kappa chapter had 97 active women on its roster in 2007. The women were very strong leaders and involved in numerous other organizations where members held various officer positions. The chapter women also were very passionate academically with the chapter having an average GPA greater than the all-woman’s average on our campus.

In 2008 there was lots of excitement in the Delta Kappa chapter. In January, the chapter started the New Year with a bowling mixer with Kappa Sigma and another mixer with Beta Theta Pi, winning the first annual Beta Blast competition. The women also had a strong showing in Sigma Chi’s Derby Days. In February, the chapter enjoyed going to a Crush Party, as well as competing in Greek Week. Always enthusiastic about philanthropy, Kappa’s Scholastic Book Fair collected $4,200, of which $3,500 was donated to Blue Lake Elementary. The chapter pledged three great new members during C.O.B. events and initiated them in March. In April, the women danced the night away at Formal and came in second place in Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s Paddy Murphy Week.

In the fall, the chapter had the opportunity to attend an alumnae and actives brunch in Miami. The women mingled with fellow Delta Kappa alumnae as well as other Kappas who now call Miami home. In September, the chapter had a very successful Recruitment which resulted in ten wonderful new members. October marked a fantastic Founders Day and which was celebrated during a brunch with Alumnae. The chapter’s newest members performed a skit as our Founders, and everyone enjoyed a keynote presentation by a Delta Kappa alumna.

The month ended as the chapter participated in Hurricanes Help the Hometown, a service event during Homecoming Week. November included initiation, as well as a fun Peter Pan themed mixer with Alpha Sigma Phi. Delta Kappa’s first annual Hot Wing Eating contest brought out lots of fraternity brothers who eagerly competed and won prizes which gave Kappa great exposure on campus. The chapter also came together around Thanksgiving and enjoyed a holiday meal provided by the Standards Committee. The semester ended with a fun-filled evening at a semi-formal in December. The upcoming year promised to be just as eventful and enjoyable as 2008.

Formal Recruitment started the 2009 spring semester off for the chapter. During this time the chapter was visited by a Leadership Consultant, Angie McNeight, Emory. Recruitment finished with Continuous Open Bidding events which resulted in the chapter pledging 20 amazing new members. In February the chapter held a date function at B.E.D. Lounge on South Beach as well as a My-Tie themed mixer with the men of Beta Theta Pi at Tantra Lounge also on South Beach.

The chapter was very busy in March. In addition to Inspiration Week, they placed third in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Bowl, won the Sorority Spirit Award during Greek Week and first place in Beta Theta Pi’s Beta Blast. In addition, the chapter held its annual book fair, Reading is Key event, chapter elections and had a joint leadership day with PDC Chrissy Haddad, Emory.The semester continued with a luau themed mixer with Phi Delta Theta at Finnegan’s on the River. The annual Senior Week was a bittersweet goodbye to the graduating seniors. The seniors also participated in a Senior Tea where they were inducted into the alumnae association. Spring semester ended with Sapphire Ball at the Westin Colonade in Coral Gables.

Fall started off with a visit from the Leadership Consultant. The chapter participated in Continuous Open Bidding which resulted in six wonderful new members. In September the chapter held a sand volleyball tournament and donated all the proceeds to Camillus House which is a non-profit organization helping homeless people. A chapter member attended the Kappa Foundation’s annual Leadership Academy. The chapter celebrated its 71st birthday at the annual Founders Day luncheon with the alumnae association. Inspiration Week initiated the six new members. The chapter hosted mixers with Alpha Sigma Phi and and Phi Delta Theta. Homecoming was held in November with the chapter placing second. The members participated in the Fraternity’s Holiday Sharing Program with the local alumnae association and finished the semester with the semi-formal at Uva Lounge in Coral Gables.

The 2010 year began with formal Recruitment. The chapter welcomed 30 new members in January. Bid Day was celebrated with a trip to an ice skating rink. Soon enough, classes began and the women were involved in the first philanthropy event of the year, Sigma Chi's Derby Days and enjoyed playing dodge ball, volleyball, and supporting Kappa in the Miss Derby Days pageant. The chapter also participated in Sigma Alpha Mu's Sam Slam. By February, it was time for Kappa’s own big philanthropy event. The chapter held its annual Scholastic Book Fair on campus which helped raise money for children's books. Every member helped out which made it a very successful book fair.

The Super Bowl was held in Miami in 2010. The members had fun taking advantage of all the free concerts and events the city offered. During the spring five mixers were planned. The chapter had an "I'm so glad I'm not…" mixer with Beta Theta Pi, a "B.C." mixer with Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a Mardi Gras mixer with Alpha Epsilon Pi, a "Cowboys & Indians" mixer with Pi Kappa Phi, and a "P is for Party" mixer with Lambda Chi Alpha. Members also participated in Greek Week.

This was an opportunity for the women to bond as a sisterhood and participates in events such as Organized Cheer, a blood drive, Olympic Day, and Coin Wars. In March the chapter won the Spirit Award for Relay for Life on campus and raised more money than any other Greek organization. The relay theme was "England" and sisters dressed up as traditional English guards as part of a fundraiser. Delta Kappa participated in Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Paddy Murphy Week and won the first place trophy! Sisters competed in a brother's auction, a pageant, and flag football. The chapter also competed in Lambda Chi Alpha's Watermelon Bust, which included such events as a volleyball tournament and decorate a brother contest. Delta Kappa came in second place in this contest.

Elections were held towards the end of spring semester. The chapter celebrated its sisterhood by going on a chapter trip to see the musical "Wicked" in downtown Miami. By the end of the school year, women were ready to relax and have fun. The formal was held at the Dadeland Marriot and all had a fantastic time dancing the night away.

Delta Kappa kicked off the fall semester with Continuous Open Bidding Recruitment events. Four wonderful new members were welcomed into the chapter. An exciting new project to raise money for Reading is Fundamental was held. The Delta Kappa is the proud home of the KappaGirl lipstick, a color that is just Kappa Kappa Gammas. The proceeds from the sales of these lipsticks benefit RIF. The project has been very successful so far and will hopefully carry on in the future. The end of September brought Kappa's new and improved philanthropy weekend. Besides the annual volleyball tournament that benefits Camillus House, the chapter held a coin wars competition and co-hosted a comedy night at the Rat Restaurant on campus, where a writer from The Daily Show performed. The weekend was very successful and raised $2,000.

In October, members participated in the Pi Kappa Alpha Pike Platoon, where members competed in various events and cheered on a sister in a pageant. Founders Day was celebrated this month with a very successful brunch with the alumnae association at a hotel in downtown Coral Gables. Members also enjoyed the fall semester by going to football games together and cheering on the Hurricanes. By the end of October it was time for a favorite chapter event - Homecoming. Chapter women participated in events such as a blood drive, Organized Cheer, an Alma Mater singing contest, a parade float contest, and a philanthropy day called Hurricanes Help the Hometown. The chapter came in second place for the second year in row in Homecoming events. In November members created and performed a dance for Sigma Phi Epsilon's Dance for the Heart contest.

The chapter had one mixer in the fall with Alpha Epsilon Pi with an "N is for November" theme. In addition, the chapter president surprised members during a chapter meeting with a spontaneous trip to Finnegan's River, a restaurant downtown. Chapter members had lots of fun during this spontaneous party. Fall semester ended with semi-formal at Uva, a salsa club in Coral Gables. The chapter had a great time enjoying the end of the semester and bonding with sisters.

The Delta Kappa chapter is proud of its strong sisterhood that it has had since its founding in 1938. The Delta Kappa chapter members are extremely involved on campus, with leadership positions in such organizations such as Homecoming Committee, Student Government, UMTV, Yearbook, and countless other organizations. The chapter has continued its involvement in multiple philanthropic events as well.

Highlights of 2012

The chapter’s annual RIF fundraiser is our book fair. Additionally, the members are excited to announce the creation of an exclusive lipstick expressly created for Kappa. Founder and owner of Montreal-based Shmink Cosmetics, Steven Reti has collaborated with our chapter to create a one-of-a-kind lipstick shade, Kappagirl, with all proceeds from sales to benefit RIF. Kappagirl is a youthful, fashionable and universally wearable pink that is beautiful on every woman who has tried it.

Throughout 2012 the Delta Kappa chapter worked tirelessly to improve their recruitment strategy. In the spring, their hard work paid off with a new member class of nearly 50, more than tripling the previous years intake. The Kappa 'canes also focused heavily on academics and during 2012 moved up in the rankings of sorority GPA's while remaining above the all student average. Kappa's third main goal was to incorporate more community service which the sisters did with a variety of service days and fundraising partnerships with the American Cancer Society, Reading is Fundamental, Camillus House and of course, the Kappa Foundation.

In the winter and spring of 2012 the women of Delta Kappa celebrated their graduating seniors with a variety of events such as reverse owl and letter, as well as a senior tea. Of course, all sisters attended a lovely founders day brunch the following October, hosted by the Miami alumni association. In March of 2012 sister Danielle Landau won the Lady of the Dove Scholarship pageant making her the sweetheart for the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity on campus. The chapter also hosted their 3rd annual Lilly Pulitzer trunk show for the entire campus community with a portion of the proceeds going to a sister in financial need. UM students and faculty enjoyed the scholastic book fair hosted by the Kappa women and the chapter exceeded their fundraising goals for the event!

In the fall the Delta Kappa chapter participated with Phi Delta Theta fraternity in homecoming, placing 2nd overall. Additionally, Kappa sister Alix Bigley was crowned homecoming queen, which marked the second year in a row that Kappa held the Queen title. This was great PR for the sisters and really fostered a growing relationship with the brothers of phi delta theta. Later in the fall the presidential election excited the campus and many sisters helped with both political sides of the campaign. Finally the year came to a close with lots of secret santa's, donating to the those in need including the Kappa holiday sharing program, and sister Lauren Ruben, worked tirelessly on a campus wide hurricane sandy relief fund. 2012 was a year of great success in recruitment and academics as well as social and campus wide events for the sisters of the Delta Kappa chapter!

The University of Miami campus is in the process of massive renovations. The Cox Science Center is in the process of adding an addition that will nearly double the size of the main science building on campus. With the addition, more classes will be accommodated as the number of students studying the sciences continues to increase. An art building that was severely damaged during a hurricane and left vacant for years began undergoing renovation in the spring of 2012. The new student activities center is progressing steadily with an anticipated opening date set for fall 2013. In addition, cosmetic changes are occurring all over campus, such as a sidewalk-widening project on San Amarro Drive making the edges of campus more pedestrian friendly. Starting in the fall of 2012 new walls were constructed along the same stretch of road as well improvement of parking lots in the area to accommodate more commuting students. During the fall of 2012 homecoming festivities, a new “U” statue was presented to the campus. The statue quickly became an icon for the school as it sits on the green adjacent to the bookstore.

The women of Delta Kappa continue the chapter’s strong tradition of a close-knit sisterhood. Their kindness and support provide the basis necessary to establish a home away from home. Sisters truly understand and embody the Kappa values of leadership, scholarship, and friendship. Delta Kappa women are represented in all facets of campus life from student government to special interest organizations. Within the chapter, sisters are always sharing their leadership experiences and encourage the chapter to get involved. The University of Miami holds a high academic standard. As a result, Delta Kappa members are driven to make every effort to perform at their best. Friendships formed in the chapter are very strong. Many alumni still come back to visit sisters demonstrating a bond linking Kappas beyond college years.

Highlights of 2013

In the spring of 2013, Kappa welcomed its new members after both a successful formal and informal recruitment. Participating in fraternity and sorority philanthropies, as well as other on campus organization philanthropies, is always a priority for Delta Kappa. The fall and spring 2013 semester included participating in AEPi, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Chi, Kappa Sigma, and SAE’s philanthropy events. Our sister Michaela Hennessy won Sigma Chi’s Miss Derby Days pageant with her singing talent, which aided our chapter towards a third place finish. Additionally, University of Miami’s Greek Week took place in the spring where our chapter was paired up with NPHC and MGC as well as the newly installed Kappa Sigma Chapter. After competing in all the events and working tirelessly throughout the week, we finished third overall, having a lot of fun while raising money for United Cerebral Palsy and building great relationships with the chapters we participated with.

In the fall, we hosted our annual Kappa Kappa Gametime event which raises money for Reading is Fundamental. This year in addition to sororities and fraternities participate in the event, we opened up the volleyball tournament to on campus organizations that wished to play. The chapter also hosted an S&S jewelry trunk show in the suite to raise more money later in the semester, and the Scholastic Book Fair in the spring for RIF. Next year, the chapter is looking to build upon our philanthropy and perhaps revamp Kappa Kappa Gametime to raise even more money for such an incredible cause.

The fall semester marks many exciting events both on campus and within Kappa that brings the chapter together as a whole. Every year, our chapter participates in Homecoming and demonstrates true Kappa and Miami Hurricane pride. In the fall of 2013, we partnered up with the gentlemen of Kappa Sigma after a great Greek Week together, and building that relationship even more. Our sister, Becky Taylor, won Homecoming Queen, marking the 3rd year in a row that a Kappa has been crowned. Additionally, 2013 marked the 75th anniversary of Delta Kappa at the University of Miami and the Miami Alumni Association hosted a beautiful Founders Day at the Coral Gables Country Club to celebrate the anniversary. Notable school deans were present as well as past alumni and even our school mascot Sebastian. It was a very special event to celebrate a great achievement.

Throughout the year, Delta Kappa continued its weekly Reading Buddies program where the chapter goes to the Gibson Bethel community center by campus to read to the kids after school. Our Reading is Key event in the spring of 2013 is always a chapter favorite when we get to give each child at least two books to bring home with them. Building relationships with the kids is something everyone truly values, and we can see the impact we have on the kids every week.

The chapter held several mixers throughout the spring and fall semesters with various fraternities in addition to crush parties, a semi formal in the fall, and a formal in the spring.

The sisters of Delta Kappa continue to be involved in every facet of student life and organizations. Many sisters were tapped into prestigious societies including Michaela Hennessy who was tapped into Iron Arrow, the highest honor at our university, and many sisters tapped into Rho Lambda among others. Two of our sisters were selected to the new Panhellenic Executive Board where Kappa continues to have a strong presence in the Panhellenic community. Our sisters are involved in Student Government, Homecoming, Greek Week, club sports, and philanthropic organizations such as Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Project Sunshine and many, many more. With such high on campus involvement, our sisters truly become role models for everyone in our chapter and new members who are looking to become a part of something new on campus.

Describe the recent changes on your campus and describe the overall nature of your chapter.

As always, the University of Miami is continuing to expand its campus. In the spring of 2013, the Greek community expanding with the re-chartering of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and the re-chartering of Chi Omega in the fall. We welcomed Chi Omega to the Panhellenic community and hosted a joint “Owl-Ween” event in October in honor of both our symbols being owls. We plan to continue to grow our relationship with this chapter in future semesters.

In terms of building expansion, the Student Activities Center was finally unveiled in the fall of 2013—a beautiful three story building overlooking Lake Osceola that is home to student organization suites, ballrooms, offices, and the new Rathskeller. The Toppel Career Center is building built and moving to Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Additionally, the Mahoney dining hall under went massive renovations to both the interior and exterior over the summer of 2013. The Hecht-Stanford dining hall is expecting similar renovations in the summer of 2014. There is also major construction around the Frost Music School, although it is insure if all the building space will be just for recording studios or perhaps classrooms and offices as well. The university is constantly renovating and adding to the campus life, and there will surely be many more adjustments in the near future.

Overall, 2013 was an exciting year for Delta Kappa where the sisters continued to foster relationships with one another and other chapters and organizations. We pride ourselves on upholding the Kappa values in our daily lives. A sense of trust and friendship is felt throughout the chapter and we pride ourselves on having the connection of true sisterhood—something special to all of us.

Highlights of 2014

In the spring of 2014, the Delta Kappa chapter welcomed its new members after a successful formal and informal recruitment. Philanthropy is always a priority for Delta Kappa. This year they participated in Greek Week, Kappa Sigma, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropies. They proceeded to win Lambda Chi Alpha’s philanthropy in the fall. Additionally, University of Miami’s annual Greek Week took place in the spring of 2014 and Kappa Kappa Gamma took 2nd and sister Michaela Hennessey took second place in the Greek God and Goddess competition and they also took second place in the organized cheer portion of the competition. It was a lot of fun tirelessly competing in these events and raising money for United Cerebral Palsy. Kappa also took first place in the first ever Sorority Night Live, benefiting Circle of Sisterhood.

In the spring we hosted our first ever Kick it with Kappa soccer tournament, inspired by FIFA. The philanthropy raised money for Reading is Fundamental. Each fraternity that participated represented a different country. Lambda Chi won the philanthropy and the prize was a social event with our sisters. The Delta Kappa chapter also has restarted their reading buddies program in which the sisters read to children ever week at a local community center. The chapter hopes to expand upon our philanthropic efforts and raise even more money for Reading is Fundamental in the future.

The fall and spring semester brought the members of the Delta Kappa chapter even closer. The chapter also hosted our sisterhood event in the spring, which was kayaking in the keys and a yoga event in the fall in which each member was gifted a yoga mat and a mat strap.

The chapter has held several mixers throughout the fall and spring semesters in addition to a date function and our formal in the spring and semi-formal in the fall.

The sisters of Delta Kappa chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma continue to be an integral part of the University of Miami community. Many sisters were tapped into prestigious honor societies including Rho Lambda and Order of Omega. Sisters Holly Bensur and Melissa Damas were tapped into Iron Arrow, the highest honor at the University of Miami. One of our sisters was elected onto the PanHellenic Executive Board and two sisters were elected PanHellenic coordinators. The sisters are involved in the Ibis Yearbook, Distraction Magazine, No Zebras, Relay for Life, Dance Marathon and may more organizations. With such a strong involvement on campus the sisters of the Delta Kappa chapter continue to be role models and fundamental parts of the University of Miami community.

The University of Miami continues to expand and improve its campus for its students. Both of the dining halls on campus have been remodeled and redone to benefit students. The Frost School of music has a building consisting of more practice rooms for students to utilize. In the summer of 2013 the Hurricane Food Court was remodeled and new dining options were added. Such choices include Subway and Tossed. The University also broke ground on a new hospital being built on campus and in the process has moved Dickinson Drive over a street. The University also announced that president Donna Shalala will be stepping down at the end of the spring 2015 semester; it is unclear who will take over the role. The Kappa Kappa Gamma suite, which is part of a University building, has had its bathroom and kitchen redone and has been painted and has new furniture.

Overall, 2014 was an awesome year for the Delta Kappa chapter. Sisters continue to become closer with one another and also continue to foster relationships with other organizations. The sisters hold their selves to the Kappa values and feel they have the connection of sisterhood—a bond that can never be broken.

Highlights of 2015

The Delta Kappa chapter kicked off the spring semester with recruitment and bid day, and quickly after we fell into Greek Week in which we were paired with Sigma Chi and Alpha Epsilon Pi who donated blood and helped raise over $30,000 for United Cerebral Palsy. We also participated in other fraternity and sorority philanthropies, where we helped raise money for other causes through raffles, coin wars, restaurant fundraisers, auctions, and participating in fun events. It is difficult to judge how much money was raised for each event because a lot of donations are based upon individual contributions of cash, and are not documented in our billhighway system (other than entry fee and shirt orders). This spring we participated in events and raised money for Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Sigma Pi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon and won Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, and Kappa Sigma’s philanthropies’. We also contributed money and won the Panhellenic Circle of Sisterhood fundraiser. In the fall we participated in events and raised money for Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, and won Beta Theta Pi’s Beta Blast Off.

Our Vice President Organization created an excel document with goals for Chapter Council created by input from the entire chapter on an anonymous forum. Chapter Council, or CC, checked in regularly to see if we were meeting these goals, what we could do to better achieve them, and what we may need to change to fit the path our chapter was taking. We planned a sisterhood trip to Disney World and got matching shirts made, and it was so fun we are still talking about it almost a year later! We had two sisters, Keelin Beelski and Rori Kotch get tapped into Iron Arrow which is the highest honor you can receive at the University of Miami. We also had sisters tapped into Order of Omega, Rho Lambda, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Our chapter also received a community service award at the AGLO Awards night, and we had sisters win individual awards.

In Spring 2015, headquarters visited us and told us we were going to be suspended due to our low recruiting numbers. This news came as a surprise seeing as we were in good standing with the fraternity before recruitment. The University of Miami, Delta Kappa, ad alumni community pulled together to support us, and a few days later the decision was reversed. This roller coaster brought our sisters closer together than ever and has encouraged us to work hard for this upcoming 2016 recruitment.

In the Fall we teamed up with Alpha Sigma Phi for Homecoming 2015, and had a blast participating in the boat burning/fireworks, building a parade float, dancing in Organized cheer, creating an ornament for the Spirit Tree, painting a Wynwood mural,creating a small scale model of the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, and cheering on our football team to victory against Virginia. Our standards committee hosted our first, but certainly not last, cupcake wars where sisters teamed up to decorate the most creative cupcakes and win prizes. This event was a fun way to welcome our new members and get to know them better. The committee also planned a holiday party, where we had a secret sister gift swap and a cookie exchange for everyone to get into the holiday spirit before finals.

This year the University of Miami dedicated the Shalala Student Activity Center to our outgoing president Donna Shalala, and we welcomed Julio Frenk as our sixth president. We also recently opened up a new bridge across the lake on campus which was donated to the school by a sister of our chapter’s family. We also fired our head football coach Al Golden and recently hired alum and former quarterback Mark Richt. Our chapter struggled through the few days we were suspended, but we grew closer as a chapter in the Spring 2015 semester and went into the summer with our hearts full of love and support. The chapter came into the fall semester afraid of the future, but luckily our amazing chapter consultant Jessica Sitton has helped us through many of our problems and questions. We look forward to working with her, Jessica has given Delta Kappa hope for the future and has encouraged us to work harder than ever.

Chapter Philanthropy:

What organization(s) has your chapter historically/traditionally raised money for, or donated hours to, in your community?

All sisters are expected to participate in at least one trip to Branches South Miami community center to read to children each semester for our reading buddies program. We go there every Friday and read with K-5th graders in the after school program. We then spend time coloring and playing with them. At the end of the spring semester, we hold “reading is key” event at Branches where we bring two books for every single child in the group for them to take home. Many of them don’t have any books at home and struggle with illiteracy. They are very happy and receptive of the gift. We also bring them snacks and have fun planned activities for the time that we spend with them. All sisters are expected to attend this event. Throughout the year, we encouraged sisters to participate in on-campus community service events such as Dance Marathon, Funday, Relay for Life, etc. We have several sisters on the Dance Marathon and Special Olympics e-boards. We have several sisters involved in APO showing a large presence in community service around the area.

Our official chapter donations for entry fees, t-shirt orders and money raised for our own philanthropies are roughly $5,600. Overall, I’d estimate our donations, both documented and undocumented to be around $10,000 to various philanthropic causes. Dividing this total by 84 members in the fall, each member raised roughly $238 on average. We’ve educated others about our philanthropic cause during Formal Recruitment’s philanthropy day through a video presentation and through our social media and on-campus presence. During our new member education program, we also have the philanthropy chair make a presentation to the new members about our 3 official avenues of chapter community service/philanthropy, that is reading buddies, Reading is Fundamental, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation.

Why did your chapter choose this organization(s) to support?

Since we go to reading buddies on a weekly basis, the kids recognize many sisters and look up to us as role models. Many of them aspire to go to college already at such a young age and want to be just like us when they get older. It is always a very special time for us because we see what kind of positive impact we have on the kids who may be growing up in less fortunate conditions than our upbringing. This year we voted as a chapter to support the Alzheimer’s association because it was a cause dear to us. Alzeimers is a terrible disease that many sisters in our chapter are personally affected by, and because of the personal connection our chapter had with this disease.

Highlights of 2016

The Delta Kappa chapter started off the spring semester in January with both recruitment and bid day. Greek Week followed quickly after and we were paired with Lambda Chi Alpha and Kappa Sigma. We donated blood and helped raise over $34,000 for United Cerebral Palsy. Throughout the year we also participated and raised money for several fraternity’s philanthropies including Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi, and Alpha Sigma Phi. In addition, we participated in the Panhellenic Pride Week this fall, which raised $26,000 in three days for the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation.

During Homecoming this fall, we paired up with Alpha Sigma Pi and had a great time participating and cheering on our team. We participated in the opening ceremony, Homecoming King and Queen, Organized Cheer, the parade, boat burning and fireworks. Our sister Toni Farrell competed in Homecoming King and Queen and was named a princess! Many of our chapter members were in the crowd to cheer her on.

This year we had members tapped into Order of Omega, Rho Lambda, and Omicron Delta Kappa. We also had many sisters win individual awards at the AGLO awards night in the spring. During the Kappa Kappa Gamma convention this past summer, the Delta Kappa Chapter won the Gracious Living Award. We also received honorable mention for the Standards and Advisory Board categories.

Last January, the University of Miami inaugurated the sixth President, Julio Frenk. He has started leading the University in new directions through his plan called the “Roadmap to Our New Century.” We are excited to see all that President Frenk accomplishes during his time at UM.

This year in particular, we started focusing on hosting several small sisterhood events throughout the semesters to create a deeper bond within our chapter. The standards committee hosted Galentine’s Day, Movie Night with the Transfer Student Association, KKG Ribbon Making, and a field trip to Sky Zone in the spring. Throughout the fall semester, the committee hosted a spooky sisterhood event and “stuff a plush.” The idea of stuff a plush was for sisters to make two stuffed animals, one for themselves and one to be donated to the children at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. The House committee also started hosting potluck dinners throughout the semester before chapter meetings, and there was even a macaroni and cheese contest during one of them. To wrap up the semester, there was a chapter holiday dinner that included a cookie exchange as well as a white elephant gift exchange. We hope that by planning many sisterhood events throughout the semester rather than a few big-budget ones, our sisters can become closer and we can allow our Delta Kappa bond to continue to grow.


Kappa Kappa Gamma as a national organization supports Reading is Fundamental. In the Fall of 2016, Delta Kappa took into consideration the importance of reading programs across the country that foster the imagination and improve reading performance. The importance of reading on long-term literacy resonated with our chapter. Our mission is to support children within our community with an opportunity to embrace their imagination and create a lifelong love for reading. Throughout the fall and spring semester, our chapter raised about $2000 and $1300, respectively.

Within the chapter, sisters have a continuous chance to participate in our weekly reading program “Reading Buddies” in cooperation with Branches South Miami. Sisters visit a local afterschool care center every Friday afternoon and bring each student from K-5th grade a book that they read with us in an effort to promote higher literacy rates in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods. Our weekly visits have created close ties with Branches as an organization as well as with the kids we interact with. As such it creates a personal environment where these children can feel comfortable reading and speaking to us. Even at that age the children are curious about their education and always ask questions about college such that we’re hopeful it inspires them to continue their education and view us as positive role models. To further resonate the importance of literacy at a young age we hold a “Reading is Key” event in which we have activities and food for the children as well as a package of books to continue their personal reading. Working directly with the community at large enables our chapter to directly impact the city they now live in and continue the efforts of a cause we so dearly support.

Highlights of 2017

Delta Kappa faced a difficult decision this year. Having spent the previous calendar year trying to increase the Chapter's recruitment numbers, the Chapter and the Fraternity made the mutual decision to suspend operations at the end of the 2017-18 academic year, with the hope of returning to campus in the year 2022. The decision lightened the load for the small Chapter and made things considerably less stressful for DK's sisters, who have been able to focus solely on sisterhood and ending the year in happier spirits.


Delta Kappa Chapter raised funds for Reading is Fundamental, a cause that is important to the Fraternity and the chapter because of the value of the importance of education and the necessity of ensuring that as many people as possible have equal education and literacy.