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Mu Chapter was founded at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 2, 1878.

Founding Date: Jan 2nd, 1878

Status: Active



District: Delta

The Early Years (From The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity: 1870 to 1976)

"An excellent chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has been started here...They have the best wishes of the students..." So Mu Chapter was introduced to the world in the "Irvington Items" of the Indianapolis Journal, Saturday, January 12, 1878.

On January 2, Lillie Adams (Telfer) and Kate Hight came from Delta, Indiana University, to conduct the initiation at the home of Louise Landers (Neff), charter member of Mu. The initiates were students at Butler, then in Irvington, five miles east of downtown Indianapolis. The college had been in this "beautiful and healthful suburb" only three years. From the start this Kappa chapter was attached to a school which would continue to move and build new buildings as enrollment increased.

Northwestern Christian University was granted a charter by the Indiana State legislature in 1850, the first to admit men and women of all races, with students permitted to choose their courses. By 1877, the student body had grown from 113 to 345, the town of Irvington had offered inducements of land and money, and building was begun. The name was changed to Butler University, honoring Ovid Butler, benefactor.

After World War I enrollment again increased and expansion was in order. Fairview Park was purchased in 1923 and classes opened in 1928 with an enrollment of 1500. In 1974 the official enrollment was 4363; the faculty, 275. About 1600 students live on campus in seven sorority houses, eight fraternity houses, and a men's and women's residence hall.

Mu gave the Fraternity two presidents, Tade Hartsuff (Kuhns) and Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, and Mu members, ardent supporters of Kappa policies, have been campus leaders in scholarship and activities.

Important in the lives of students in 1878 were the literary societies which studied the "arts of conversation, debating, and oratory." Mu meetings included literary programs and were held in members' homes or in dormitory rooms. Travel to meetings was by mule car and by foot, later by electric car.

In 1878 Tade Hartsuff (Kuhns) became the seventh initiate of Mu. When the 1881 Kappa Convention was held in Bloomington, Indiana, Mu was one of the nine chapters represented of the 17 then organized. The Golden Key later stated, "Tade Hartsuff...rose and presented the plan of the Grand Council. Debate ensued and the new scheme was adopted..." Tade had known that Phi Delta Theta had just changed to his form of government; she was anxious that Kappa be more efficient; she was prepared for discussion. It is not surprising that the vivacious Miss Hartsuff was elected the Fraternity's first grand president under the Grand Council System.

Mu was also prepared to propose a Fraternity publication at the convention and Lou Landers (Neff) made the motion that a magazine be called The Golden Key. She is listed as a member of the first staff.

Tade Hartsuff, at 23, was reelected grand president in 1882. In 1884 The Golden Key reported, "Honor to our first president...as a wise and active rule." Eight chapters had been added and division into three provinces made during her term of office.

Bona Thompson, an 1897 graduate, died in 1899 of typhoid fever, and in 1901 her parents donated funds for a library in Bona's memory. This library was a meeting and studying spot during all the Irvington years. It is now one of the Headquarters buildings of the Christian Church of Disciples of Christ and the United Christian Missionary Society.

Jennie Armstrong Howe, an 1889 graduate, organized a Kappa alumnae club in Berlin, Germany. Her Butler professor husband, Dr. Thomas Carr Howe, was the university's president from 1907 to 1920. Their daughter Charlotte Howe, also of Mu, is a retired member of the Bryn Mawr College faculty.

In 1917, college men left for service and college women worked for the Red Cross and collected tin foil. Two war bonds bought with Mu foil became an investment which paid for the first rent on the chapter house.

Highlights of the 1920s

Until 1921, there was a university ban on organizational housing. The chapter longed for its own quarters, and quick action was taken when the ban was lifted. A house was rented, a house association formed and incorporated in November of 1921.

Two groups, the Kappa Mothers Club, organized in 1921, and Mu Club, have made important contributions to the chapter. Mu chapter has drawn the majority of its members from Indianapolis, and members have been able to serve both the alumnae association and the chapter.

On March 11, 1925, the first issue of Mu Murmers appeared. Honored by the Fraternity, Mu Murmers was given a first place award in 1962, and in 1970, honorable mention, for chapter publications. The mailing list for the fiftieth issue, in 1975, was about 1200 alumnae.

Chapter finance was of the utmost importance during the 1920s and budgets were studied and formed. In 1928 Elizabeth Bogert Schofield became Fraternity chairman of budgeting and bookkeeping. It might be said that her Kappa career started when she was named delegate to the 1910 Convention "because she was going anyway." She was president of Delta Province in 1915, Indianapolis alumnae president in 1919, became the third president of the house association in 1923, held the office for 25 years, and was also finance adviser to the chapter. She was director of provinces from 1938 to 1940, and, at her 16th convention, in Sun Valley, she was elected Fraternity president. At the 1942 Convention she was reelected. Four chapters were added during her administration, which also had been concerned with Service Women's Centers and the Nora Waln Fund to aid refugee children.

In 1923, the student body at Butler had been taken across town by streetcar to view the intended campus at Fairview. May Day was celebrated there in 1926 and ground was broken for the Administration Building. In April of 1927, a lot was chosen by Mu for a new house and first payment made by the chapter from the savings fund. The old house corporation was dissolved and reincorporated as Mu Chapter Foundation of Kappa Kappa Gamma (November of 1929), and 15 board members were elected. On January 2, 1930, the 52nd anniversary of Mu's founding, ground was broken for the English Tudor chapter house at 821 West Hampton Drive, the first house on the new campus. The chapter was ready for its next 50 years. On May 5, 1948, a mortgage burning ceremony was held to celebrate the last payment on the mortgage contracted for in 1929.

Highlights of the 1950s

Butler's expansion continued. A men's and a women's residence were built in 1951 and 1955. All prior housing had been provided by the organized groups or from rented rooms. By that time more than a third of the student body was coming from outside the state, a third from the state, less than a third from the area.

Mu chapter found it would have to do some building too. After some inside remodeling, the university president was interviewed, visits were made to other houses, and finally the house board authorized the procuring of pans, and eventually estimates and a loan. By November of 1966, the addition was ready with 17 new bedrooms, new dining room, kitchen and pantry areas, house mother's suite, new heating system, and other accommodations.

Mu alumnae remember the traditions of their own eras. The pledge stunt and senior breakfast of the 1920s have given away to the pledge walkout and the senior banquet. "Geneva Stunts" ant the Spring sing (YWCA sponsored) still inspire Kappa talents. Many remember the Christmas "Orphans Party."

There are cherished stories: the "solid gold keys" telegram sent to Beth Schofield performing in her 50th Civic Theater play, The Solid Gold Cadillac. The telegram she received read, "The girls with the solid gold teeth send love to Beth and the solid gold Cadillac." Later she admitted, "I couldn't quite figure it out." (There had been an error in transcription.)

Another story concerns a certain pledge class that didn't like the hard antique sofa in the upstairs hall so took it to the basement. The group was reproved, the sofa returned, and in 1952 it was presented to Headquarters. It had belonged to Tade Hartsuff Kuhns!

Highlights of the 1960s

Beth Schofield organized a group of Mu alumnae who chartered a bus to go see Headquarters. On the way to Columbus they stopped for lunch. Headquarters surprised the visitors with a beautifully laid table. Lunch was enjoyed for a second time and no one ever knew.

Mu is proud of a long list of individual and chapter honors. There are at least three Panhellenic Scholarship Cups that have been retired after three successive years of top rank. Mu was the first to receive the prestigious Westermann Efficiency Award in 1926.

Special badges are chapter awards: Lou Landers Neff's key, garnet set, was given by Tade Hartsuff Kuhns, and is awarded for top scholarship. The garnet set key of Jeanette Teeter Ritter, another founder, is worn by the chapter president. The True Blue (junior) award key belonged to Cora Smith, an 1879 initiate. To honor Jennie Armstrong Howe, the house board purchased a sapphire key for the first vice president; the pearl and diamond key of Laurena McComb Fox, 1925 initiate who died while living in China, was presented by her parents, and goes to the "outstanding" pledge. The key of Marguerite Hubbard Coffee, initiated in 1908, was given by her family, and is worn by the house chairman.

In 1964, the Mu Advisory Board received first place recognition at convention and in 1966, Mu Advisory Board offered owl bookends to the chapter whose advisory board receives the award. This "traveling" gift was given in the name of Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, first adviser to Mu Chapter.

The chapter and the Fraternity were saddened in April of 1962 by Beth Schofield's death. Following her terms as president she had received the Loyalty Award (1958) and was Fraternity ritualist. Between 1908 and 1960 she had attended 25 General Kappa conventions. Interest on a special fund is given as a scholarship in her name to a Mu senior who has shown exceptional service and loyalty to the chapter.

This recounting of highlights of almost 100 years has been a familiar journey. Each person and event holds a special importance in Mu's history for each member of the chapter.

Highlights of 2012

The spring semester of 2012 started off with the addition of 40 new members. Initiation was held at the end of February, marking the official addition of 40 new Kappas for Mu Chapter. Soon after, the new member formal was held. It took place in downtown Indianapolis and was a lot of fun for everyone! The theme, which was chosen by the new pledge class, was Superheroes. In accordance with the theme, each Kappa and their dates dressed up as Superheros. People got really creative with the theme and some dressed up as "Kappa Superheros." "Freshmen Skits" provided a great opportunity for the new members to bond and get to know each other better.

Last year's theme was "Greek Olympics." The new members worked really hard on the skits, and made a lot of memories while practicing. Another opportunity to compete with the other greek houses arose with Spring Sing. Last year Kappa was paired with Sigma Chi, and won the Spirit Award. Spring Sports Spectacular, a 24 hour athletic event to benefit Special Olympics, was held in the spring of 2012.

All the members had a great time competing in the events such as ping pong, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and many more. The Walk Against Domestic Violence was held in the spring; Kappa teamed up with Alpha Chi Omega to raise money and awareness for a good cause (Julian Center and Coburn Place - both centers for battered women and children). Other events in the Spring of 2012 that Kappas participated in included, Dance Marathon (to benefit Riley Children's Hospital, where we won an award for the most attendees from our chapter), Relay for Life, SNUperbowl (where we won 1st place), and Polar Bear Plunge.

Everyone looked forward to their return to Butler (and to Kappa) in the Fall of 2012. Spirits were high, making it a great atmosphere to head up our biggest philanthropy event, Kappa Kickoff. We raised a record amount of money for Coburn place, one of our local philanthropies, and had a fantastic turnout. We had fraternities participate in our lip syncs, and they were a huge success. The boys held nothing back as they sang and danced for the judges, with Delta Tau Delta winning the first place title. Homecoming 2012 was a fun event for Kappa. We were paired with Delta Tau Delta and had Mouse Trap as our theme. We had a great time working with the fraternity and being creative as we made a lifesize game board of Mouse Trap in our front yard. Overall, 2012 was a wonderful year for Kappa Kappa Gamma's Mu Chapter, and it will be one that we all remember. As for challenges, Mu Chapter did encounter some challenges. Among these was the issue of knowing Kappa ritual. We have worked on that by going over ritual at formal chapters and it has helped the issue significantly.

Campus: Butler University was founded in 1855 and continues to serve as a wonderful liberal arts institution. Butler offers more than 65 majors. Over the past five years, Butler's graduates have had an average 96 percent job placement rate, with 100 percent in education and pharmacy. The campus is home to approximately 4,771 students, many of whom are working towards completing an undergraduate degree. The majority of Butler students are white Caucasian. Butler represents 49 countries and 45 states. With over 150 organizations, many of Butler's students are involved on campus. Roughly 33% of the students are affiliated with a Greek organization, which includes 7 sororities and 6 fraternities.

Chapter: Mu Chapter welcomed 40 new members in February, and is now thriving with 163 members. Although many women call Indiana their home state, there are a variety of other states represented: Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. The diversity of the house is represented through our fields of studies and passions, ranging from pharmacy to dance. Along with these respective majors, many Mu Kappas are involved in a variety of other activities outside of Greek life, such as Butler University Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, Academic and Business Fraternities, and Student Government. Mu members also participate in a number of athletic programs, including swimming, soccer, lacrosse, dance team and cheerleading. We are well represented throughout campus and are proud of the many achievements of our members.

Highlights of 2013

The spring semester of 2013 began with the addition of 56 new members. Several events transpired during their time as new members. Freshman Skits provided a wonderful opportunity for the new pledge class to bond and work together. Last years theme was Once Upon a Time at Butler. The new pledge class used their creative minds to develop a theme, which consisted of a mix between The Bachelor and the Disney Princesses. The event was fun-filled and allowed active members to show their pride for the new pledge class. The next big event was the spring formal. The theme, picked by the new members, was Sapphire Ball. All Kappas dressed in different shades of blue and the dates dressed in formal attire. Celebrating our wonderful sorority and dancing the night away was a great way to start off the semester.

The new members were initiated on March 2nd, which made for the official inclusion of 56 new members for the Mu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Staying up all night playing sports to raise money for the Special Olympics was another huge event, named Spring Sports. Kappas competed in several activities including tug of war, swimming, and flag football. The Walk Against Domestic Violence was also held in the spring semester. Kappa teamed with a fellow sorority on campus, Alpha Chi Omega, and made a lap around campus to raise awareness and money for domestic violence and for two outstanding philanthropies Coburn Place and Julian Center.

Kappas also threw an even entitled Kool off with Kappa in which we sold snow cones and raised around five hundred dollars for Coburn Place. Other events that transpired during the spring semester were Dance Marathon (for Riley Children’s Hospital), Relay for Life, and Polar Bear Plunge. After the excitement of the spring semester, everyone was excited to return to campus, particularly the Kappa Kastle, for the fall semester of 2012. Back and ready for some fun, everyone was ecstatic to throw Kappa Klassic (renamed from Kappa Kickoff). During this event, fraternities and sororities came to Kappa to enjoy delicious cookout themed foods, kickball, and lip-syncs. The crowd was wild and the gentleman of Delta Tau Delta claimed the first place trophy in lip syncs. The highlight of this event was the announcement that we had raised a record breaking fourteen thousand dollars for Coburn Place!

Our last major philanthropy event, Kappaccino, transpired in the fall with the coming of the cooler weather. Kappas sold different flavored coffees to raise money for our national philanthropy Reading is Fundamental. Homecoming 2012 was another success. Kappa was paired with the freshmen class members living in Schwitzer Hall and Ross Hall. The excitement of the freshmen made for a thrilling experience. Last year, the theme was Books Turned into Movies. We chose the movie The Wizard of Oz. We spent a late night decorating our yard and transforming it into the Land of Oz. We also performed an excellent Oz-themed skit for the annual “Yell Like Hell” and clenched first place in both the skit and lawn decorations! Overall, Kappa placed second among the paired sorority and fraternity pairs! We were beyond proud of our efforts in homecoming and were thrilled to bond with the new freshmen class. At the end of the semester, we were excited to find out that we had improved in our grades and earned the Highest GPA on campus. Overall, 2013 was a spectacular year!

Campus: Butler University was founded in 1855 and continues to serve as a respected liberal arts institution. The 290-acre campus contains 31 buildings and offers a variety of 60 degrees. Butler is home to approximately 4,771 students, most of whom are working towards an undergraduate degree. The majority of the students are white Caucasian, but the minority population is about 7%. Butler offers over 100 organizations for students to be involved in and many students choose to be involved in these organizations. Approximately 35% of students choose to be affiliated with Greek houses, which include 6 fraternities and 7 sororities.

Chapter: Mu chapter welcomes 56 new members, and is now thriving with 180 members. Many members call Indiana their home, but many states are represented through our members including New Jersey, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and many others. Exemplifying our diversity, our members’ majors range from Pharmacy to dance. Along with these majors, the members of Kappa Kappa Gamma also participate in many activities outside of Greek life such as Butler University Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, academic and business fraternities, and student government. Members also participate in a number of athletic activities including lacrosse, softball, and cheerleading. Mu chapter is well represented throughout campus and we take pride in the accomplishments of our new members.

Highlights of 2014

The women of Mu at Butler University, had a wonderful year in 2014. Mu welcomed 50 new members into Kappa and could not be more excited! The new members were able to bond over Freshmen skits (a dance competition between Greek Houses), Spring Sports Spectacular, and their first philanthropy event, Kappaccino, during their first two months before being initiated on March 28th!

In the fall Mu Kappa kicked off a wonderful semester and hosted "Kappa Kickoff" a backyard barbeque style event where the other Greek Houses compete in a kickball tournament and then there are lipsyncs after, the women of Mu raised money for Coburn Place. Kappas had their fall semi formal in which the theme was "Beauty and the Geek." The women dressed in as beauties in dresses and their dates in geek or nerd costumes! We were able to welcome a new philanthropy event to campus called, Kappa Harvest. This was our fall philanthropy where we sold three different types of pie and hot or cold cider. This event received great response from campus and it was a fun way to get excited for fall time!

Homecoming at Butler was a magical and fun time for Kappa, who took home most of the fun filled week's victories. The week is full of competitions such as Yell Like Hell, Lawn Decs, and Homecoming King & Queen. Mu won overall for homecoming events and were thrilled! Our members are involved in so many ways around campus outside of Kappa. Members take part in leadership positions for clubs and organizations such as CHAARG, Answers for Autism, BAMA, Butler University Dance Marathon and many others. There are numerous women who play sports on campus such as tennis, lacrosse and club teams.

The women of Mu take pride in our chapter's history and success. We have struggled in the past with ritual and being sure that guidelines for ritual are met. We are making a conscience effort to better our chapter's understanding of ritual and hoping that with practice and repetition we will continue to get better in the years to come. The women of Mu were able to achieve the top GPA on campus with a 3.522. Mu also raised over $14,000 for our three philanthropies, and won multiple events on campus such as Yell Like Hell and were the top fundraising sorority for Polar Plunge. At Province our chapter won Most Improved for Academics. Many ladies in Mu took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness or helped by donating to the cause. The women of Mu look forward to more memories together and a brighter and even better 2015!

Our campus is growing in size and in infrastructure. The members of Mu are quick and adaptable to these outside changes and are ready to overcome any obstacle. Butler University is a private university and is small in size. There are about 4,800 students and growing! Butler offers over 100 clubs and organizations on campus to students. Butler is proud of its small size but big heart, in that the student body believes in a Community of Care, the responsibility to care for your fellow students and the university as a whole. The students at Butler are hardworking and receive a lot of guidance from professors and advisors. The job placement rate at Butler University is 96% or 100% for Education and Pharmacy.

Mu holds its chapter meetings in our chapter owned home. We hold our chapter meetings in our basement or kitchen. Our house was built in the 1930s with some expansion work done in the 60s. The house is chapter owned and about 72 girls can live in the house. Mostly the new pledge class will live in the house with council members and other junior girls making up the rest of the live in members.

Highlights of 2015

The ladies of Mu had a wonderful year full of sisterhood, philanthropy, and scholarship in 2015. In January members welcomed 50 new sisters to the incredible sisterhood that Kappa has to offer. Mu continues to grow each year and the women could not be more excited. There were numerous women in the chapter who received 4.0 GPAs throughout 2015, and many others who received above a 3.75. We implemented a new system for tracking study hours on an app and that seems to be really benefiting our members, there is even a little prize for members with the most study hours during a month!

The Mu chapter support a local safe haven for women called the Coburn Place. Normally the only way we have been involved with Coburn has been spreading awareness and raising money for them, however this year we were able to send a few members to Coburn Place to learn more and help out any way they could. We are hoping to be able to do more things like this with Coburn in years to come.

In the Indianapolis community, Mu was able to be involved in collecting old cell phones for homeless people and other people who were trying to get back on their feet. Some of the members were able to go to Lucas Oil Stadium before a Colts game to help collect old cell phones and they had a blast volunteering!

One goal Mu had for the semester was to try to get more members involved, not just in Kappa Kappa Gamma, but also in our community and on campus as a whole. We really focused on making sure we made a presence on campus throughout the year and it really paid off! The ladies of KKG at Butler did really well in all 2015 Homecoming activities including, decorating our lawn like the Flintstones, competing in a dance performance, and queen festivities! It was really fun to have all of our members participate and it really made a difference. We also saw a difference in attendance at philanthropy events for not only Kappa but also other sororities on campus which is awesome!

The Mu chapter is located on Butler University’s campus in Indianapolis, Indiana and while the campus is generally small, it is growing! Our campus is making a lot of changes including, new parking garages, restaurants and even a new sophomore dorm. Although the construction is a lot to take in the ladies of Mu are very excited for how much Butler is growing.

As Butler is changing and growing, so is Mu chapter. We are growing with every new pledge class and it is extremely exciting, by 2016 we will have around 200 women in our organization. We have a lot of inner pledge class bonding but something unique about Mu is that all of our sisters mix and mingle regardless of pledge class which is something many of our members appreciate and love about our chapter. Even with a large number of women, we still find ways to include all members and truly enjoy the time we have with one another.

Chapter Philanthropy: What organization(s) has your chapter historically/traditionally raised money for, or donated hours to, in your community?

The Mu chapter of KKG supports three organizations every year these include, Reading is Fundamental, The Kappa Foundation, and our local philanthropy the Coburn Place. Our members raise money and donate for each organization through different philanthropy events throughout the year. In 2015 Mu held Kappaccino, Kappa Kickoff, and Kappa Harvest for all of the students on campus. We sell different things like pie, apple cider, coffee, and grill food at these events. At Kickoff we host a kickball tournament against the fraternity houses on campus, which is always very fun. After the tournament there are lip syncs that the boys make up and perform!

The members of Mu also volunteer time at The United Methodist church, this is where members read to kids and try to promote literacy at a young age. The kids are really fun and eager to have us come see them so our members have enjoyed this. We also have had members volunteer at Gleaners which is a food bank in downtown Indianapolis. For the past year we had members going to Gleaners a few times a month, or so.

Why did your chapter choose this organization(s) to support?

Our chapter chose to support the Coburn Place because we value women supporting women. Our chapter is highly motivated in depending on one another and holding each other accountable and in many ways the Coburn Place helps teach women who were victims of really bad domestic violence, these values as well.

We have also traditionally supported Gleaners because it is a large organization that contributes to a lot of people’s meals who cannot get one themselves. This is just another example of people helping people. These organizations value what Kappa values most, which is our sisterhood. The women truly love to support these organizations because these organizations love to support people in our community!

Highlights of 2016

In 2016, Mu Chapter of KKG accomplished many goals and noticed chapter growth in the areas of scholarship, traditions, philanthropy and sisterhood. As a chapter, we continued to value our education and learning at Butler University. We had 25 girls earn a 4.0 GPA and 23 earn a 3.75 or above in the spring of 2016. In 2016, we hosted several philanthropy events to raise money for Kappa Foundation, Reading is Fundamental and our local philanthropy, Coburn Place. These events are outline below. Our sisters had fun participating in chapter sisterhood events, including two different Freshly Brewed (a campus women's accapella group) concerts. In addition, both Kappa Kappa Gamma and Mu Chapter traditions were upheld to the highest of standards. In 2016, our chapter faced a setback and were challenged by our leaders to grow and improve upon our chapter. Our chapter council, as well as every sister, truly worked diligently to improve on our sisterhood and reflect upon KKG's values and expectations. After four of our sisters attended Convention in California in the summer of 2016, our chapter council utilized ideas from other chapters to improve in several areas including Risk management and sisterhood.

Throughout 2016, Mu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was honored both by Butler University and Kappa Kappa Gamma. Order of Omega hosted Greek Excellence Awards in the spring and as a chapter we were awarded a 4 Star Sorority plaque, Emerging Sorority Leader Award (Libby Moyer), Silver in Philanthropy and Service, Bronze in New Member Programming, and Bronze in scholarship. In addition to these, Mu chapter received honorable mentions in Academic Excellence, Risk Management, and Standards at Kappa Convention in the summer.

In 2016, Butler University’s campus experienced a lot of change with the opening of a parking garage, two new restaurants and a new dorm. Located on the first floor of the parking garage, Scotty’s Dawghouse and Pita Pit opened up in late 2016. Fairview, the new dorm, welcomed its first students in the fall of 2016. The ladies of Mu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma have been excited and motivated throughout this past year. The chapter has been working hard to make sure it is at its very best every day, and it has shown in our philanthropy events, involvement on campus and sisterhood.

The Kappa Foundation is a foundation specifically for members of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity. The foundation offers scholarships to its members and financial support to members experiencing hardships. Mu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at Butler University raises money for the Kappa Foundation through two philanthropy events; the first philanthropy event was kappaccino and the second was Kappa Harvest in the Fall of 2016. Kappaccino is an annual event held to raise money for the foundation by selling coffee and hot chocolate. Kappa Harvest is Mu chapters annual fall philanthropy event. Kappa harvest includes the sales of hard cider and pie, and featured live music. All the proceeds from both the events went to the Kappa Foundation.

Coburn Place Their Mission: Coburn Place empowers victims of intimate partner violence to live as survivors. Their Vision and Mission Statement: The vision of Coburn Place is of a world where every adult and child may live free from intimate partner violence, housed stably and safely, with adequate financial resources. They Serve: In the Indianapolis area, they serve adult victims of intimate partner violence and their dependents regardless of age, ability, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, religion, income, or sexual orientation. Kappa Kickoff: Kappa Kickoff is a Mu Kappa ran philanthropy event that raises money and awareness for Coburn Place. We host events all week that raise money for the cause, along with independent donations. This year we raised the most money yet for Coburn Place raising $14,193.00. Coburn Trick or Treating: Coburn Trick or Treating is an event hosted at Kappa for the kids who live at Coburn. They come right around Halloween and are allowed to trick or treat through the halls of Kappa. Girls dress up and hand out candy, and everyone is very lively and excited! This gives the kids a chance to step outside of Coburn and get some candy and do a fun craft.

Reading is Fundamental: As our national philanthropy, Reading Is Fundamental is very close to Mu Kappas’ hearts. Throughout the year we hold events to promote and improve children literacy.

Grabba Grabba Donut: This Spring was Mu’s first time hosting Grabba Grabba Donut, and it was an amazing success. Participants could sign up to run a 5k, or watch and enjoy delicious donuts and drinks. Overall Mu Chapter raised 600 dollars with all the proceeds going towards Reading is Fundamental.

Reading Is Key: This event in September Mu went to an elementary school and read to kids dressed up like famous super heroes. The Kappas got to play games with the kids, eat some snacks, and help kick start these kids on their path to become passionate readers.

Weekly Readings: Mu knows how important it is to teach kids the importance, and the magic books can provide. So, Mu Kappas read twice a week at Jonathan Jennings School to elementary school children.

As Mu Chapter we feel very passionate about our three different philanthropies. We, as well as other Kappa Kappa Gamma chapters, are proud to support RIF and Kappa Foundation because we want to help any fellow Kappa and spread a passion for reading. As a chapter, we are excited that we can join forces with so many chapters to support the same philanthropic charities.

As for Coburn Place, as Mu Chapter, we feel very passionate about serving the community that we are apart of. We have seen first hand the great impact that Coburn Place has on families in the Indianapolis area and are proud to support their endeavors in any way we can. In addition, we enjoy serving the children in our community and incorporating our love for RIF by sharing books with these children as well.

The Mu chapter of Kappa is full of inspiring and hardworking women and we are very proud of what our sisterhood offers us. One member in particular, Libby Moyer, a current senior would be a great example to show how Kappa changes its members' lives. Libby is a recent recipient of the Marisol Scholarship which was a crucial element in this member completing her college education. The amount of love and appreciation Libby has expressed because of this scholarship is heartwarming. We think that Libby would be perfect to have as an example of what Kappa love and sisterhood means for members. Libby, pledge class 2015, said “This year in Kappa, I have been challenged and rewarded in the greatest of ways. I have discovered my own capabilities and watched my sisters aspire to be their best selves in their schoolwork, relationships, and service. I enjoyed sharing my Kappa values of hard work and commitment with the Panhellenic Association and individuals beyond the membership of Kappa.”

Highlights of 2017

2017 kicked off with Primary Recruitment in January. Active members started returning on New Year’s Day for an early start to our recruitment preparations. We had an incredible week meeting a record number of Potential New Members! We enjoyed the company of Leadership Consultant Lindsay, Epsilon Kappa (South Carolina), who helped us transition our new council and gave us endless wisdom during the week. We held a galaxy-themed Bid Day celebration to welcome home 62 incredible new members, including 7 legacies! This is the largest pledge class in Mu chapter history. On Sunday, we held a game night at the house with plenty of snacks and laughs. On Monday, we spent the evening at Skateland and had a blast rollerskating and eating pizza!

The first few months of the Spring Semester are always packed with activities, within both Kappa and the entire Butler community. Our big-little festivities were especially fun with twenty sets of twins in PC17. Pledge Class ’17 also performed in a time-honored Butler tradition – First-Year Skits – and earned the award for Best Dressed! We were enormously proud of the effort they put into their skit. Initiation was beautifully performed on February 25th, and we were especially honored to host a handful of sisters from neighboring chapters for their initiation. We also had numerous Kappa relatives in attendance to celebrate with their newly-made sisters.

In February, we hosted Kappaccino at our home, serving cups of hot chocolate, hot coffee, and iced coffee to our fellow Bulldogs. We raised $751 to donate to the Kappa Foundation. Mu sisters also had fun participating in campus-wide philanthropic events, including Dance Marathon, Relay For Life, and Spring Sports Spectacular. We were the top-fundraising sorority for Polar Plunge, an event in which sisters jump into freezing-cold water to raise money for the Special Olympics of Indiana!

In March, we held our formal at the beautiful Hotel Alexander in downtown Indianapolis, dancing the night away while watching the Butler Bulldogs play in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. In April, we hosted the women in our life at a beautiful Mom’s Day, featuring desserts, shopping from a local boutique, a silent auction, and a panel of three successful women in various fields from around Indianapolis, including Maggie Anderson Phelps, a Mu Kappa from the Pledge Class of 2010. It was a wonderful afternoon and a great break from end-of-semester stress! Our chapter was sad to see our seniors, the Pledge Class of 2014, graduate, but we know that big things lie in their futures. Two of our newest alumnae were even selected to join the staff at Kappa Kappa Gamma Headquarters! Katy Robinson is serving as a Leadership Consultant and Libby Moyer is working as a Chapter Consultant at Beta Nu, Ohio State. We are enormously proud of their commitment to Kappa.

The fall semester commenced with our large 2017 Pledge Class moving into 821 West Hampton Drive. They have enjoyed getting closer as a class and have provided a great home for our live-out members to come home to. In September, we hosted Kappa Kickoff, our annual fundraiser for Coburn Place. Coburn Place is our chapter’s local philanthropy and is a shelter for battered women and children just a few blocks south of campus. We were incredibly proud to break our fundraising record, raising $14,334 for Coburn Place. Our sisters, fellow Greeks, and greater Butler community enjoyed a fun barbecue, king competition, and lip syncs, all with a Rock and Roll theme. We also teamed up with students at Jonathan Jennings Elementary school in Indianapolis for a Reading Is Key event in September. We spent a gorgeous afternoon with sisters and students alike and were especially excited to be joined by Butler’s live bulldog mascot Trip, a.k.a. Butler Blue III.

We were joined by a new Greek chapter on campus this fall. The Alpha Psi colony of Beta Theta Pi (Beta) began its journey at Butler and initiated their first class and formally installed their chapter in November. We were also excited to be paired with the Betas for Homecoming 2017, which had a theme of “Animal Kingdom”. Together with Beta and the Campus Apartments, we selected a theme of “BUrassic Park”. We were absolutely thrilled to receive the top score for our lawn decorations, which featured a ten-foot-tall Jurassic Park gate, a Jeep, numerous wooden dinosaurs, full-scale dinosaur eggs, flying velociraptors, and a twelve-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex, all while the Jurassic Park theme played across our lawn. We also received third place overall for the week, and best of all, the Butler Bulldogs defeated the Campbell Camels in the football game!

In October, we had a beautiful formal at the Regions Tower in downtown Indianapolis. The sophomore pledge class chose a “Kappa Kappa Gatsby” theme, so the gorgeous rooftop venue was decorated in pearls, feathers, and all things 1920s. In November, we hosted Kappa Harvest at our home, raising money for Kappa Foundation by selling slices of pie and serving apple cider. We also featured live music by three of our sisters to entertain our guests.

As our chapter grows and changes, so does our campus. The Butler 2020 plan is still in action, and additional building redesigns or construction have been announced. A new suite-style dorm, Irvington House, will open across the street from Kappa, in the space that Schwitzer Hall once occupied, in the Fall 2018 semester. The beginning of a new building for the Andre B. Lacy School of Business has begun, and plans for the revitalization of Gallahue Hall, which hosts classes in the natural sciences, and the Holcomb Building, which currently holds classes for the business students were recently announced. Our student population continues to increase, with approximately 4650 undergraduates and 550 graduate students in attendance. Lately, we have been gearing up for our upcoming primary recruitment, in which seven of our sisters who are recruitment counselors and two of our sisters who serve on the Panhellenic Executive Board will help the women of Butler find their new homes on Greek Row. We have also just elected our new Chapter Council and are very excited for the future of Mu. Overall, 2017 has been a wonderful year full of growth and sisterhood for our chapter.

Highlights of 2018

Mu chapter started 2018 with primary recruitment. We held a “Dreaming of Mu” Bid Day celebration to welcome 49 amazing new members, 2 of whom are legacies. That night we went to Sky Zone and spent time jumping around together! In February we held our big-little reveal. This year, we did a partner reveal. On the last day of the week, bigs left costumes for their littles as a way to find their bigs. The older members stood in a large circle on the front lawn, and the new members were sent out one by one to find their bigs! Some costumes included Starbucks cup sizes, Dunkin’ Doughnuts (basketball players with doughnuts), share a Coke, and Little Miss Sunshine. In February, Mu chapter also experienced their first Hockey game fundraiser. We partnered with the Butler University Hockey team for a game; a part of the entry fees went to the Kappa Foundation.

Our 49 new members transitioned to active members on March 3rd where we also hosted a few sisters from other chapters for their initiation. Many Kappa alumnae joined us to welcome our new sisters. We were extremely blessed to have a Monmouth alumna join us in the initiation of her granddaughter. Later in March, we hosted Kappachino, an event where we served coffee and hot chocolate. The $500 we raised went to Kappa Foundation. We also held a lovely Mom’s Day with desserts, conversation, a silent auction, shopping from a local boutique, and a hypnotist!

Fall semester began with a return to 821 West Hampton Drive. Six of our sisters and our chapter advisor attended the Kappa General Convention. We were lucky enough to meet sisters from all over the country and to reconnect with Mu alumni. At the award ceremony, we received the greatest improvement and best new member programming awards as well as runner-up recognition for public relations and signature philanthropy event! Over the summer, our formal and trophy room received a full makeover, revealing beautiful hardwood floors. Sisters have enjoyed hanging out and studying in these renovated spaces. In September, we hosted our annual Kappa Kickoff, a fundraising week for our local philanthropy Coburn Place. Coburn Place is a shelter for battered women and children just a few minutes from campus. We once again broke our fundraising record this year raising $14,459.97! The Kappa lawn was filled with people enjoying food, lip syncs, and a king's competition throwing it back to the 90’s. For Homecoming 2018, we were paired with freshmen dorms Resco and Ross. We were extremely excited to help welcome the new students to Butler and show them getting involved is fun. For the theme of “Superheroes,” we chose “Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy,” the superheroes in Sponge Bob Squarepants. The Kappa lawn was transformed into Bikini Bottom with a life-size pineapple home, jellyfish, and a seven-foot tall magic conch shell.

Due to changes in the rules of Spring Skits, previously known as Freshmen Skits, Kappa did not participate. Instead, PC’18 hosted their own performance in October in which they choreographed their own dance and performed it for the whole house! The girls did an amazing job and it helped them to grow even closer. To celebrate Kappa’s founding, Mu held our inaugural Founder’s Day Celebration. Active Mu’s along with alumnae from all over the country gathered in the Reilly Room for a formal dinner. We heard beautiful descriptions of our founders and what Kappa has meant to different people.

November held new events for Mu. We held a new philanthropy event, Grilled Cheese with KKGs, in which we served grilled cheese and tomato soup. We raised $350 for the Kappa Foundation! On November 30th, we held a sisterhood event, an Escape Room. Members were split into random teams and challenged to escape from rooms with different themes in under an hour. The event, while at times stressful (we wanted to rescue the Mona Lisa, stop a train bomb, and rescue a kidnapping victim) was a great experience that brought girls across pledge classes together.

Mu chapter has grown and changed over the past year, just like Butler. The University’s 2020 plan is still in progress, and a new building has opened. Irvington House welcomed its first tenants in August, right across the street from Kappa. Mu has been preparing for primary recruitment, during which time 8 of our sisters will be recruitment counselors and one will serve as Vice President of Conduct on the Panhellenic Executive Board to help Butler women find their forever homes on Greek Row. Our newly elected Chapter Council is excited to help Mu grow even more. 2018 has been a great year of growth and sisterhood, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 holds!

Highlights of 2019

The 2018-2019 academic year kept the women of Kappa Kappa Gamma very busy and excited. This year, the women of Kappa planned their annual “Kappa Kickoff” event to raise money for Coburn Place, moved back into the sorority house that was remodeled, and won multiple awards during the Greek Excellence Awards! Kappa Kickoff is a week-long philanthropy event where the women raise money for Coburn place through various events. They had a chipotle giveback, found many companies and families to sponsor their event, and hosted a kickball tournament for all of the sororities and fraternities to participate in. This past year, they raised over $15,000 for our local philanthropy, the Coburn Place, which is an organization that provides housing options and support services for women and children that have suffered from domestic violence. Also, to help raise money for Coburn Place we hosted Kappacino and Fall Festival. While the members were away for the summer, the Kappa Kappa Gamma house was renovated. We hosted a joint philanthropy event with Alpha Chi Omega raising money to split to each of our chapter's philanthropies. The Greek Excellence Awards that we won this past year include Philanthropy and Service and Campus Leadership and Involvement. Along with our own chapter philanthropy events, we participated in other chapter's events including Sigma Chi's Derby Days, Delta Tau Delta Trike, and Delta Gamma Anchorsplash. We are so proud of what our sisters have accomplished and cannot wait to see what this chapter does in the years to come!

Our campus received a new panhel director this year. Our chapter has always had a good relationship with the panhel director and we will continue that with the new one. One of our active members is the president of Panhel

Coburn Place - empower victims of interpersonal abuse - including domestic violence - to live as survivors

As a strong, all women organization we stand together to help raise awareness, advocate & fundraise for a nearby program who provides housing for survivors of interpersonal abuse. We feel the responsibility to give back to a program that does so much for the Indianapolis community.

Our chapter hosted a dessert celebration with alumni for Founders Day. We played a slideshow during the dinner of Mu Chapter photos from the 1800s to today to reflect the 150 years. We had multiple guest speakers including past MU Kappas.

Our chapter hosted the Kappa van that went around to a ton of college campuses. This was a great opportunity for all of us to see how far Kappa Kappa Gamma has come and to realize how important our chapter is. To celebrate Kappa's 150th anniversary our chapter is participating in 150 random acts of kindness between now and next October.

Highlights of 2020

Chapter Summary

Summarize the previous calendar year, scholarships, group honors/awards, Convention awards, traditions, special events, philanthropic involvement, chapter goals, and how your chapter operations changed because of COVID-19 (e.g., how did it affect recruitment, initiation, etc. Were events/activities held virtually?). This year, Kappa Kappa Gamma Mu Chapter has won honorable mentions in Chapter/Advisory Board Relations and Recruitment and were the overall winner of the Standards Award. Additionally, we raised our house GPA from a 3.5 to a 3.6 from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020, and have increased our members with a 4.0 from 17 to 28. In terms of chapter events and traditions, we were fortunate to conduct recruitment, bid day, and initiation in-person. In doing so, we recruited 45 wonderful girls to join our sisterhood in January, and initiated them in March with the help of our wonderful Kappa alumnae. Our largest philanthropy event, Kappa Kickoff, occurred virtually this fall and raised over $10,000 for The Coburn Place. Our sisterhood events included movie nights, Galentine’s Day, workout classes, etc. Lastly, since the impact of COVID-19 on our globe, our chapter events and operations have been fully virtual including chapters, philanthropy events, programming, workshops, etc. Overall, we are very impressed by the way in which our members have handled the virtual transition, and are excited to welcome our new pledge class in January 2021.

Chapter Philanthropy

What organization does the chapter support? The Coburn Place Why did the chapter choose this organization? The Coburn Place is a local Indianapolis shelter dedicated to helping and improving the lives of men, women and families who have been affected by domestic violence. As of 2018, The Coburn Place has helped 247 adults and 289 children resulting in 45 survicors successfully exiting the program to live in permanent housing. Furthermore during COVID-19 pandemic, the number of intimate partner violence cases were on the rise. We at Kappa, are proud to support such a wonderful and giving organization who have made such a large impact on our community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

How did your chapter include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in your programming this year? (e.g., adding a DEI officer, philanthropy events, social media awareness campaign, chapter training, etc.). This year, we have elected a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair to lead a committee in an effort to educate the chapter and improve our chapter’s relationships and practices regarding being a diverse, equal, and inclusive house. Additionally, we had our school’s DEI organization come in to conduct a workshop during initiation.

Sesquicentennial Celebration

How did your chapter celebrate Kappa's 150th anniversary? Share what you have done this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we celebrated Founder’s Day virtually by conducting a ritual workshop with the new members, sending out Kappa facts, attending the virtual national celebration, as well as socially-distanced celebrating at the house with our sisters.


Are there any interesting photos from this year to share? e.g., screen shots of virtual meetings, pictures of chapter events that followed all public health guidelines (mask wearing, physical distancing, etc), pictures of masks, drive-thru bid days, etc.

Highlights of 2022

Housing Director: Fall 2022 room assignments (in beginning/mid April 2022)- The house chairman sent out the roommate preference form to all live ins and assigned roommates before rook picks based on who had similar answers. Rooms were picked by the roommates on a point-based priority. The goal was to fill the house completely and assign roommates that were not previously friends, but people that would be compatible. This goal was achieved. Move in day (August 21)- The house chairman checked in all live ins in and made sure all the new live ins submitted the security deposit and food allergy waiver form. The house chairman assisted in any way they could that whole day. The goal was to create a smooth move in process and that goal was achieved. Spring 2023 room assignments (mid November)- The house chairman will be responsible for coordinating room assignments for spring 2023.I’ve ins will pick their roommates and rooms will be assigned on a point based priority. Membership Chairmen: hosted meals at the house September 6th-November 1st, hosted house tours October 12, and conducted Recruitment Workshops every Tuesday and Wednesday. Treasurer: assisted with planning all events that required purchasing items and services such as formal, philanthropy week, programmings, DEI, and sisterhood events. Kept track of the most money kappa has ever made in philanthropy donations : $21,173.37. Activities: Coordinated Spring skits, Planned Kappa Kickoff/“Madness” this year in September, raising over $20,000 for Coburn Place, The Jed Foundation, and the Kappa Foundation! We won Lambda’s Philanthropy Week and won the Delt Dunk fundraiser 6v6 tournament. Marshal: February 25th and 26th we held the first in-person Initiation since Covid-19 pandemic at the chapter house and welcomed 53 new members. Seniors, active members, and alumni (local and family members from out of town) were invited for the ritual. Initiation was followed by a breakfast held on the 26th. Every week at chapter, mashal minutes with chapter tradition and facts was shared. Every month we would host a fomal chapter. Risk chairman: Spring Formal – On March 25, 2022 Mu chapter hosted our spring semi-formal. 416 Wabash in Indianapolis was the backdrop for this event. Members were allowed to invite a guest for a social event which included food, dancing, and fun. The goal of this event was to strengthen sisterhood and morale among members, while also staying safe and productive. 275 people attended in total. Sisters were able to enjoy time with each other, strengthening the connections within the chapter and with those close to us. The risk management team worked hard to ensure all sisters had both a safe and fun time at the event. Fall Formal – Mu chapter hosted fall semiformal on October 7, 2022 at the Indianapolis ArtsGarden. 230 members and guests attended for a night of socializing, appetizers, and DJ. Sisters were able to take a nice break from busy lives and schedules, all while ensuring safety and accountability. The risk prevention team showed their dedication to their sisters by ensuring all were healthy and well surrounding this event. Panhellenic Chairman- I didn’t hold any events, but some goals I had for the semester was the make sure I represented Kappa well to the other houses on campus. I also wanted to make sure Kappa was as supportive as possible of other houses and their events as well as panhel held events like dei events and greek week. I would say for the most part I was successful in terms of my own representation of Kappa. I think we can always be working towards better participation, but overall I would say i succeeded. PR Chairman- hosted Dudes Day- September 24. Academic Excellence chairman: The VPAE held scholarship dinner on April 7th and opened it up to the whole chapter and offered the option to bring a professor who made an impact on their education. The dinner acknowledged the girls who received a  4.0 GPA the previous semester and those who received a 3.75 and above GPA.


Kappaccino - March 2022- We sold coffee and cookies at the house for girls in the house, other greek like housing, as well as unaffiliated people- We raised ~$620 for the Kappa Foundation. Grilled Cheese and KKGs - October 2022- We sold grilled cheese, chips, and lemonade at the house for anyone to come get it- We raised $540 to split between the three philanthropies: JED Foundation, Coburn Place Safe Haven, and Kappa Foundation.  

Many women in Kappa chapter are involved with the campus’ volunteer program and in the fall, the chapter spent time volunteering with animals at the Hillsdale Humane Society.

Although we were on fall break for Founder’s Day, when we returned we held a candlelit ceremony to celebrate the women who made our sisterhood possible.

Kappa chapter echoes Hillsdale College’s nondiscrimination policy. We were the first college in the nation to allow women to earn a four year degree in something other than home economics. Since our founding, we have accepted anyone irrespective of race. We also do not accept government funding, which enables us to accept any student regardless of demographics. As a college and chapter we have invited local alumnae to formal dinners as well as included them in ritual as alumnae.

In addition to inviting the alumnae to formal dinners and including them in ritual, we also send a monthly newsletters to keep the alumnae up to date on the chapter. Additionally, we host an alumnae brunch at homecoming.


Highlights of 2023

Our year started off with Bid Day on January 8th, 2023. We recruited a member class of 45 amazing women. On February 17th, 2023, each of our new members received their Bigs and on February 24th 41 of our new members were officially initiated into Mu Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma! On March 6th we had a make-up initiation for our new members that were unable to attend the official initiation and by March 6th, all 45 new members were officially initiated members of Mu Chapter.  A few days after initiation, on February 27th, our chapter hosted our annual Kappachino philanthropy event where we partnered with Tinker Coffee to sell coffee and pastries in support of our three philanthropies (Coburn Place, JED Foundation and Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation) and we raised over $1,200! During our Spring 2023 semester we also had our spring formal on March 31st and invited all the important women in our lives to spend the weekend of April 15th with us for our Women’s Weekend! During this weekend we had brunch at the house as well as Loop Permanent Jewelry. Towards the end of the semester, our Academic Excellence Director put together a formal Scholarship Dinner to where active members were allowed to bring an important professor to them and we celebrated our sisters who received 3.75 or higher GPA’s.  Over summer break, our house mom and house board updated our informal living area by getting all new furniture and decorations. We started our 2023 Fall semester back by playing our 2nd annual sisterhood event of Kappa clothespin assassin game. Our other sisterhood events that we had this semester included a scavenger hunt, pickleball tournament, and decorating our house for the holidays. From September 11-15 we held our philanthropy week, Kappa Kickoff, where we host various fundraising events to raise money for our 3 philanthropies. This year our Kickoff theme was Camp Kappa. We help events like a tug-of-war contest, dunk-a-kappa and pie-a-kappa, a kickball tournament, and lip-sync and king competitions. We raised over $25,000 in support of these awesome organizations! We hosted all the important dudes in our lives on September 23rd where we had a cookout and lawn games at the house. This year our fall formal was on October 6th and hosted at Victory Field and the theme was Sapphire Ball. We also gave bids to 3 COB’s this semester that became initiated members on November 2nd. We held another formal Scholarship dinner again towards the end of the semester to celebrate all of the academic achievements of our sisters. We have had such a great year and are so excited to see what 2024 has in store for Mu Chapter!


Mu Chapter selected the JED Foundation to be our mental health and well-being partner. Our mental health and well-being director put on a chapter wide programming event to inform our chapter about JED as well as talk a little more about healthy self-image practices. Along with that our mental health and well-being director set up a mental health Instagram for our chapter to repost uplifting messages as well as keep our chapter better informed on the JED Foundation and school wide mental health events. 


This year our chapter held 2 philanthropy events to support our 3 philanthropies as well as held our annual week long philanthropy event, Kappa Kickoff. In the Spring of 2023 we held Kappa Kappachino where we partnered with Tinker Coffee to sell coffee and pastries to raise money for all of our philanthropies. We raised $1,200 to support them! In the Fall semester we had our Kappa Kickoff where we hosted events like tug-of-war, kickball, lip syncs, and a king competition. We ended up raising $25,000 for Coburn Place, JED Foundation, and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. Also in the fall we hosted “Treats and Keys” where we sold Halloween cookies and pastries as well as apple cider and ended up raising roughly $600 dollars to support our philanthropies. Along with our fundraising events, our chapter was able to volunteer at Coburn Place, our local philanthropy, a few times a semester. Overall, Mu Chapter had a great year of service and hope to be able to raise even more next year for these awesome organizations. 


We celebrated our Founders Day on October 11th because our University had fall break over October 13th. Our whole chapter wore our nicest blue outfits and pin throughout the day on the 11th and we hosted a formal dinner at our house for all active members as well as alumnae. We had 10 alumnae present at our Founder’s Day dinner, 4 of which were members of our advisory and house boards. During our dinner we did the Founder’s Day ceremony as well as honored the present members of our advisory and house boards. 


This year our chapter as a whole participated in numerous DEI programming events like a Title IX awareness talk, and a panhellenic DEI conversation event. Along with those programming events our DEI Director hosted a Kappa cultural fair where our members were invited to give a quick presentation on their own cultural backgrounds. This was a great way to embrace the cultures of our sisters and learn more about what makes each of us so special. We also were required to each individually go to an outside DEI event that Butler or our local community was holding once a semester to make sure that we are upholding the chapters DEI values. 



In February 2023, 4 delegates who are members of our current executive board attended the Kappa Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX. Here they learned how to further their leadership skills and how to become good council members within our chapter. In September 2023 we had 4 sophomore delegates attend the Kappa LeadershipAcademy in Ohio. They learned how to become successful leaders in and outside our chapter and got to learn more about other Kappa chapters around the country.