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Gamma Delta

Gamma Delta Chapter was founded at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana on January 24, 1919.

Founding Date: Jan 24th, 1919

Status: Active



District: Delta

The Early History (Excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity: 1870-1976)

Purdue University, the Land Grant College of Indiana, was established by the legislature in 1865 following the signing of the Morrill Act in 1862 by President Lincoln. Not until 1869, when the Board of Trustees accepted a gift of land and money from John Purdue and Tippecanoe County, was the site of the university permanently chosen and the building program begun.

Classes began September 16, 1874, with six instructors and 39 students. At the time of the chapter's founding in 1919 there were approximately 300 faculty and 1,600 students. In 1973 this number had multiplied to 2,200 faculty and 28,000 students, with regional campuses making a total of 37,000. In 1875 the university admitted women but enrollment did not grow rapidly.

An anti-fraternity rule was adopted in 1877 which prohibited students connecting themselves with or organizing societies not approved by the faculty. This caused trouble which was not adjusted until after 1883. Friends of the fraternities had been working through the legislature and a "rider" attached to the Appropriation Bill was intended to prevent payment of the appropriation to Purdue unless the rule against secret societies was rescinded. When the bill was finally passed, university President Emerson E. White resigned. Later the House reconsidered its vote and the session expired without an appropriation bill being passed. Purdue was thus left without a president, without an appropriation, and with a burden of ill-will that required years to overcome. Although fraternities were finally admitted, the question of university control over them was definitely settled in the affirmative, a control that removed many of the objections formerly urged against them.

A Kappa key first appeared on the campus in 1885, worn by Rose Wagner, who previously had been enrolled at the University of Kansas. Two Purdue girls visited Butler and were initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta, but a local fostered by girls of Ladies' Hall was rejected. Two locals eventually were successfully established. One became Kappa Alpha Theta and the other, made up of the girls living in the Marsteller street Annex, became Mu Sigma Alpha, and finally Kappa.

In 1914 sorority houses were unknown at Purdue, but Mu Sigma Alpha gained President Stone's consent to try such a project. The house which was rented on Russell Street was managed so well that the way was paved for other sororities to acquire houses.

In January of 1919, Mu Sigma Alpha's petition to the Grand Council of Kappa was accepted, and Gamma Delta chapter was installed. Twenty charter members were initiated on January 24. Mu chapter from Butler was the installing group and three national officers were present.

A highlight of Gamma Delta's early years was the initiation of Dean of Women Caroline E. Shoemaker. At first she had felt she was needed as dean to give advice and support to all the fledgling national organizations, but a few years later when sororities were on more substantial footing, she accepted Gamma Delta's invitation. She was pledge on June 3 and initiated June 6, 1921. A loyal and tireless worker for Purdue, she had been instrumental in gaining the consent of the president and faculty for the admission of national sororities.

The site of the present chapter house was obtained in 1929. The minutes of May 20, 1928, read, "It was passed we buy the lot back of the ATO House." ...No mention of the street, the size of the lot, or boundaries- just "back of the ATO hosue." The house on Waldron Street became a reality in 1936-37. In the 1940s the mortgage was burned with appropriate but wartime-curtailed activities.

In the mid-1950s the Kappas and the Delta Gammas purchased the lot between them and made plans to enlarge their houses. The Gamma Deltas moved into their addition in the fall of 1958. However, since the kitchen was not finished by the opening of school, the were forced (!) to eat at the various fraternities. The new chapter room was dedicated to Inez Richardson Canan, who had been both province president and vice president and who was the author of the Gamma Delta history which appeared in the 1930 History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity.

At about the time of the opening of the Waldron Street house, Mother Mac, Mrs. Lena McDougle, became housemother, a position she held 23 years. She contributed so much, not only to Gamma Delta, but to all the other sororities, sharing her knowledge of management, delegating responsibilities, teaching the art of living graciously. Gamma Delta alumnae and other friends established the Mother Mac Fund in her honor to help actives in financial trouble.

Social functions have always been of importance in chapter life; and members, entertaining at faculty teas, Homecoming and Gala Week affairs, trade dinners, wartime servicemen's teas, and post football game coffees, made the phrase "gracious living" synonymous with Gamma Delta. The minutes of April 22, 1920, casually mention what must have been an important function: "Decided to entertain Jane Addams (the renowned social worker of Hull House in Chicago) for tea on May 2." The Gamma Ball with neighbor Delta Gamma has been a highlight social affair, as well as the Monmouth with Pi Beta Phi, and a slumber party with the Kappa Alpha Thetas. Each fall for many years the fraternities and sororities bordering the common alley opened the Purdue social season with an all-campus Alley Party, bringing Greeks and non-Greeks together.

Gamma Delta celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1960 with a weekend of festivities. From contributions of alumnae all over the country a silver coffee urn was purchased and presented to the house, and plans made for an outdoor courtyard to be built in 1973.

From the very beginning Kappas at Purdue have been leaders on campus. In 1916 when women were first admitted to the student council, Ada Decker (Malott), a Mu Sigma Alpha, and later a Kappa, was the first woman to be granted voting power. In the 1950s Kappas were leaders in mock political conventions. All campus plays, musicals, and variety shows have had Kappa participation, and any activity requiring dramatic ability has found Kappas taking part. Skits were given such names as "Rumpus on Olympus", "Down the Mississippi in Song", and "How're Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Purdue."

Gamma Delta has had three Olympic swimming contenders: Jeanne Wilson (Vaughan), Upsilon-Northwestern, who affiliated with the chapter in 1948; Joan Rosazza; and Edith Elizabeth "Beth" Whittall (Couvrette), who was also voted Canada's most outstanding athlete of 1955.

End of school year activities have been highlighted by the May Day pageants of the 1920s and the University Sing for the last 30 years. Grand Prix weekend, to raise money for scholarships, has ended the school year in the 1960s and 1970s.

Gamma Delta has often been first in scholarship among the Panhellenic groups. The Dean Shoemaker Scholarship Cup was permanently awarded to the chapter in 1936, and in 1958 and 1964 the Kappa Scholarship Trophy was won by Gamma Delta, with an honorable mention in 1962. A fourth consecutive year of first in campus scholarship was recognized in 1961. (The active chapter average was a "B" in 1960.) Five Mortar Boards that year and again in 1967, with at least one girl tapped nearly every year, attest to Gamma Delta's pursuit of excellence.

Gamma Delta won the Fraternity Efficiency Cup in 1952 and the Gracious Living Award in 1954.

The chapter is proud of its contribution of Fraternity officers and personnel. Katheryn Bourne Pearse was director of membership 1948-50. Marjorie Matson (Converse) was a graduate counselor to Delta Alpha, 1945-46, and a field secretary, 1946-47. Mrs. Converse served as director of field representatives, 1970-72, and was chosen Fraternity vice president in 1972 and 1974. Eloise Ryder Pingry was elected director of philanthropies, 1972 and 1974.

The administration and faculty at Purdue University have always looked to the Kappas of Gamma Delta for outstanding scholarship and leadership in campus affairs. Students regard Gamma Delta as an outstanding chapter and throughout its history the members have consistently maintained the standards expressed in the ideals of the Fraternity.

Highlights of 1980's

The 1980’s found Gamma Delta with outstanding pledge classes. In 1987 we participated in the Grand Prix Queen completion. Lisa Smith won 2nd place and Andrea Ingrilli(new pledge) won Queen. Our housemother was awarded the Mortar Board Rose Award for unselfish service to Purdue University. We continue to work very hard on Special Olympics. Together with other Greeks we participated in campus activities like U-Sing, Grand Prix plus we had two chapter events….Christmas Party for the underprivileged and Cancer Fund raiser. At Delta Province Meeting we won the Achievement Award for Superior Chapter Programming and Chapter Advisory/House Board Relations. Renovations began to add and addition so that 90 women can live in the House. We should be in the house by Fall 1991.

After looking over artifacts and being in contact from alumni of the years 1980-1984, I have found that many things within the Gamma Delta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma have both changed significantly and, surprisingly, stayed the same. Throughout these years, Mrs. Kaiser was the house mom. Formal dinners were held every Monday night, in which a blessing would be sung before sitting down. Some of the girls’ favorite memories of the food of Kappa Kappa Gamma were the "monster cookies" and the cinnamon butter offered during breakfast every morning. For Recruitment, Kappa always went "all-out" in decorations for the last days. Kappa decorated the entrance to the house as a big windmill, in which the potential new members would play mini golf inside of the Kappa house with the members to get to know each other. Also, during recruitment, the favorite snack offered of all of the members was the dirt pudding. Throughout the years from 1980-1984, the ladies of Kappa participated eagerly in Football events, U Sing, and Grand Prix. Kappa was commonly paired with the men of Sigma Chi fraternity for these events. The ladies and men used to hang out before the events, wearing matching shirts, and then attend the event, sitting together to show their support. For U Sing, the paired women and men would make up dances, practice them for months, and compete to win against other houses. During this time, using songs from the Beach Boys with a preppy theme was very popular. MTV, or the music television station, was a new channel and the girls from Gamma Delta would sit in front of the tv for hours at night watching the newest videos, usually from various artists such as the GoGos, Men at Work, and Michael Jackson. Also, many girls were huge fans of the soap opera, General Hospital. During this time, computers were not invented yet, so the room that is currently a computer/desk room was used for sewing machines and used by women who needed to finish some of their sewing. Also, whenever the girls would use the restrooms, they yelled "Flushing!" otherwise the person in the shower would be scalded by the water! Also, near the end of 1984 and the beginning of 1985, house expansion details were beginning to become more realistic and a plan was beginning to be made for the Gamma Delta chapter. At one point, there was a new member who was involved in the practicing of Rastafarian beliefs, or "cult-like" beliefs. After many encounters with Standards and with the New Member chairman, the house decided it was best to ask the new member to leave and declare her inactive. The decision to ask this new member to leave was not easy because she was a legacy who was able to offer the house lump monetary donations. After many private meetings and a house vote, the decision was much easier. Other challenges include those which we still face today, such as trying to get members to pay dues on time. In 1984, the Purdue Football team, under the instruction of Leon Burtnett finished 7-5 and played in the Peach Bowl. The defeated Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan. This was the only time that Purdue had won against all three of these teams in one season. The Kappas participated in this event by attending various football games and showing support by wearing matching shirts. Also, throughout this time period, technology was beginning to become more common. Although the women still had sewing machines instead of a computer room, they began watching tv and listening to music on CDs.

Highlights of 1990's

The 90’s found us with excellent pledge classes and we were #1 in scholarship for two semesters. Pris Gerde, ’69 was elected to KKG Chapter Council as Director of Standards at 1998 Convention. Not only did we help of Greeks with philanthropies but we held a Meet of Champions for Special Olympics. We also joined the Sigma Chi’s in Derby days and won 1st place. Megan Kennedy, our president, was selected Homecoming Queen in 1999.

Highlights of 2006

The Gamma Delta chapter has had a very exciting year in 2006. All of our achievements this year are competed for campus wide. A few of our highlights include having Rachel Feldman and Amanda Brothers serving as Old Masters Hostesses. Our chapter also has many women participating in Purdue Student Government. These women are Amanda Brothers and Kendall Hoffman who served on the Marketing Team, Lelia Naizi who was on the International Relations team, Katie Ittenbach who is a part of Board of Directors and Brooke McKinney who is on the Executive Board. We also have women who are apart of the Panhellenic Board of Directors, including Ashley Eiler who is Director of Risk Management. This year we are also very excited because Dance Marathon benefiting Riley Childrens Hospital is coming back for a second year. Abby Dunning is the Greek Promotions Chair for all of Purdue University Dance Marathon, she is philanthropy chair for Kappas and is getting us all involved. In addition to Abby, we have thirteen women who are involved in Purdue University Dance Marathon serving on the Entertainment Committee, Greek Promotions Committee, Event Committee, Morale Committee, Marketing Committee and the Residence Hall Promotions Committee. In addition to Dance Marathon we have twelve women who volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sister, and many women involved in the different intramural sports we have on campus, including Brett Parker on the Varsity Spirit Squad and Hannah Adams who is a part of the Purdue Dance Team. We have remained in the top five for grades among the other sororities on campus for many years. The Kappas here at Purdue University have a long standing record of excellence and work hard to keep it that way by staying involved on campus and achieving high marks in our studies. We take pride in our successes and encourage others to do so as well. The Gamma Delta Chapter had a very exciting year in 2006. We were very pleased to be able to initiate 34 new members to become apart of our house. Recruitment went very well with our activities such as making bookmarks to support Reading is Fundamental, our slideshow that displayed the many personalities of our house and a skit that created a lot of laughs. We are also glad to say that for a third year in a row we have not had any infractions throughout the recruitment process. In 2006 we held our very first Relay for Reading philanthropy. It was put on in March and we invited many members of the Greek community to participate in it. The turn out was high and we had many skillful participants from other houses involved in the various athletic events. Our chapter also participated in the Alpha Phi Alpha step show, which is always a favorite, Alpha Phi golf outing and Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust. In the spring we had our moms come and visit for Mom Day where we were able to have the seniors recognize their moms for everything they have done for them. In the fall we invited our dads to come up for Dad day. We had a tailgate for them and then we had the house open for everyone to watch the football game. We also had many of our sisters this year study abroad and take internships around the country. We had a very busy and fun year in 2006. In 2006 the Gamma Delta chapter concentrated on three main goals for improvement: 1. We are trying to increase our house participation in the philanthropies of other fraternities and sororities. 2. We have also focused on increasing our attendance at Kappa events including chapter and sister functions. 3. As a house we are also trying to always improve our grade point average as a whole. Through out the year we have had a steady improvement at all of these goals. One example is our attendance at Lambda Chi Watermelon Bust this past fall, not only did we have many women wanting to participate, we had many women come to watch and support our team. The Alpha Phi Alpha step show was also an event that the whole house wanted to participate in and go and support our team in. The second goal is something that we have been working on improving. One very important way we have gained more attendance is by continuing our "senior spotlight" and "skippy jar" at chapter to recognize the increase attendance and reward for coming to house events. As for our third goal, we took a big step this past year by passing study tables for the house. We voted and come to a decision that study tables would greatly increase our grade point average and would benefit us individually and as a chapter. Overall, as a chapter we feel we have succeeded in improving ourselves and our chapter and are glad to report our continuing success.

Highlights of 2007

The Gamma Delta chapter had another successful and exciting year this past year. We moved up to 2nd in grades from 4th place. Our new member pledge class also had the best GPA of all the new members classes. We moved up from 10th place to 4th place in intramural, and we got 1st place in volleyball. We also changed our RIF philanthropy event this year. Instead of doing a relay race and balloon toss we are doing a wallyball tournament and having a date auction. Our new philanthropy name is "Off the Wall." We are very excited about the new activities, and we have already gotten a lot of interest from the rest of the Purdue Greek system. Community service is also something we tried to improve this past year. Several women of our chapter went to Gulfport, Mississippi over winter break to help rebuild homes on the Gulf coast for the Katrina victims. A few of the girls served as Old Masters Hostesses as well. In addition to all of our activities on campus, we had a successful Recruitment during which we received no infractions. I believe this shows how well-rounded and involved Kappas are at Purdue University.

Purdue University has a community of nearly 400,000 students. With such a sizable population, Purdue has an abundant amount of organizations and many ways for students to become involved. The Greek community is very large here on campus with a number of sororities and fraternities. Purdue University is part of the BigTen, therefore, athletics are very fun to watch and participate in. With all of these opportunities to get involved, our campus is very active and still very welcoming to all students, providing something for everyone.

Our chapter had a wonderful year in 2006. Recruitment went very well. We had extremely high return rates and no infractions. We are very excited about the new pledge class, and we think they will continue to make Kappa a place of excellence. In spring we had our Mom's day, and several of the mothers came for a weekend of fun activities and bonding. In the fall, the men got their turn on Dads day. We were all able to tailgate and go to one of the football games with our dads. We were also moved up to 2nd in grades among the sororities and 4th in intramurals. In addition, a few of our sisters took on internships and studied abroad during the past year. This proves that Kappas are very involved and motivated.

We did not face any major challenges this past year. There are a few goals that we set for ourselves and tried to work on. Our chapter organization was not as good as it could have been. The new VPO has come up with several good ideas for improving that, and we have already seen a change for the better. We were also not happy about being 4th in grades, so we set a goal to get back into the top 3. We were able to accomplish this, and we are currently 2nd. Another thing we really tried to work on is increasing our attendance at campus and chapter events. Overall, I think we accomplished our goal, but there is still room for improvement. We have been doing fun things such as "skippy jar", "senior spotlight", and "supportive sister" at chapter to try and encourage better attendance. We also awarded points for those who came to sister functions.

Highlights of 2008

The previous calendar year was one to be remembered. Our chapter received the Recruitment award during the Kappa convention, and we also received two honorable mentioned awards. We had a successful recruitment in the fall and received a great new pledge class. We were also very thrilled to be number one in grades for the semester. We participated in many philanthropies as well as hosted our own in the spring to benefit Reading is Fundamental. Finally, our Chapter at Purdue just celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Purdue University is one of the largest university systems in the U.S. and ranks 66th among America's Best 100 Colleges. We are best known for our competitive engineering curriculum and aviation program. Purdue has very diverse students and classes. We have a beautiful campus with several architecturally known buildings and fountains. Kappa Kappa Gamma was the fourth sorority at Purdue. We were founded on January 25, 1919 and we currently have the most members on campus. We currently have ninety girls living inside our house. Our house is just a short walk to campus and is one of the largest sorority houses on our campus. We currently have the highest GPA of any sorority. One of our members was the first female to hold voting power in Purdue's Student Government. Transition period between new Chapter Council officers and old: Our Chapter typically struggles during the transition period between new officers and previous ones. This year, we brought in one of our advisors to help us out. She explained the importance of using our Leadership Guides as well as the many resources of help we have. She did a transition seminar for us which really helped make the transition smooth. Our new Chapter Council members feel much more comfortable in their positions and our goal is to meet all deadlines for the next calendar year.

Highlights of 2009

During the 41st Delta Province Meeting on April 4, 2009 the Gamma Delta Chapter received two awards. The Gamma Delta Chapter was recognized for House Board Award and for Scholarship award. The Gamma delta chapter also has kept scholarship at the forefront of our chapter. During the spring semester the Gamma Delta chapter finished second in grades out of the 20 sororities that are present on Purdue campus. During the fall semester the chapter finished third in grades out of the 20 sororities. Academics are very important to our chapter. In the fall semester President Cordova, the president of Purdue, attended dinner at our house in which she was able to see our members get rewarded for their academic excellence.

- boys basketball team advanced all the way to the sweet sixteen - Bill Ayers visited Purdue’s campus and a large number of students and community members protested his visit -NAACP President came to speak at Purdue - Purdue added “Stealing Buddha’s Dinner” into the curriculum for incoming students -Jason Mraz visited Purdue campus and performed a concert in the Elliot Hall of Music -Robin Williams comedy tour came to Purdue and he performed in Elliot Hall of Music

-our chapter consists of 140 members - we are very involved in other philanthropies while making sure we pay attention in great detail to our own philanthropy -We have participated in activities with the local Head Start, a preschool for low income families, such as an Easter egg hunt and carving pumpkins around Halloween. Children from Head start also came to our campus house in which we read to the children and they left with a bad full of books. -in order to raise money for Reading is Fundamental we hold a volleyball tournament which other fraternities and sororities participate in, along with a date auction to raise money -over the summer we have a few renovations done to our chapter house; we had our old roof completely replaced along with redoing our old kitchenette.

The Gamma Delta Chapter was put on probation by Purdue University. Our chapter was also given a focus letter from nations to follow in order to be in good standings with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Our chapter wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to get off probation, which we applied for after the fall semester. As a whole chapter we attended Something of Value and created an anti-hazing program with the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. Not only did we make sure to complete the items that were necessary of our chapter to get off probation but we made sure to keep up with our scholastic and community service. As a chapter we continued through the rest of the year to make sure that we followed the rules and looked at our choices closer to make sure we had made the right decision. Anti-hazing is now part of our house and new member programing along with fraternity and sorority community relations.

Highlights of 2010

This past year has been very successful for the Gamma Delta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. During the spring semester of 2010, our chapter improved academic excellence by moving up from 3rd place among all of Purdue sororities in grades to being tied for 2nd place. This past semester, the fall semester of 2010, we continued to raise our academic excellence and ranked 1st overall. Also, this year, we were privileged enough to have 4 girls attend Convention held in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon the arrival back to Purdue, these 4 women were able to share with the Chapter council and the chapter different ideas and possibilities in areas that our chapter could work on to improve. Since these suggestions have been made, the current Chapter Council has made many changes, such as those made to risk management policies, dance/social procedures, and the New Member program. In the fall 37 new Kappa sisters were initiated and welcomed into our fraternity. We continue to help these young women strive to be leaders to the Greek community as their success showed when ranking 1st in grades when compared to the other sorority new member pledge classes. We have found that our house continues to move in a positive direction. Also this past year, the Gamma Delta chapter has been working to improve our participation in philanthropies and community service throughout campus. This past year, Kappa received 2nd place in the Greek Cup held at Purdue Dance Marathon. The places were determined by the number of people from the chapter who participated, how much money was donated, various competitions throughout the night, and if any participants held positions in the planning of the marathon. This was the first time that Kappa Kappa Gamma had been recognized at Purdue Dance Marathon. We have many members who are striving to hold leadership positions not only in Kappa, but on the campus as well, whether through Panhellenic Association, Boiler Gold Rush, or by being a student athlete. We are extremely pleased in the positive direction that our chapter is heading and hope to continue improving our chapter morale throughout 2011. Purdue University is located in West Lafayette, Indiana Purdue offers about 200 undergraduate majors, over 70 master and doctoral programs, 18 intercollegiate sports, and over 850 student organizations. Approximately 45,000 students attend Purdue yearly. Purdue has the third largest Greek community with 46 men fraternities and 29 women sororities Purdue is in the Big Ten conference Some of Purdue greatest traditions include Purdue Pete, the Old Oaken Bucket, Grand Prix, Breakfast Club, , "Hail Purdue", and the saying "Boiler Up!" The Gamma Delta chapter was founded on January 25, 1919. Kappa Kappa Gamma was the 4th sorority established at Purdue University Total number of members: 136

Gamma Delta Philanthropy that helps support Reading is Fundamental: Off the Wall- wallyball tournament and date auction.

This past year we had a couple of issues, but thankfully, managed to overcome all of them. One of the problems that occurred within the chapter was the Chapter Council budget. Recently, the opportunity to study abroad has become a more popular choice for Purdue students. The spring of 2010 we had between 5-10 girls study abroad. We were all excited for them to have the opportunity, but found that these were girls that we would not be receiving house and board payments from. We were forced to increase the payments for the other girls living in, and the Chapter Council position budgets were cut drastically. Due to this, we were forced to be very careful with our spending money, and even unable to participate in many events that we had originally planned on being a part of. Because of this event, we have now added it to the standing rules that if a person decides to study abroad, they are required to still pay the live out fee. This live-out fee is a fee that girls who live outside of Kappa, or go home to student teach must pay. It is for this reason that it seems appropriate to require girls who study abroad to pay a small fee to prevent Chapter Council budget from plummeting and raising other girls’ fees. Also, this past year, we had an issue with various items "disappearing". After much concern from the standards committee and Chapter Council, it was found that a girl living in the house had been stealing sisters clothing, accessories, etc. She did not sell any of the items and reluctantly decided to give them back to their owners. Because of this issue, she was pulled out from Purdue University and now is taking school out of her home and a Community College. She is currently associate status because she is living at home, is not posing a current problem, and has admitted that her act of stealing is a serious problem. She is currently receiving therapy and is supported by her sisters to try and help her get through this hard time.

Highlights of 2011

This past calendar year has not only flown by but has been filled with many significant events regarding our community and chapter as well as our nation as a whole. Referring to our chapter we have had an accomplishing year both academically and philanthropically. We were honored with being first in grades among all the sororities, second in community service, and first in study abroad.

We have become more involved in other chapter's philanthropies as well as our own and have continued to strive to maintain our outstanding academic performance. With a fabulous performance by Caroline Ladue (Junior) and many other members of our chapter as well as our chapters involvement in the various activities and events we were able to win the new and upcoming philanthropic event Greek Goddess. The fall semester started off with a huge success with recruitment landing us with forty amazing new members we can now call sisters. Our chapter was also successful in bringing an end to our probation sentence while building our sisterhood and fundamentals in the process. Kaylee Waltz, a current senior was honored by being voted and winning the title of Purdue's homecoming queen. On the athletic field Kappa made it to the championship game in both soccer and flag football and were barely beat; still giving the team a second place title. Globally, a few significant events occurred that should and will be remembered.

A few of these events include: the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, the Royal Wedding, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, the last launch of the NASA space shuttle, the 10th anniversary of 911, and the passing away of Apple's founder, Steve Jobs. In the media and celebrity world we witnessed Charlie Sheen's meltdown and being fired from the show Two and a Half Men "winning", and Kim Kardashian finally got married, and then divorced.

Campus: Our campus, more specifically the greek community saw a big change this past calendar year. In the fall semester of 2010 our greek community faced a moratorium after the death of a Purdue student. Because of these events new rules and regulations were set in place in attempt to help eliminate drinking related accidents within the community. This past year required all members of the greek, and nongreek communities to adjust to the new regulations and become aware of the consequences if they are not followed. The greek community grew stronger and and decided to stick together and help each other follow the rules and stay on track.

Kyle Pendleton, who was in charge of IFC, left Purdue's campus leaving the greek community in search of some one to take on the position. This past semester (Fall 2011) the greek community recived the request of two sororities that wished to start a chapter here at Purdue. After discussion, Alpha Omicron Pi was voted to become a new part of Purdue's greek community.

Chapter: Overall, our chapter contains a very upbeat and positive attidue towards each event and activity with which we are involved. There is never a dull moment inside the walls of Kappa as there is always something to be excited about whether it be seeing one of your sisters after a long day, getting pumped for the big game (Boiler Up!), taking pictures before a night on the town, gathering together before heading out to campus events, or sisterhood functions. There is always someone willing to excite other members, listen to your troubles and offer advice, and pick you up when you are feeling down. We truly have a bond that will never be broken and only grows stronger with each passing day. The closeness between girls of the same pledge class is obvious, but the closeness between girls of different pledge classes is something we pride ourselves for. Age certainly does not matter and, speaking on behalf of every girl within the house, we can truly call each other sisters. As a chapter we are very involved both on and off campus. We are constantly participating in philanthropies, completing community service hours, and are involved in many clubs and organizations around campus.

Overall, there were few challenges that our chapter had to overcome. The major challenge we faced and had been facing the previous year as well was being on probation. While many see this as a bad thing, it gave our chapter time to reflect and reevaluate certain things we had been doing and allowing and think about what we could do to make the chapter better as a whole and to prevent this situation from reoccuring. After taking the time to make the chapter better we were taken off probation and placed on a period of concern. We, as a chapter, continued to promote sisterhood and improve the house and this past semester (Fall 2011) we were finally taken off the period of concern and having learned our lesson we ensure it will not happen again. Along with being on probation we were required to plan sisterhood functions in order to promote and encourage sisterhood. This came as a challenge in the fact that it was difficult to plan an event that each and every member would find enjoyable. To overcome this we tried a variety of events and in the end, as a chapter, made of list of activities that the majority thought would be fun. In addition to these challenges, we have faced daily "mini" challenges. These include keeping the house clean and picking up after yourself, remembering to complete an hour of phone duty each week (sophomores), respecting quiet hours as well as other chapter members, alcohol in the house, and only bringing one guest per week to meals.

Highlights of 2012

This past year was full of many exciting events for the Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Delta chapter at Purdue University. We are honored to have received the Dean Barbara Elsbury award, naming us the “Most Outstanding Chapter” on Purdue’s campus. We also obtained first in grades for six consecutive semesters in a row. Academics is something that the Gamma Delta chapter takes very seriously. We always set a chapter wide GPA goal, as well as personal GPA goals. Our most recent semester GPA goal was a 3.1, and we received a 3.35 GPA. Our chapter reached this goal by putting grades first, and attending optional study tables.

This year, we raised money to support Reading is Fundamental through the soccer tournament and the Buddy Buffet Philanthropy. The RIF event was held at Eisenhower Elementary school in Lafayette. We were able to spend time with Head Start Kindergarteners by reading to them and making bookmarks and other crafts. The 3 v 3 soccer tournament was a success as we were able to donate all of the proceeds to RIF and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation which supports scholarship, leadership opportunities, Kappa’s in need, and more. We also were very involved in other fraternity and sorority philanthropies, such as BMOC and Greek Goddess. BMOC, a fraternity talent show, put on by Zeta Tau Alpha, raised money for breast cancer awareness. Many members from our chapter attended this event in order to support breast cancer awareness. Greek Goddess, a sorority talent show, put on by FarmHouse Fraternity, was a great success as a lot of money was raised for their philanthropy. The Gamma Delta chapter was very involved in this philanthropy and we were ecstatic when one of our members won the talent show! Our chapter council, and three members from the freshman pledge class, attended Kappa Province where we focused on the ideals of Kappa and how we could better our chapter overall. It was an amazing experience being with other Kappa chapters from Indiana and being able to learn ways make the Gamma Delta chapter the best it can be.

Some of our favorite sisterhood functions included ice skating, pottery painting, ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, and Zumba work out classes. We always enjoy spending time together while doing a fun event! We had many fun social events as well such as Kappa Kabana, two spontaneous dances, and our spring formal, Sapphire Ball.

There were many big changes that were made to Purdue’s campus this past year. President Mitch Daniels took over office as Purdue's President as President Cordova retired. We are currently planning a dinner with the President in order to get to know him better, and welcome him into our home. We also just received a new football coach, Darrell Hazell. We are very excited for alumnae to come visit during football season! We also have a very nice and new recreational center, which is where some of our sport intramurals are played. Our home had some new additions put in, such as new flooring in our front foyer, new front steps, bathroom renovation, computer room renovation, and our chapter room is currently getting repainted.

Highlights of 2013

This past year brought many exciting moments to the Gamma Delta chapter at Purdue University. We are extremely honored to have received the Dean Barbara Elsbury award for “Most Outstanding Chapter” on Purdue’s campus by a unanimous vote. In addition, we won the Panhellenic award and Academic Excellence award as well as the Recruitment honorable mention award at Province. Closer to home, we received the Highest GPA award and a Certificate in Excellence in Sisterhood at Purdue’s Greek Gala. Academics are of the highest importance to our chapter, and we were ecstatic when we received a chapter GPA of a 3.35 for the Spring 2013 semester which put us in first for grades for the sixth consecutive semester. We will all continue to strive for academic excellence in the coming year.

As a chapter, we raised money for Reading is Fundamental through our Buddy Buffet and “Kick Away the Cold” 3v3 soccer tournament. We held our RIF event at a local elementary school in Lafayette. At the event, we read to the children and helped them make bookmarks and other crafts—it was a blast! Our soccer tournament with Delta Sigma Phi was a great success and allowed us to donate money to both RIF and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. We also got very involved with philanthropies put on by other sororities and fraternities on campus. Some of these included Zeta Tau Alpha’s BMOC, a fraternity talent show to raise money for breast cancer; FarmHouse Fraternity’s Greek goddess, a sorority talent show in which one of our own sisters won, and Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, a swimming and synchronized swimming competition. We had a ball at philanthropies this year and cannot wait to participate in more next year.

Gamma Delta chapter is extremely active on campus, with our members involved in almost every club. These include Board of Directors for the Panhellenic Association, Purdue University Dance Marathon, the Odyssey, RISE, fitness instruction at the CoRec, Cheerleading, Child Mentors for Kids, and many others. Despite all of our involvement, we always find time to spend together. Some of our favorite sisterhood events included Zumba, pottery painting, ice-skating, going to the pumpkin patch, and especially renting out a theater to see the latest Hunger Games movie. It was a great time! In addition, we had four great dances this past year which included Kappa Kabana, a luau-themed dance, two spontaneous dances, and a gorgeous spring Sapphire Ball formal.

This year brought us a new Purdue president in Mitch Daniels; he has frozen tuition campus-wide and has made an effort to meet as many students as he can. His friendliness is infectious and has made for a very warm atmosphere on campus. We are in talks with his secretary so President Daniels can make a visit to Gamma Delta chapter this semester. The new, gorgeous recreation center has been put to great use and is a fabulous place to work out. We are also very excited about the renovations to our kitchen, informal living room, foyer and bathroom.

Highlights of 2014

This past year has gone by so fast and was filled with great memories at the Kappa Kappa Gamma house at Purdue University. Within the Gamma Delta chapter, we have high expectations for all of our sisters to participate in the community, excel in academics, and be active members in the house. We have had great things happen in the past year, including an amazing recruitment where we got to welcome home 39 new members. It has been so much fun getting to know the new members and for them to learn all about Kappa.

This past year, we were able to get involved and participate in other houses’ philanthropies. Some of these included Sigma Nu and Delta Zeta’s turtle tug, Sigma Chi’s Greek Olympics, Pi Kappa Alpha’s fireman challenge, Zeta Tau Alpha’s BMOC, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Gamma’s Anchorsplash. It is so much fun to get involved in other sorority and fraternity philanthropies because the whole Greek community gets together for a good cause and compete in fun games. We are really proud to say that our philanthropy event, Kappa the Flag, was the most successful philanthropy we have hosted yet. We raised more than $1000 for our philanthropy, Reading Is Fundamental. We also hosted a very successful blood drive with the American Red Cross at our house this past fall. Our chapter has recently gotten more involved in community service, specifically getting involved in serving at the Boys and Girls Club every other week. Members of our house are also very involved in almost every club on campus including PUDM, College Mentors For Kids, Panhellenic Association, the Odyssey, and many other academic clubs. We were very excited that two of our members were Indianapolis 500 Festival princesses last May! Our chapter has been making a great effort to stay involved in the community and to remember to take opportunities to help others.

As a chapter, academics are one of our highest priorities and we really focused on our grades this past year. All of the sisters in the Gamma Delta chapter are very supportive of each other and motivate each other to focus on our schoolwork. We are really proud to say that we achieved a house GPA of 3.39 in the spring and 3.3 in the fall. At Kappa convention this past summer, we were thrilled to receive the Academic Excellence award. Four of our members went to Kappa convention in Houston, Texas and learned great ways to improve our chapter.

One of our favorite times of every month is going to our sisterhood functions. We have a very strong sisterhood within the house and it only continues to get better. Our house is full of different personalities that make our chapter fun and unique. Some of our favorite sisterhood functions this past year include ice-skating, going to see the new Hunger Games movie, and having a cookout. Sisterhood is a top priority for our chapter and we will always value these times together!

Over the summer the Gamma Delta chapter installed air conditioning and it was one of the best improvements to the house. It made recruitment and the hot days so much more enjoyable. We are very thankful for the house board that was able to make that happen! On campus this past year, our university experienced a traumatic shooting and as a house we came together to support one another and support the university. Many of our sisters attended the candlelight vigil to honor Andrew Boldt and support his family and friends. In the fall we were very excited to welcome Purdue’s Greek director, Brandon Cutler, to our house for dinner. Also, for homecoming weekend we had a Kappa alumni tailgate which was a fun way to meet alumni and hear their stories and experiences from living in the house years ago. Our chapter is full of wonderful girls that are loyal to the sisterhood of Kappa Kappa Gamma and we are optimistic and very excited to see what this coming year has in store for the Gamma Delta chapter.

Highlights of 2015

February we gave out Hershey kisses and encouraging notes to students on campus! We have also had several programming nights that include education about mental illness and health. Mental illness is a very prevalent topic for a college campus and we want to make sure that each and every one of our sisters feels comfortable to share their struggles or feelings so that we can guide them to be the best woman they can be. Our chapter is always improving and continuing to be loving and supportive of one another.

Academics have always been one of our chapter’s highest priorities. In the spring semester we were very proud of our house GPA of 3.34. Our goal for next semester is a 3.35; we really respect one another and motivate each other to study. One of the best parts about being in the house is that you can always find yourself a “study buddy.” The women in our chapter are truly brilliant; there are a wide variety of majors and I have no doubt in anyone’s success. Our seniors are already being offered wonderful jobs and we wish them the best of luck after graduation!

This past year we have had a lot of fun at dances and sisterhood functions. Some of our favorite sisterhood functions have been ice skating, writing valentines for soldiers, watching Halloween movies in the bum, going to see the Hunger Games Mockingjay movie, and having a Frozen Yogurt truck come to the house! Sisterhood is a priority for our chapter so when we have sisterhood functions it’s always a good time to remember how thankful we are for each and every one of our sisters. We have had very successful dances this past year; in the spring we had Sapphire and in the fall we had Barn Dance. Both dances were planned well and everyone seemed to have a blast! During homecoming weekend we hosted a Kappa Alumni tailgate. It was fun to get to meet older Kappa’s that have come back to see the house and hear their experiences when they lived in the house.

This past fall we came back to school from the summer excited for recruitment and to meet the new pledge class. There were changes in recruitment on campus including that Gamma Chi’s were affiliated with chapters and that the skits round was no longer a part of rush. These changes made recruitment slightly different, but we made it a positive change and recruited 38 genuine and beautiful girls. This pledge class learned all about Kappa and was able to be initiated in late October.

This past year has been full of fun memories. Our house is always looking for ways to improve and support one another. I’m excited to see all of what comes of the next year!

Highlights of 2016

2016 has been a great year for the Gamma Delta chapter! We have continued to build strong relations with other chapters in our Panhellenic community here at Purdue. On multiple occasions, some ladies from the gamma delta chapter have done Kappa acts of kindness around campus. In December, we passed out “kappa chinos” to students that passed by at a booth that we set up. We loved doing this and it warmed a lot of students up on their walk from class. In February we passed out Hersey kisses with a sign that said, “Kisses from kappa”.

We have also had a few programing nights. One of the programming nights was a presentation about HIV. We learned all of the causes, symptoms, risks, and preventions methods. This was a very interesting presentation and we received a lot of useful information.

We have always enjoyed coming together as a whole chapter outside of our weekly chapter meetings. We have gotten together as a whole chapter a lot throughout this year during sisterhood functions. Some of our favorite sisterhood functions have been when we all went ice-skating, hung out at the house and made valentines and candy bags to send to troops overseas, wrote letters to our mothers and played board games, went to the movie theater and saw the hunger games, and had a frozen yogurt truck come to the house. Our Vice President of Standards has done an amazing job at planning sisterhood functions that we all enjoy doing and that allow us to focus on the values of our beautiful sisterhood. Our dances have also been very successful this year! In the spring we had Sapphire and in the fall we had Barn Dance. Both dances were planned well and everyone seemed to have a blast!

Sisterhood is something that is very important to us but academics are also a top priority for our chapter. In the spring semester we were very proud of our house GPA of 3.34. All of the ladies have been working so hard this year towards improving their personal GPA’s as well as the whole house GPA. We all motivate and push each other to be the best we can be as a scholar and as a woman. Some of our seniors are graduating in December, a semester early, as well as being offered some awesome jobs and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

We have been working on improving our relations with Alumnae this year. We invited Alumnae to come visit the house and our Kappa tailgate during homecoming weekend. It was so inspiring seeing all of the Alumnae that still bleed blue and hearing all of their kappa stories that they cherish. Over the summer, we had some renovations done in the informal and formal rooms. The alumnae that visited loved the improvements!

This fall, we made it through another successful recruitment. We added 41 smart, beautiful women to our sisterhood. This pledge class learned all about Kappa and was able to be initiated in early November.

This past year has been very memorable. I am so lucky to be able to call all 148 of these women my sisters and I’m excited to see what all we can accomplish next year!

Highlights of 2017

The Gamma Delta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma had a wonderful year in 2017. Our chapter has grown and strengthened our sisterhood bond. This year we had 18 outstanding women on our chapter council leading and implementing new, creative ideas to our chapter. We started off 2017 with exciting sisterhood activities such as ice skating and canvas painting. Our goals for academic achievement were implemented with study tables and other things. We had an amazing year for philanthropy. Not only did we increase the number of philanthropy events we held, our chapter was very involved in other Greek life philanthropies.

Recruitment kicked of the 2017 fall semester, and we added 40 new incredible members! As the years go by, Purdue's Panhellenic society and Greek life has continued to grow. Due to this, we have been increasing the number of women in each pledge class! In 2017, our chapter also received the Fire Safety award and the Panhellenic President of the Year award for our previous chapter President at our Purdue Greek Gala.

In 2017, Purdue was undergoing many projects such as the construction of many academic buildings and the State Street Project. Due to this, there was a lot of construction and closed roads. Concluding the year, almost all of the projects were finished, and the roads were open again. These changes ultimately made our campus more beautiful! Our chapter has held our strength and continued to push through life upholding the Kappa ways. We are very proud of the chapter we are today.

This year, we donated funds to Reading is Fundamental and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. Our philanthropy events consisted of a 5K Kolor Run on Purdue's campus and our annual Wing Night hosted at our chapter house. All money raised from these events went to United Way of Greater Lafayette. United Way hosts a Kindergarten Camp where members of our chapter volunteered and raised enough money to buy 3-4 books and school supplies for 300 children.

We also volunteered at local elementary schools by reading to students through their Read to Succeed program. Our chapter also donated holiday treat bags and books to these elementary schools throughout the year. We focused on reaching out to our local community--volunteering our time and funds to programs in our area. Our chapter finds this very important because we can grow and maintain relationships with the children and programs throughout the years.

Highlights of 2018

The Gamma Delta Chapter has had a very successful 2018. We raised $2004 for United Way of Greater Lafayette and had over 2400 volunteer hours as a chapter. We were awarded the Gracious Living and House Board awards at the Kappa National Convention during the summer of 20218. We welcomed and initiated 44 new members in the fall - our biggest pledge class to date. We are looking forward to an even more successful 2019.

Purdue University is ever changing, just like the world around us, and so is our chapter. We believe our chapter's overall nature had a big shift this past year as we began to focus more on mental health in our chapter by adding a zen room to our home and electing a few chapter members as confidants that other members can reach out to in case they might need help.

Highlights of 2020

Chapter Summary Summarize the previous calendar year, scholarships, group honors/awards, Convention awards, traditions, special events, philanthropic involvement, chapter goals, and how your chapter operations changed because of COVID-19 (e.g., how did it affect recruitment, initiation, etc. Were events/activities held virtually? Due to COVID-19 and the different circumstances, our Gamma Delta chapter had a very different year. However, these changes did not stop our chapter from coming together, making our sisterhood stronger than ever. This year, Gamma Delta won the Sally Moore Nitschke Lifelong Education Award. In addition to that, myself along with our Vice President of Organization were awarded academic scholarships from Kappa. Although we could not be at convention this year, we were fortunate enough to watch different sessions virtually. Even though the spring semester of 2020 ended early, we were still able to fit in a few exciting events. In February, our President, Vice President Standards, and Marshal were able to visit Butler University and have one our new members initiated there because she was unable to attend our initiation ceremony in the fall. Their chapter was extremely welcoming and helpful and it was great to experience another chapter’s initiation ceremony. We also had our Spring Spontaneous dance which was a Valentine’s Day themed called “Kappa Krush” in February. This was a fun and bonding event organized by our Event Chairmen which ended up being our last in person event of the year. After our school, Purdue University made the decision to hold the rest of the semester online, we made sure to still hold virtual chapter council and whole chapter meetings weekly. We were extremely lucky to still have our Kappa Leadership Consultant meet with our chapter council virtually both one-on-one with each member and with the council as a whole. She was helpful and gave amazing advice as we approached a year of uncertainty and newness due to the virus. Before the year ended, our Education Chairman made sure to read senior spotlights at chapter, and had us write letters to the seniors. Our Public Relations Chairman posted about each senior, their favorite memory of Kappa, and what their plans for the future were. As the next school year started, several changes were made to the Kappa house because of the circumstances. Our Treasurer worked with Kappa and parents to change the price of bills according to the new changes. We made sure to follow CDC guidelines by making sure everyone socially distanced and wore masks when not in their rooms. Our house chairman worked hard at re-doing room placements to make sure rooms did not contain too many girls and changed one of our study rooms into a quarantine room for girls that needed to stay there. Our kitchen was changed from having buffet style to ordering food and picking it up. Members who did not live in the house and guests were not permitted into the house. As the recruitment process started, we prepared for its entirety to be virtual. Our Recruitment Chairman worked extremely hard at teaching the chapter how the process would be and held several meetings explaining and doing run-throughs. Recruitment was held over zoom and involved breakout rooms so our sisters could talk to the Potential New Members one-on-one. Although the process was very different, we made sure to include videos our sisters and our house. Our Public Relations Chairman posted daily about Kappa and created room tour videos since the PNM’s were not able to visit the house. One of our sisters created her our mask business and made Kappa masks to all of our sisters to wear during this time and to class to promote safety and show our Kappa pride. We are so lucky to have gotten an amazing group of 40 New Members. Our New Member Chairman held a virtual Bid Day with the theme of “Falling in Love with Kappa”. She made sure to give exciting facts about our house and used breakout rooms so we could talk to the New Members virtually. Our New Member Chairman, held several virtual meetings with the New Members to guide them through their trainings. As the year went on and amidst the craziness, our goal as a Chapter Council was to keep our sisters safe, informed, and still promote sisterhood as much as we could. Our Standards Chairman held several virtual sisterhood events to boost morale and promote sisterhood. One of the most popular events she had was a pumpkin decorating contest for girls to decorate socially distanced in and outside of the house, and then our Public Relations Chairman posted the pumpkins on the Kappa Instagram for people to vote. The winners received Halloween goodie bags. Our House Chairman also planned fun events throughout the year including her creation of the owl scavenger hunt. She placed tiny owls around the house and gave clever Kappa riddles about their locations. She gave Kappa gear and prizes to the girls who found them. Our Events Chairman also planned different themed chapter meetings which caused our sisters to dress according to theme and keep their camera on the entire meeting. Our Vice President of Academics also implemented a new resource called the “Virtual Binder Room”. This resource contains different folders of note, study tips, quizzlets, past quizzes, and any other helpful study materials for all different majors. She created this so we can add any virtual academic materials we have to share with one another to help us study better. Our philanthropy looked very different this year as well. Since we were not able to have an in-person philanthropy event, our Philanthropy Chairman created a “Skip-A-Meal”. She partnered with our campus Chipotle and for anyone who purchased a meal on October 27 and mentioned Kappa, 33% of their meal would go towards our fundraiser. She also incorporated Crowd Change which is a virtual fundraiser. Her goal was for each girl to raise $50 to meet our goal. This was a great success and we were able to raise$3,032.62. Throughout the year, I as the Marshal gave Kappa Fun Facts and suggested several Kappa virtual webinars and resources that our sisters could take advantage of. As initiation approached, our overnight, three part ceremony was transformed into the 40 minute virtual ceremony. I learned from several trainings on how to conduct this and received amazing help from our Ritual and History Specialist. I made sure to still hold an Inspiration Week but modified it to be virtual. This consisted of assigning girls new members to text everyday with their favorite quote, song, a Starbucks gift card, or simply a nice message to brighten their day. I also had the girls write letters to the New Members and was still able to bring the sanitized letters and flowers to the new Initiates. The initiation ceremony was still as special and meaningful with all the ritual components. Several alumni were able to attend and it went very well. After the ceremony, the new initiate’s big sisters dropped off “Kappa Kristmas” gifts to their dorms in a socially distanced manner. Throughout the year, our Panhellenic Delegate and Risk Chairman made sure to keep us updated and informed with new rules and safety tips which helped us tremendously. Our President, Bella Brown truly was amazing this term and was constantly making sure our sisters were safe and informed and made sure everything ran as smoothly as it could. She handled all the uncertainty and new changes with grace and kept a positive attitude which reflected on the entire chapter. We are so thankful for all her guidance amongst this crazy year.

Chapter Philanthropy What organization does the chapter support? Our chapter splits our fundraising three ways. We give 1/3 to Reading is Fundamental, 1/3 to United Way, and 1/3 to the Kappa Kappa Gamma foundation.

Why did the chapter choose this organization? We chose this because all organizations align with Kappa’s values. We have also been donating to these organizations for years so we wanted to continue the tradition.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion How did your chapter include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in your programming this year? (e.g., adding a DEI officer, philanthropy events, social media awareness campaign chapter training, etc.). This year, we spent a lot of time focusing on diversity, equality, and inclusion. When our LC visited “virtually” she explained to the entire Chapter Council how important it is and gave us several helpful resources to share with the rest of our chapter. Our Public Relations Chairman was very active in posting about diversity and equality, especially during the BLM movement. As school started, we had a programming night about this and made sure to keep our sisters informed and supplied with resources on how to be more inclusive especially with the current events. Our Recruitment Chairman also held a meeting about this before recruitment started to emphasis the importance and how we could incorporate this into our one-on-one conversations with the Potential New Members.

Sesquicentennial Celebration How did your chapter celebrate Kappa’s 150th anniversary? Share what you have done this year. For this incredibly special year, we made sure to celebrate it the best way we could. Our Education Chairman brought Kappa goodies for the house on the day of and gave an amazing speech about Kappa during chapter on the week of the anniversary. I gave Kappa fun facts every week of chapter to help educate our sisters even more about our special fratnerity and had every girl tune into Kappa’s live Sesquicentennial Founder’s Day Celebration. Our Public Relations Chairman posted several pictures and facts about Kappa, our house transformation, and alumni throughout the years.

Photographs Are there any interesting photos from this year to share? e.g., screen shots of virtual meetings, pictures of chapter events that followed all public health guidelines (mask wearing, physical distancing, etc), pictures of masks, drive-thru vid days, etc.

Highlights of 2022

During the past year, the Gamma Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has been extremely busy and hardworking. Over the past year our chapter has grown, overcome hardships, and experience change. The past year we had sixteen members lead our chapter council. Each member brought different personalities, ideas, values, and were great leaders for our chapter. The first semester of our chapter council term we were faced with more obstacles as we were going back to normal roles from the pandemic compared to the second semester. However, we all supported one another, helped one another, and were able to learn and grow as a group from our time on chapter council.

         In February we had a spontaneous dance called Kappa Kasino. This dance was a great opportunity for our sisters to have fun and socialize outside of academics. In February we also hosted a sisterhood event at a local yoga studio. We thought doing Yoga would be a great opportunity for our sisters to get out of the house, detach from school, help with mental health, as we know academics can be overwhelming. Our yoga sisterhood event was our best one yet and we are very thankful we were able to host this event. In March we had Mom’s weekend, Sapphire dance, and our annual Kappa Wing Night. Our annual “Wing Night” has always been our most popular philanthropy event. Due to COVID we have not been able to host this event since 2019. Having the approval to put on our Wing Night was very exciting and fun for our chapter. Our outstanding chef Jose made wings for us to serve. We played music and had some members dressed up in chicken costumes. It was a great turnout with a long line out the door and tons of fun for all our members and our community. In August we started our new academic year with work week for our fall recruitment. Our Recruitment chair did an awesome job with work week and made fun themes every day to add excitement for our members. In September we welcomed home a new membership class of 43 girls. Throughout September and October, we have grown closer as a house, planning many sisterhood events to encourage members to get to know our new members and to hangout as a chapter. The last week of September we hosted a weeklong philanthropy event called Kappa Olympics. This was our first time doing this. We had a great turnout and raised a lot of money for Mental Health of America. We had members from different pledge classes attend other organization’s philanthropic events. With members attending other organization’s philanthropic events we were able to gain awareness and be more involved in our community.

            As a chapter council we developed new goals for our term. We wanted to make sure our communication within the chapter was good, be more involved in our community, and make sure all our members were staying engaged and were happy and healthy. We improved our communication skills by extending our chapter council meetings, having a leadership seminar, and sent out a google sheet weekly for our members to ask questions and leave concerns. Some ways we were able to stay involved on campus and show support to other organizations was through attending philanthropic events and respect events sponsored from Purdue’s Panhellenic Community. Respect events varied in topics of discussion from sexual assault, inclusion, equity, and health advocation. Members from our chapter would attend these events to gain information and increase awareness for mental health, wellness, sexual well-being, racial/cultural awareness, and respect. During chapter meetings our Mental Health and Wellness chair would share tips on mental health and let our chapter know about all the resources and events available for them. We also revamped a room in our house and made it a “Zen Room” for girls to go to when they need face space and alone time. Supporting our members and making sure everyone was okay was something we excelled at not only as chapter council but as a house because of our strong sisterhood.

Our chapter supported the local organization of Mental Health America Wabash Valley Region. Some ways members were able to show support was through writing letters to residents at ViaQuest Hospice. During all our sisterhood events and our recruitment work week we all wrote letters to residents and sent them cards. During the first semester, the chapter was able to support Kappa’s philanthropy by hosting a “Wing Night” at our house. We welcomed tons of people into the house and served them wings, mac and cheese, and muffins made by our chef. In September we put together a week-long of events called Kappa Olympics. Participants formed teams and competed against one another for a week, some events were egg toss, relay raises, and tug a war. As a chapter we were able to raise over $12,000 for Mental Health America through both of our fundraising events. Moving forward with philanthropic events, as a chapter we are hoping to spread more awareness of mental health and get more involved in the West Lafayette area to help those struggling.

We celebrated Founders Day on October 13th by buying blue and white cookies and setting them out during dinner. During dinner time the ritual committee did a Founders Day education game. The game was a Kahoot where members were tested on founder day information. The house was able to learn more fun facts about Kappa and our founders. The winner of the Kahoot got a 5-dollar Starbucks gift card!

Our chapter included diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in our programming this year by appointing a DEI officer. The person who was appointed as a DEI officer held a position on chapter council as Panhellenic Delegate. The communication was efficient because she was able to communicate events and educational programs happening on campus to our chapter. We also hosted events virtually educating members on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Members were required to attend chapter training for DEI and we posted on social media to raise awareness. As a chapter council we delegated younger members to a committee of diversity, equity, and inclusion education. Moving forward as a chapter, we will continue to attend events, spread awareness, and have open communication. 

 Two of our Members attended the Kappa Convention in California over the summer. When we came back in August, they were able to teach us everything they learned and explained ways to help our chapter grow. Our President was able to meet a lot of other Kappa’s from schools all over. She has stayed in contact with them throughout the year and formed friendships with them. Many alumni came back during our Homecoming game. We had girls give them tours of the house and set out cookies and water for them when they came to visit. It was very fun to be able to talk with them and hear about their experiences when they were active members. As initiation is approaching, we have invited 8 alumni to come spend the weekend with us and help us initiate our new members. We are very excited to welcome them into our house and for the opportunity to have them help us.

  As a chapter council and chapter, we grew in communication, education, and worked to handle change. Our chapter members worked hard to adapt to change and have open discussions about current events. The Gamma Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has had a great year and has continued to keep our strong sisterhood alive by our constant support and love we have for one another.




Highlights of 2023

Throughout the previous calendar year, our chapter has participated in numerous events and traditions such as formal dinner and formal chapter meetings, philanthropy events such as kappa wing night and wellness week, primary recruitment, bid day, new member pinning ceremony, return of the new member pin ceremony, I-Week, Initiation, DEI and Panhellenic respect roundtables, fun and engaging sisterhood events such as flower arranging, valentines day kahoot, and a pumpkin painting contest, and meeting with committees bi weekly. The major goals for our chapter were to incorporate the new chapter officer structure, hold monthly meetings with the different departments on the executive board, facilitate ritual ceremonies how they are supposed to be done, promote our philanthropy through social media campaigns and events on campus, and successfully obtain new members through recruitment and lead them through an efficient initiation ceremony. In order to complete these traditions and events and accomplish these goals, the executive board came together to prioritize these initiatives and develop a plan to incorporate these goals in the chapter. Once this was done, it was then shared with all chapter members and steps were taken to get the house more involved in the events that take place within our chapter.


Last semester, Mental Health America was selected as our mental health and well-being partner and they serve as a nonprofit organization committed to promoting mental health, well-being, and illness prevention. We raised money through our philanthropy events and activities such as Kappa Wing Night, Kappa Krush Valentine grams, and making study packages with a fellow fraternity for students on campus. All the money raised was then donated to Mental Health America and we promoted their organization during all events, activities, and through our social media pages. This semester we partnered with the JED Foundation and NEDA. To help support both of these organizations, we had an entire week philanthropy event (Wellness Week) dedicated to raising money and providing resources to students on campus. Each day we did something different on campus to get more students involved such as handing out pins and resources, having a sweet treat booth, organizing sunset yoga, and handing out flowers with compliment tags. We accepted donations for all of these events and in total we raised $11,547 for the JED Foundation and NEDA.


Over the past two semesters, our organization has continued its commitment to serving the local community through our service activities. Last semester, we collaborated with the Versiti Blood Center of Indiana to organize a successful blood drive, contributing to the crucial cause of saving lives. This semester we will be partnering with the ACE Food Pantry on campus for a food drive, which directly addresses the issue of food insecurity within our campus community. Members are also required to have service hours outside of these events to make sure we expand our effect on the community beyond within the house.


This semester our chapter celebrated Founders Day by handing out blue decorated cookies and cupcakes as well as information about our founders. In addition to this, the public relations chair posted about our Founders Day on social media in order to spread awareness and information about the special day to those who are in kappa, are kappa alum, and others who are involved or not involved in Greek life. The post included relevant information pertaining to the founding of Kappa and the main founders of Kappa Kappa Gamma.


This semester during recruitment work week, we had the DEI chair from the Purdue Panhellenic board come speak to the whole chapter about how to implement effective DEI techniques during recruitment. This was a great way for our house to come together and think of new, inclusive ideas that we could include in the conversations we have with young women going through recruitment. In addition to this, we also had a speaker travel to Purdue who facilitated a courage to commit training session. During this training event, we learned that it is important to prioritize the needs of each member in the house and in order to do this, individuals have to step up to incorporate change in their actions in order to be a more inclusive organization. Throughout the year, our public relations chair posts motivational quotes to encourage a more inclusive and positive environment for all.


ast semester, our chapter president, event, finance, and VP membership officers all attended the Kappa Leadership Conference in Texas. At the conference there were many interactive workshops to attend that focused on how to incorporate an effective officer structure within the house that would help the executive board become more insightful on how to run a chapter. In addition to this, the KLC allowed small groups of different chapters to discuss with each other about how they do certain things within the executive board and chapter. Attending the KLC has strengthened our connection within the executive and leadership teams as we were able to learn how to adapt to the new officer structure and gain insight from other chapters on how to improve our connections with alumnae and our chapter over all. One member from our chapter also attended Leadership Academy over the summer and was able to gain insightful knowledge on how to take initiative and be a leader in a sorority which she then shared all that she learned with the house at a chapter meeting.