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Gamma Alpha

Gamma Alpha Chapter was founded at Kansas State University (formerly Kansas State Agricultural College) in Manhattan, Kansas on September 23, 1916.

Founding Date: Sep 23rd, 1916

Status: Active



District: Zeta

The Early Years (From The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma 1870–1976)

Kansas State Agricultural College was established in 1863 in Manhattan under authorization of an Act of Congress.

A group of coeds which had begun as The Witches had organized itself into a local fraternity, Lambda Lambda Theta, by 1906. Lambda members stressed scholarship and participation in college activities. They were campus leaders. In 1909 the local moved into its first house, and later into a larger home known as the “Lambda Farm,” where a cinder path led to the campus. This posed a problem because of the high heeled shoes, which were a must with the currently popular hobble skirts, cart wheel hats, and high coiffures. In 1913 the college paved the way for national organizations, and three local clubs became Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi, and Delta Delta Delta.

Lambda’s first attempt at affiliation with Kappa was discouraged because the Fraternity frowned on agricultural colleges. In 1915 the Kappa policy was changes and a second petition brought a charter in the spring of 1916.

Grand President Lydia Voris Kolbe, Akron, conducted the installation September 23, 1916. She was assisted by 14 members of Omega, the sponsoring chapter at the University of Kansas in Lawrence; two members from Sigma at the University of Nebraska; and two Kappas who lived in Manhattan.

This was the height of rushing season and the Omegas helped rush at a dance given the night before installation. After the ceremony and a short business meeting, there was another initiation for the nine girls who had joined the group since the 21 charter members who had signed the petition.

There was a reception given for the townspeople and faculty members, followed by a banquet for the Kappas. A golden key, gleaming with electric lights, adorned one wall of the banquet hall. Gamma Alpha’s first year was crowned with success. The chapter led in scholarship, and placed first at Aggie Pop Night, an annual stunt competition sponsored by the YWCA. Gamma Alpha also won a silver coffee urn presented by Panhellenic for being first in scholarship three consecutive years.

Gamma Alpha’s first permanent home was purchased in July, 1918, from a former president of the college. That 1917-1918 college year was a trying one due to the influenza epidemic and World War I. The Kappas were active in Red Cross work and at Camp Funston.

As is customary with the establishment of new chapters buying houses and furniture, Gamma Alpha had accumulated debts. In 1920 all debts were paid and in 1930 the chapter was able to finance a new chapter house without placing heavy financial burdens on the chapter or the alumnae. An imposing new house was completed at 517 North Delaware Avenue in time for fall rushing in 1930.

During the first 14 years of Gamma Alpha’s history, the chapter was represented regularly in Purple Masque, glee clubs and orchestras, class offices, YWCA presidencies, and Mortar Board. Kappas were elected to home economic, music, science, forensic and journalism honorary societies as well as Phi Beta Kappa. Members were chosen Homecoming Queens, Royal Purple Queens, and Regimental Commanders.

In 1939, 17 pledges began a revolt against hazing after a particularly bad night. They believed that “Kappa was above all that” and expressed disappointment to the active chapter. From then on, there never again was embarrassing or unconventional hazing, just fun things like lock-outs and sneaks. The same pledge class was creative and economical too. They decorated for the “Winter Wonderland” formal with fir branches, stars, blue streamers and a replica of the Kappa house with lighted windows, with an expenditure of only $5.

Of course things were cheaper then. When the Henry Busse Band played in Junction City, tickets were 98 cents plus tax, and “slack suits” cost from $1.50 to $7.95.

Shirley Karns (Johnson) was won everything in 1940: Military Cadet Colonel, Barnwarmer Princess, and Miss St. Patricia. Jeanne Jaccard (Parker) was a beauty queen, and Paula Kelly had the honor of singing with the Glenn Miller orchestra.

During the 1950s, Gamma Alphas traditionally entertained alumnae at special weekends; gave a tea for faculty at Christmas; had big little sister parties; sang carols for the hospitalized at Fort Riley; and collected toys for needy children at Christmas.

Gamma Alpha Chapter was named runner-up for the Efficiency Cup at the 1952 Fraternity Convention. In the fall of 1961, chapter members moved to the Gillette Hotel in downtown Manhattan with great expectations of adventure, while the chapter house was completely remodeled. But the next fall the house was still not ready for occupancy. The Kappas met this crisis with humor and aplomb, and moved into the empty St. Mary Hospital.

More than 200 Kappa alumnae returned for the 50-year celebration of Gamma Alpha. A buffet dinner at the house was followed by rushing skits and an evening of melody and reminiscing as actives and alumnae traded songs from their chapter days. The banquet the next night was at Kansas State Union. Early days were recalled, charter members honored, and 50-year pins presented.

In 1916 when Gamma Alpha was chartered, there were 3,340 students, 350 faculty members, and 17 buildings on Kansas State’s campus. In 1973 there were approximately 15,000 students, 3,000 faculty, and 70 buildings.

The previous information was excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, 1870-1976. The information that follows has been gleaned from available resources including Chapter History Reports, chapter meeting minutes, letters and comments from chapter members and alumnae, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Archives, and The Key. Each chapter is expected to update its history record annually. Contact Fraternity Headquarters at [email protected] with questions.

Highlights of the 1970s

During the1970s, Gamma Alpha excelled in scholarship and intramurals, and enjoyed domination in University Sing competitions. Recruitment at the university had increased participation resulting in the chapter purchasing the property next door to serve as an annex. Many campus organizations welcomed women for the first time, and Kappas took advantage of this opportunity. Members were involved in the Student Governing Association and Blue Key.

Highlights of the 1980s

Gamma Alpha maintained high standards in scholarship, placing second on campus during mid-decade. They also were the largest sorority on campus with 116 members. The chapter received the Martha Gallagher Cox award at Zeta Province Meeting. The first woman ever elected president of the student body was a Kappa, Angela Scanlan. The 65th anniversary of the chapter found more than 500 attending the celebration.

Highlights of the 1990s

The 1990s started off on a high note as the chapter’s scholarship ranked first on campus for several semesters. When the chapter’s ranking dropped for a few semesters and didn’t meet its standards the chapter foccused on changing the trend. The efforts were rewarded when it once again attained the number one ranking to close out the decade, and held that ranking for ten semesters.

Gamma Alpha hosted Zeta Province Meeting in 1991. Throughout the decade, the chapter was honored at the Province Meetings, receiving the Marilyn Nichols Bullock Gracious Living award, Excellence in Communication, and the Carolyn Steele Stauffer Scholarship Honorable Mention. Fraternity Convention awards included the Heritage Award and honorable mentions in Chapter Finance and Efficiency. They also were one of the few chapters to successfully achieve 100% in the Challenge to Excellence.

A major event for Gamma Alpha occurred at the end of the decade as major renovations, including additions to the dining room, formal and informal living rooms and handicap accessability were underway. Chapter members faced many challenges throughout the construction, including eating formal dinners on paper plates while sitting on the floor, finding alternate locations to hold chapter meetings, and fewer members able to live-in. The biggest challenge was the need to hold recruitment in a different location. The Kappa Deltas offered their house, and recruitment went as usual with stellar results.

Gamma Alpha’s 75th and 80th anniversaries were celebrated.

Kappa was the only Greek house on campus invited to participate in the 1994 McCain Holiday Homes Tour. Pilanthropy participation remained high. A new philanthropy event, Earthball, enjoyed many years of success. The competition included recycling efforts as well as a soccer/football competition using a five-foot diameter ball. Proceeds benefitted local charities.

Highlights of 2000-2010

This decade found Gamma Alpha’s membership reaching as many as 182 members. The campus also grew with the construction of the Recreation Complex and Leadership Studies building.

Philanthropy efforts continued to thrive. Chapter members gave their time visiting the Boys and Girls Club to read books and donated for Reading is Key. The campus-wide Earthball competition resulted in donations to the Manhatten Headstart program and the Manhattan Library. The chapter celebrated campus successes with a first place in two Homecoming competitions and first place in campus intramurals.

Awards at Zeta Province Meetings were given to Gamma Alpha for Communication, Advisory Board and Educational Programming. At the 2004 Fraternity Convention the chapter received the Most Outstanding Chapter award. Gamma Alpha member Marilyn Nichols Bullock received the Fraternity’s highest aware, the Loyalty Award, at the 2004 Fraternity Convention held in Kansas City.

Highlights of 2011-2019

From chapter’s History Report: Scholarship, group honors/awards, traditions, special events, changes on campus or within chapter, overall nature of the chapter, chapter goals, challenges and how they were overcome, etc.:

Highlights of 2012

Gamma Alpha is an incredible chapter full of amazing women! 2012 has been a year full of challenges and success, perseverance and reward.

2012 Goals: 1. Effective communication. While we are still working to achieve this goal, we have made great strides in keeping the chapter well informed of events at Gamma Alpha. During chapter, officers announce upcoming events several weeks in advance, we hang up monthly calendars, and send out email reminders to keep members accountable and informed. 2. Foster stronger relationships between active members and alumni. During 2012, we had an incredible alumni turnout for initiation. Our alumni have done an outstanding job of staying in touch with the the chapter. We even had a Kappa sing along event with an alum! 3. Encourage greater participation from members. This was accomplished through a number of fun activities and philanthropic events which boosted moral and provided opportunities for all Gamma Alpha members to be involved.

Challenges: 2012 has been an eventful year for Gamma Alpha. We have had a lot of ups and downs throughout the past year, but despite the hardships, we have grown increasingly stronger and have been able to persevere. The biggest hardship we have experienced was receiving the news that one of our active members, Emily Mayfield, was diagnosed with Leukemia. In response to this news, Gamma Alpha held a bone marrow drive on campus which had an incredible and supportive response! We have stayed in close contact with Emily by sending her letters of encouragement every week, surprise gifts, and we even skyped her during chapter. It is has been incredible to see the support of the Gamma Alpha members as well as other Kappa chapters in the area! Emily is currently recovering from a successful bone marrow transplant and will return to Gamma Alpha next semester! Leadership:

Leadership is another area in which Gamma Alpha has struggled during 2012. Unfortunately, two of our officers resigned due to reasons outside of Kappa last semester, but replacements were made and we were able to readjust to the new leadership quite smoothly.

Scholarship: Scholarship has been an area of focus for the Gamma Alpha Chapter. We placed 6th out of 14 in grades in the 2012 spring semester. Although we were above the all sorority and campus average, 6th place was concerning, so we doubled our efforts and received 4th place in grades for the 2012 fall semester! We have recently started “Kappa Studyhall” which is a designated time to study after chapter. It is optional, but there are prizes to attract members! This has greatly helped boost our academics.

Philanthropy: The Gamma Alpha chapter has always struggled with effective philanthropy, and 2012 was no exception. We took a new approach to philanthropy this year by implementing new ideas and reaching out to a different demographic. Our biggest philanthropy event was “K-State Gladiators” which took place at our local park. We rented several bounce houses, and blow-up slides to attract families with small children as well as college students. Although we had a fair turnout of people, the rent for the activities was expensive and we did not fare as well as we had hoped. We have learned from our mistakes and now have a clearer picture of what will and won’t work for our philanthropies, so hopefully 2013 will be a huge success!

Campus: Kansas State University continues to provide an extremely healthy and happy environment in which students consistently thrive. It has been an exciting year in sports as K-State was #1 in the nation in football at one point during the season. Our football team also made it to the Fiesta Bowl which created a huge moral boost on campus! The Bill Synder football stadium is now undergoing construction and completion is expected by next football season. Apart from sports, Kansas State University is approaching its 150th anniversary and has made several changes on campus to celebrate, ranging from building upgrades to hiring artists to paint pictures of our beautiful campus. There are also over 400 campus organizations and clubs available to students which provide extracurricular activities and experiences that can only be gained outside the classroom. Overall, Kansas State University is thriving, consistently growing, and persistently striving to accomplish huge goals.

Chapter: The Gamma Alpha chapter is a strong chapter consisting of about 170 members. Each member is unique and individual and this creates an atmosphere of acceptance and camaraderie. The diversity displayed throughout the chapter instills a deep appreciation of Kappa in each and every woman. We are extremely proud of how our members are involved on campus and how we show incredible initiative outside of Kappa’s walls. Our members are involved in the K-State Student Government Association, Student Foundation, Student Alumni Board, the Executive Honors Board, Order of Omega, Silver Key - Sophomore Honorary, Freshman Honorary, and countless other organizations. Gamma Alpha members truly understand the importance of involvement! Overall, the Gamma Alpha chapter provides a safe, healthy, positive, and supportive environment for all members.

Highlights of 2013

2013 was a year of great success and accomplishments for the women of Gamma Alpha. In 2012 one of our sisters, Emily Mayfield, was diagnosed with Leukemia. We are happy to report that Emily is now in remission and she was able to return for the 2013 fall term.

Officer transitions took place in 2013. Women who possess great leadership skills filled the leadership roles and have made a great impact on the chapter. Our 18 officers went above and beyond their duties to help make the Gamma Alpha chapter stronger than ever.

Scholarship: The Gamma Alpha chapter did exceedingly well in grades during the 2013 school year. We placed fourth in grades out of fourteen sororities in the spring semester. While this was a lower ranking than hoped for, the women of the chapter worked together to continue striving academically. “Kappa Studyhall” is still in place and has been going very well. For the fall semester of 2013 Gamma Alpha placed second in grades overall, with the pledge class of 2013 placing first. We were very excited and proud of our accomplishments.

Philanthropy: Gamma Alpha had two new philanthropy events that were very effective and successful during the 2013 school year. During the spring semester we organized an event along with Gamma Phi Beta called “Sundae Funday,” which was hosted at Gamma Alpha. We sold ice cream with various toppings. Our chapter members enjoyed mingling with the Kansas State community and promoting our chapter. We divided the proceeds evenly with Gamma Phi Beta. Sundae Funday was effectively promoted using social media and campus resources. There was a wonderful turnout. Gamma Alpha’s half of the profits were given to “Reading is Fundamental”, “KKG Foundation” and “Manhattan Public Library Summer Reading Program.”

For the fall philanthropy, we organized an event called “Kappaccino.” We rented a booth space in the student union where we sold French Vanilla Cappuccinos as well as packaged bags of Kappaccino mix and t-shirts. Proceeds from Kappaccino were given to our local philanthropy, The KU Cancer Center. Both of these events were well suited for the weather at the time—ice cream during the spring and cappuccinos in the winter. We really enjoyed them both.

During the 2013 calendar year chapter members recorded community service hours weekly. For the spring semester our chapter had a total of 894 hours of community service. In the fall semester we gathered 3, 740 hours. We are excited to expand our community service both individually and as a group for the upcoming year.

Province Awards: Province 2013 was an exciting weekend spent in Lawrence, Kansas. The Gamma Alpha chapter was awarded the Outstanding Recruitment Award, the Outstanding Financial Chapter Management Award and an honorable mention for the House Board Award. The Manhattan Alumnae Association was also awarded the Gavel Award.

Special Events: During the Fall 2013 semester we had the great privilege to help start a Kappa chapter at Wichita State University. Our chapter members traveled to Wichita three times to assist with the recruitment and formal pledging process. Then, 50 active members traveled back in November for the Installation and Initiation of the Wichita State University Eta Upsilon Chapter. This was such an amazing experience, and we made memories that will last a lifetime. We are excited about this newfound sisterhood and being able to share such sacred memories with each other.

Campus: Kansas State University is achieving great things and 2013 was a testament to that. In August the Princeton Review’s article; “The Best 378 Colleges,” acknowledged K-State for ranking 2nd for great campus and community relations, 5th for student satisfaction, 6th for happiest students, and 7th for best quality of life.

Spring 2013 was an especially exciting time for sports. Both the men’s basketball and men’s baseball teams were Big 12 Conference Champions, and the Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium construction was completed before the first home football game of the 2013 football season.

K-State recently launched a strategic plan to become one of the top 50 research universities in the country by the year 2025. This plan includes many updates to the campus, programs and majors, athletics, and student life. We are all excited about the continued expansion and improvements to the university.

Chapter: In August of 2013 the Gamma Alpha chapter welcomed a new house mom; Mom Julia. She has been a great addition to the house and the chapter members appreciate all the hard work she does. There are over 170 active Gamma Alpha members. Each one of us brings such unique qualities to this chapter and mesh together very well. The women of this chapter balance schoolwork, part-time jobs and extra-curricular activities in addition to Chapter events and activities. We have really taken advantage of social media to promote our house in a positive way. With having a Twitter account, @ksukappa, everyone is able to tweet about how special Kappa is to them. During the past year our chapter worked on maintaining a positive reputation at Kansas State University. We can’t wait to see how much more we can achieve in the next calendar year.

Highlights of 2014

2014 Summary: Twenty-fourteen was a great year for the women of Gamma Alpha chapter at Kansas State University. Not only did Kappa win first place at the 2014 homecoming competition, our all house GPA was ranked in the top three for Greek houses at Kansas State. We hosted two fantastic philanthropies, Sundae Funday and Kappaccino. This year’s recruitment was one for the books as we welcomed 59 new members into our house. The new members fit in perfectly and we are proud to call them our sisters. Twenty-fourteen was Gamma Alpha’s 98th anniversity and we welcomed many Gamma Alpha Alumni to have lunch with us, tour the house before the renovations and meet our new members. Complete renovation of the second and third floors began in December and is scheduled to be completed by end of summer 2015. The current in-house members are temporarily living in the Jardine Apartment Complex during the spring semester of 2015.

Philanthropy: Gamma Alpha participated in two very strong philanthropies. Our first one was in the spring and we called it Sundae Funday. For this philanthropy we partnered with Gamma Phi Beta and we hosted an ice cream bar, which allowed students at Kansas State to create their favorite treat while raising money for a great cause. We raised over $1700 to go to our philanthropy. We also partnered with Farmhouse for their philanthropy called Philanthocakes. We made thousands of pancakes and served the students at Kansas State University. The turnout was so great we had a line out the door and down the block. Our second philanthropy, which we held in November, was called Kappaccino. We rented a booth at the student union and sold Kappaccino’s to students, which was perfect considering the temperature was close to freezing that week. Our total amount raised came to about $700 dollars.

Campus: Our campus is continuing to grow in size and with that we are excited to announce that Kansas State University will be adding a women’s soccer team to our athletic programs. Plus, the Bill Snyder Football Stadium is currently being expanded to seat even more fans to cheer on our amazing football team!! Our university is continually improving and changing to fit the needs of our student body. Kansas State also launched a plan to become one of the top 50 research universities in the country by 2025.

Chapter: The Gamma Alpha chapter is growing robustly in size. We went from having 170 active members in 2013 to having 190 active members in 2014 and with that we are becoming very close with each other during chapter meetings. This is our house moms second year being Gamma Alpha’s chapter house mom and she has been wonderful. She loves knowing how our days have been and she is always a great listener. The women of our chapter are very busy balancing schoolwork, jobs and extra curricular activities in addition to being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma(the best sorority on campus). We have a twitter and Facebook page where members can post just how special Kappa really is. We are also working on setting up an Instagram account to help promote our chapter and the philanthropies even more. At Kappa’s National Convention over the summer we also received the award of excellence in chapter management.

Highlights of 2015

Twenty-fifteen was a bit different then most years. The first half of the semester we lived in Jardine apartment complex while our house was getting the renovations completed. We had chapter dinners at the dorm cafeteria. In the fall when our house got reopened we held a philanthropy called Cupcakes for Kappa’s. We gave people house tours of our house and after the tour we gave them cupcakes and refreshments. This year was Gamma Alphas 99th anniversary and is very crazy because we are preparing in all ways for the 100th next year. This summer our main floor and basement are going to be redone in preparations for the 100th.

Our campus is continuing to grow in size and with that we are adding a soccer team to Kansas State University next year. Also the Bill Snyder Family Stadium is getting is third phase done to complete the three-year renovation project. This phase will complete the bowl of the stadium and will house our marching band. By 2025 Kansas State hopes to be one of the top 50 research universities in the country.

This year we hosted three philanthropies. The first one was Sundae Funday, the second was Cupcakes with Kappas, and the third was Kappacino. Sundae Funday is an ice cream social in which we partner with Gamma Phi Beta and have students from the university pay a entrance fee but then they can have as much ice cream as they want. We raised around $1500. Cupcakes with Kappa was very successful, because people wanted to see the renovations to our house. We raised a few thousand off of that philanthropy alone. Finally Kappacino was another hit this year because college kids love coffee. We sold out all three days. We raised $400 dollars Kappacino.

Highlights of 2016

Twenty- sixteen was a fantastic year for the women of Gamma Alpha Chapter at Kansas State University. Our all house GPA was ranked in the top three for Greek houses at Kansas State. We hosted three fantastic philanthropies, Sundae Fundae, Kupcakes with Kappa, and Chili with Willie. This year’s recruitment was fantastic and we welcomed 49 wonderful new members into our house. We are proud to call them our new sisters and they fit perfectly into Gamma Alpha. Twenty-sixteen was Gamma Alpha’s 100th anniversary and Manhattan, Kansas welcomed over 700+ Gamma Alpha alumni back to Manhattan to celebrate. There was a luncheon for the active and alumnae, house and campus tours were provided by active members, and the active members enjoyed a formal date party in the evening. Complete renovations were completed in the kitchen and first floor during the summer of 2016.

Our campus is continuing to grow in size and with that we were excited to cheer on the newly founded Kansas State women’s soccer team during their inaugural season. Our university faced several challenges this past school year, but the university is continually improving and changing to fit the needs of our student body. We also welcomed a new university president, President General Richard Meyers. The Gamma Alpha chapter is continuing to grow in size, we currently have 185 active chapter members. This is our house mom, Mom Juls, fourth year and she has been a wonderful part of our house for the last several years. She loves attending events that feature Gamma Alphas, hearing about our day, and saving us from a bad haircut. This was our cook, Liz’s 18th year and she provides great nourishment and advice for all the women in the Gamma Alpha house. The women of our chapter are very busy balancing schoolwork, jobs, and extra curricular activities in addition to being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma (aka the best sorority on campus). We have a twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account to help promote our chapter and philanthropies even more; as well as where members can post about just how special Kappa really is. At Kappa’s National Convention over the summer we also received the award of excellence in chapter management.

Gamma Alpha participated in two very strong philanthropies. Our first one was in the spring and we called in Sundae Funday. We partnered with Delta Sigma Phi and we hosted in ice cream bar, which allowed students at Kansas State to create their favorite treat while raising money for a great cause. We raised over $2,500 to go to our philanthropy. Our second philanthropy, Kupcakes with Kappa we held in August after school started. We invited Kansas State students to enjoy a house tour of our newly renovated house as well as eat delicious cupcakes! For this philanthropy we raised over $2,000 that went towards our philanthropy. Our final philanthropy, Chili with Willie we held in December. We partnered with PIKE and served chili at our house for Kansas State students, Willie the Wildcat our school mascot also made an appearance at this event. For this event we raised over $9,000 that went towards our philanthropy. We chose to suport the organizations because we wanted to give back to the Kappa Kappa Gamma community as well as the Manahattan community.

Highlights of 2017

Our chapter has achieved many successes over the past year. In the spring semester, we were recognized as the chapter with the most women to achieve a 4.0 GPA and placed second in grades overall with a 3.476. Continuing our steadfast reputation of excellence, we also won Homecoming Week in the fall with our partners of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi. Our chapter took 1st in Paint the Ville and 3rd in Pant the Chant as well. We created a float for the parade, embracing our theme of Honolulu, as the overall theme was Purple Pride Worldwide, with different cities for each pairing. The win was a surprise to our chapter, but incredibly exciting to be a part of.

Date parties were held each semester with the spring semester starting out with a jungle date party and later, our annual formal, Sapphire Ball, was held at the Discovery Center in Manhattan in April. In the fall, we had one in September with a theme of "When I Grow Up" and later our semi-formal in December at a barn outside of Manhattan with a theme of "Barnyard Ball."

Our chapter had many fun sisterhood events throughout the year, including a Valentine's event, a Halloween party, and a Friendsgiving. Members also enjoy spending time with one another by hanging around the house, lounging in the informal, and taking Sonic runs. Our house mom, Jules, and our cook, Liz, continue to be steadfast presences in the chapter and serve as support systems for all the girls in the house.

Kansas State University has continued to grow and expand over the past year. Renovations continued to take place all over campus, with the Union being completed in the spring of 2017 and Seaton Hall in the fall of the same year. Our chapter continues to be held in high regard on campus, albeit affectionately nicknamed the "Kappa Kappa Grandmas," which many of our members whole-heartedly embrace. Our house mom, Mom Jules, and our cook, Liz, continue to serve the chapter and provide advice, motherly wisdom, and the occasional haircut. As a whole, our chapter has continued to take pride in our strong heritage and flourish as the years go by.

Philanthropy remained a consistent theme for our chapter, as we participated in several philanthropies each semester. In the spring, we did our annual book collection at Mom's Day and later donated the books to a local elementary school as part of our organization's dedication to Reading is Fundamental. We also had a new philanthropy called Kappa Con Queso where we sold tickets to an all-you-can-eat event with chips, queso, and salsa. It was held at the house and was a success. In the fall, we participated in the annual C. Clyde Jones Fun Run, which is held in honor of our Kappa "grandfather," C. Clyde Jones, who is often seen at chapter dinners or enjoying spending time with our members. We won the trophy for Most Sorority Participants. We also co- hosted Fall Fest with Delta Sigma Phi at their house. It was a fun event with fall themed games and snacks. We rounded out the semester with our second annual Chili with Willie philanthropy, and this year we invited Delta Upsilon to host it with us. It was a success and the money raised went to the Rose McGill Holiday Fund.

The money we raised from our philanthropies went back to organizaitons, that we, as Kappa, support. The books raised from Mom's Day supported Reading is Fundamental and we held an event at a local elementary school where we read books and had snacks with local elementary school students. Donating back to the Rose McGill holiday is meaningful to us, as we believe in supporting our fellow Kappa sisters.

Highlights of 2018

Our chapter has accomplished many different things over this past year. In the spring semester, we achieved our goal of going from fifth in grades back to placing second in grades with a GPA of 3.560. Continuing our streak of achievement in Lambda Chi Alpha's philanthropy, Watermelon Bust, in the fall, we tied for first place. During homecoming week, our chapter took 4th place in Pant the Chant and 2nd in Paint the Ville. Our partners for Homecoming were Sigma Phi Epsilon and Acacia. We created a float to support the overall theme of Little Apple, Big Entertainment. Our float resembled "Coachella" to go along with our theme of Beyonce. We all had an incredible time supporting our chapter, with the help of our new members, we were very excited for the week.

At convention, our chapter received the Recruitment award and Honorable Mention in Chapter Management. Date parties, a semi-formal and a formal were held that brought our chapter together for nights filled with dancing, good music and a way to build friendships and sisterhood. In the spring, we had a date party with a theme of "Kappa Time Machine", where people dressed like different people or groups of people of the past, present or future. Our formal was "Monmouth Formal" with Pi Beta Phi, which was held at Flint Hills Discovery Center. In the fall, we had "Blues and Bowling " at the Kansas State Bowling Alley, decked out in jean outfits and following in November, we had our semi-formal with a theme of "Maskeyrade" at the Wareham in Manhattan.

Along with date parties, we had a few sisterhood events that continued to build these sisterhood bonds. Our chapter had a Valentine's event, a Halloween party and a Christmas party. We also had two big philanthropy events that included a Trunk or Treat at the Manhattan Public Library and Kappa KDntinental, that we hosted with Kappa Delta with a breakfast bar. Our members enjoy spending time watching movies in the informal, hanging out on the side porch of our house and making cookie bake or Sonic runs. Our support system at the house consists of our house mom, Jules, and our cook Liz. They continually pour out their love and genuine care for all of us by listening to us and giving us advice. Our chapter is so thankful for the both of them. 

Kansas State University has continued to grow as a campus and school over many years. There are new organizations and resources popping up for students to utilize. The Union has been renovated and we gained a few new restaurants and food options to choose from. Our biggest loss on campus was a fire that broke out at Hale Library, a primary study spot for all of our students. Fortunately, our campus has opened up a few buildings and provided resources to make up for the loss of our library. Our chapter, specifically, remains to be held in high regard on campus, still being referred to as the "Kappa Kappa Grandmas". We take pride in our influential members on campus, involvement in the community, our strong relationships with alumni and the heritage that still continues throughout the walls of our home.

Highlights of 2019

This past calendar year was full of new memories and accomplishments for our lovely little Gamma Alpha chapter. For the 2018-2019 school year, our chapter was awarded the title "Sorority of the Year" out of the 13 sororities we have on K-State's campus. Panhellenic awarded our chapter with this title because of our heavy involvment on K-State's campus, high academic standing, and strong retention rates during recruitment. Our chapter has often placed in the top percent for panhellenic academics on our campus, but this past spring semester, Gamma Alpha placed first. We love our chapter and take pride in these accomplishments, however, many of us believe there is always room for improvement.

Our chapter made it one of our goals this year to increase community involvment and support of our panhellenic brothers and sisters. Our Trunk-or-Treat philanthropy event was a huge success last year so we decided to continue the event. We partnered with the Manhattan public library to raise awareness for Reading is Fundamental (RIF), as well as give candy to families in the surrounding area and investing in the community around us. However, this year we invited other panhellenic and community organizations to join us at our Trunk-or-Treat event so we can support our community together. We are blessed to have so many self-motivated women in our chapter and because of this were able to have several additional philanthropy events. We put on the "KKBee" spelling bee at one of the local town coffee shops to raise money for RIF. We hosted a "Kappa Karwash" event at our house, and participated in the "Reading is Key" event as well as various book drives throughout the year. We are so thankful to have such warm-hearted and hard working young women in this house.

We may be hard working, but we also love some good ol' Kappa Kappa Grandma fun. Our formal this year was "Choose a Mister for Your Sister". Our women got to set their sisters up on blind dates for our formal event, it was a great way to meet new people and expand our Kappa community. Semi-formal was just as exciting with its theme, "Kappa Cotillion", and as always, we kept it Klassy.

We said goodbye to PC'15 and welcomed our new PC'19 women this year, but some things never change like our beloved house mom, Mom Jules, and house cook, Liz. We cannot talk these women up enough, they are phenomenal and make living in the house the experience of a lifetime. From Bachelor watch parties, ginger bread house decorating, outdoor movie nights, and frat boy Fridays, there's never a quite moment at 517 Fairchild Terrace and we are so thankful for the people that have provided us with this amazing opportunity to live with so many women we love. We are so excited for another year of memories.

Kansas State University is still known as one of the top college towns in the nation and our campus continues to grow. K-State has broken ground for our new Multi-Cultural Student Center that should be finished within the next few years. Similarly, the construction of the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) has made immense progress. We are so thankful that Hale Library has reopened the first floor after the fire that occurred two summers ago. Our students have enjoyed the study space that has provided and look forward to seeing the finished product. Kappa continues to be help in high regard on campus and plans to continue deepening our involvment with organizations outside of Kappa. Our members plan on investing in the Manhattan and Kansas State community to give back to the wonderful people who have given us so much love and support.

Our chapter supports Reading is Fundamental through local support. We chose this organization because we wanted to support this organization that we enjoy being apart of each year. We always love working with young children learning how to read and seeing our donations of books in the elementary in Manhattan being put to good use. We believe in empowering young people to pursue education and learn to love learning. Our chapter stands by the belief that you have to learn to read in order to read to learn. We love working with young students in their pursuit of learning and walking alongside the future generation of our society. RIF is a wonderful organization that provides us with so many opportunities to do that. We are so thankful for the educational privledges we have received and love handing those gifts down to the next generation of leaders and life long learners.

We also wanted to give our semester donation to nationals with the money collected for our philanthropy in the fall.

Every year we invite Gamma Alpha and various Kappa alumni to our house for our Founders Day celebration that takes place the Sunday after initiation weekend. We had a great turn out of alumni this year and enjoyed donuts, cider, and coffee to celebrate the new members and honor the women that founded our beloved organization.

Highlights of 2022

Some of the chapter goals we set at the beginning of the year were to promote academics, well-being, respect, service, and involvement within our chapter. Our chapter participated in spring COB for the second time and had three women join our chapter. We also participated in fall COB for the first time, which resulted in our largest pledge class in many years of 39 women.

Our chapter selected NEDA as our mental health and well-being partner. Additionally, our chapter chose to support Katie’s Way, an organization changing mental health care treatment in Manhattan, KS, as our local philanthropy. During the spring semester, we held Kappa Kares Week, which was an online event that aimed to promote our new mental health and well-being philanthropies. Our members raised money and awareness for NEDA, Katie’s Way, and the KKG Foundation through social media.

The second event we held during the spring semester was Sundae Funday, which was an ice cream bar that raised money for Katie’s Way. In the spring semester, we raised $4850. Then, in the fall semester, we hosted the Kappa Karwash to raise money for Katie’s Way. We also paired with Delta Sigma Phi for their annual event “Delta Sig Diner” to raise money for the Flint Hills Breadbasket. Lastly, during the fall, our chapter won a week-long competition, Beta BOO, hosted by Beta Theta Pi, and received $500 for our philanthropy. In total, we raised $1250 in the fall semester.

Our chapter celebrated Founders Day at our 106th Gamma Alpha Reunion and had alumni from different pledge classes participate in the ceremony.

In the fall semester, our chapter added a DEI chair to chapter council. Her goal for the semester was to help everyone feel seen, loved, and valued. She offered tips in her announcement at chapter meetings, as well as creating graphics, to help educate the chapter on how to be more inclusive and respectful of others. Additionally, to help build up the position, she met with other women from other chapters to get ideas on how to incorporate DEI more into our chapter.

We had two members, one in March and one in September, attend the Kappa Kappa Gamma Leadership Academy located in Ohio. During the four-day retreat, our members collaborated with active members and alumni from other chapters to learn how to increase chapter involvement, promote our philanthropies, build relationships, and become better leaders. Additionally, two of our officers attended the Kappa Kappa Gamma Convention in June in Palm Desert, California. They voted on changes to the Bylaws and Standing Rules, listened to a variety of keynote speakers, and attended luncheons and formal dinners to meet Kappas from all over the United States. Our members also attended info sessions and got ideas on how to make our chapter better. They even learned and brought back some songs that had been forgotten by our chapter and learned more about our ritual. This year, the Gamma Alpha chapter celebrated 106 years and hosted a reunion in October. Hundreds of alumni attended the event and we honored 16 women who reached their 50, 65, or 75-year anniversaries.