Beta Kappa

Beta Kappa Chapter was founded at University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho on February 26, 1916.

Founding Date: Feb 26th, 1916

Status: Active



District: Eta

The Early Years (From The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma 1870–1976)

The University of Idaho was established by territorial act in January, 1889, and there were six in the first class of 1892. Located in the heart of the Palouse hills in a setting of great beauty, the university has inspired thousands of Idahoans since that time. Colleges of Letters and Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Mines, Forestry, Education, Business, and Law are included in the complex. The graduate program dates from 1913, the doctoral from 1959.

Omega Pi, the nucleus of Beta Kappa chapter, was officially recognized by the University of Idaho faculty on February 10, 1911. Gamma Phi Beta and Delta Gamma were already established and Omega Pi soon decided on Kappa Kappa Gamma as its goal. The faculty adviser arranged for the purchase of property, a 125 foot lot with a comfortable house, and by fall the group had moved in to the house. Pictures of the living room from the 1916-1918 era revealed wicker and mission furniture, cushions in the window seat, the hanging flower baskets on either side, “Omega Pi” on an animal skin hanging over the mantel, college pennants, an upright piano, and the pure, familiar Galahad to keep company with the chapter composites. The deed to this property was held by the incorporated alumnae association of the old local.

A unique and excellent finance system, put in action by the faculty adviser, controlled the early fortunes of this chapter. Business was divided into four funds, each fund to be controlled by four members of the organization working under a chairman, so that each girl shared responsibility and was familiar with all sides of the financial situation. Reports were checked monthly by the faculty adviser. Within a few years this system became so efficient that other campus organizations patterned their accounting from it and in 1915 it was considered by Kappa’s Grand Council for use in all chapters. Considered, yes, but the budget system was selected. Two Kappas, Alice Ankeny Von Ende and Ann DeSellem Griffith, Iowa, were Omega Pi patronesses. They, with Mrs. S.E. Hutton, another patroness, were untiring in helping the girls to build a strong organization.

Not until March, 1915, did an official inspector, Mary Rodes Leaphart, Kentucky, then Grand Secretary, visited the chapter. She charmed the girls, who were convinced more than ever that a Kappa charter was their desire. The following summer Grand Council gave Omega Pi unanimous approval to establish a chapter at the University of Idaho, and November 15, 1815, brought the news of the granted charter. Installation was held, with Grand President Eva Powell, California, presiding, February 26, 1916. A large reception in the gymnasium followed. Next day initiation was held for those who had joined the group after the petition was signed, and that evening a banquet honored 48 new Kappas.

Just two years later Beta Kappa served as “mother chapter” for Gamma Gamma in Walla Walla, Washington; and again in 1919 helped install Gamma Eta in Pullman, Washington. Since 1920 Beta Kappa has been fortunate in having the strong alumnae group in Boise, Idaho, giving interest and support, financial and otherwise. An early gift was a fine baby grand piano. One member was Nellie Johnson Davis, Hillsdale, whose husband was Governor of Idaho from 1919 to 1923. In 1919 a Kappa Club and a Mothers Club were organized in Moscow. Clubs also existed in Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, and a Mothers Club in Lewiston. All have been of great value to Beta Kappa, and the alumnae association of Spokane has given scholarship awards and gifts.

Housing and Chapter Traditions

A new house, which utilized part of the old house on the old site, was erected in 1923. The Colonial style building accommodated 35 girls and a housemother.

In the spring of 1945 a special ceremony was held to burn the mortgage. Then plans were begun for enlarging the house. By February, 1955, the new wing was completed, and 60-65 girls could be accommodated. The basement was remodeled in 1965 magically changing a dark storage area into study rooms with wood paneling, carpeted stairs, desks and good lighting.

The Beta Kappa house is a three-story plus basement structure, a gracious and comfortable college home. The dining room is of such size and shape that one long table can seat the entire chapter. With housemother at one end and house president at the other of the table, mealtime fosters a spirit of special unity. A $1,000 gift, bequeathed by Charlotte Works, a loving charter member, was used to redecorate the ground floor television room in 1961.

Beta Kappa was hostess to Iota Province Meetings Conventions in 1927 and 1955, and to the Province Meeting in 1973.

The long-awaited 50th anniversary celebration in 1966 was attended by nearly 90 alumnae, some coming from as far away as Florida. Events included a fireside, a luncheon, and a formal banquet. The Golden Anniversary gift of nearly $1800 was presented to the university in the form of art for the student union building.

Early records of the chapter membership are vague, but top grades were noted in 1919, and there is mention of 15 years when Beta Kappa led the campus. (Between 1933 and 1948 there were yearly elections to Phi Beta Kappa, and one year six chapter members received this honor. For 27 of the years between 1933 and 1970 Beta Kappas made the freshman women’s honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta. The chapter often received national scholarship awards and awards from alumnae groups. Mortar Board membership was first noted in 1923 and for at least 30 years of chapter history Beta Kappas were tapped. Kappas have been members of Spurs (the sophomore women’s honorary) for at least 33 years since 1931, and Beta Kappas in many other honoraries were a source of pride to the chapter (Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota, Cardinal Key [not presently on this campus], Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pi Beta Lambda, I Club, Curtain Club, Orchesis, Helldivers, Vandalettes, Phi Sigma, and Sigma Xi.

In the seven years between 1960 and 1967 four chapter members served as president of Associated Women Students, and many were elected officers of campus and class organizations. Members were honored as queens, fraternity sweethearts, ROTC sponsors, Navy Corvettes, and in Angel Flight and various fraternity little sister organizations.

Beta Kappa had the good fortune to exist on a campus which always encouraged the Greek system, and the National Panhellenic Conference groups have yet to feel the lack of interest in Greek living that was noted in larger campuses, and in larger metropolitan areas.

The 15 buildings at the university of 1916 now number 65, and 92 faculty members are now 650, and the undergraduate body (including summer session) of 864 has grown to 7,110. Beta Kappa’s lifetime has seen many changes.

Chapter traditions are important in Beta Kappa life – the annual pledge dance, spring dance, Christmas fireside, Valentine fireside; the special dress dinner held each winter honoring Kappa sons and brothers on the Idaho campus; the diamond key worn by the member showing the greatest grade improvement; and, of course, the traditional “Mrs. Borgerg” who visits Beta Kappa Chapter every fall to meet the new pledges. A special dress dinner is held in her honor, (the actives come casually dressed while the pledges are in their best after a last minute cram session with pledge manuals). Mrs. B. produces laughter-provoking tidbits about each pledge – she is always played to perfection by the “hammiest” active. Mrs. B. is an intimate friend of Fraternity officers.

There are high points and firsts in chapter history to remember: 1916 when the university quartet was 100 percent Kappa, 1917 when Dorothy Forch was the first woman on the university debate team, and Frances Bailey (Jackson) the first Beta Kappa May Queen and highest honor student; 1919 when Beta Kappas had the presidency of every woman’s organization on campus (top grades besides); 1964 when Janice Rieman Gisler was the first woman to be graduated from the university with a 4.0 accumulative grade point average; and 1969 when Mary Thomas Peavey, Brooks was appointed Director of the United States Mint.

Among Fulbright Fellows are the names of Rosanna Chambers, Karen Lee Hurdstrom, and Karen Stedtfeld (Offen). Karen Longeteig is a Junior Foreign Service officer. Karen Dreizenbeck Archer has served as program chairman for the American Women’s Club in True des Primenerer Bel Air, Grand Duchy of Luxemborg.

In 1968 Carol Sternberg Lafferty received the Ballard (Seattle, Washington), Exchange Club “Book of Golden Deeds” for her long, successful and expanding business career; Sally Ann Mace Gallagher is the author of Aims (study guide), and producer of Aims films; Nina Louise Varian, under the professional name of Nina Jones, serves as director of the Rockefeller family public relations office; Helen Patten Miller has directed the American Cancer Society in San Luis Obispo County for a number of years.

There is a special place in Beta Kappa’s memory for singer Anne Elizabeth “Betty” Bollinger Nielson whose brilliant concert and operatic career in Europe and the United States was ended when she died of cancer in July, 1962.

Loyal Beta Kappa sisters, so many of them, have given generously of their talents while they were actives, and continue to support Kappa in various ways in the communities in which they live.

The previous information was excerpted from The History of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, 1870-1976. The information that follows has been gleaned from available resources including Chapter History Reports, chapter meeting minutes, letters and comments from chapter members and alumnae, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Archives, and The Key. Each chapter is expected to update its history record annually. Contact Fraternity Headquarters at [email protected] with questions.

Highlights of the 1970s

Beta Kappa was very strong during these years. They were known for winning songfests, Greek Olympics, Turtle Derby, Campus Chest, and several members were selected as Fraternity queens and sweethearts. Many members were little sisters of the fraternities on campus and also were selected to Mortar Board. The chapter was top in grades and pledge classes numbered approximately 26 each year.

Housing: The house was different in appearance with walls mostly covered in wallpaper, the house did not have shutters, and the foyer was about to be remodeled.

Philanthropy: The largest amount raised by philanthropy was $6,700 (marathon).

Convention Awards: 1970 Scholarship, with small Panhellenic – Honorable Mention' 1972 Scholarship, with small Panhellenic; 1972 Publication Awards, Best Printed Paper, newsletter, publications/public relations; 1974 Publication, Best Printed Paper, newsletter, publications/public relations

Highlights of the 1980s

Throughout the 1980’s Beta Kappa excelled at Recruitment, scholarship and campus involvement. Members expressed their pride in membership with the term, “That Kappa Feeling.” Enthusiasm, a commitment to excellence and sisterhood were all definitions applied to the chapter.

Beta Kappa’s were involved with a variety of campus activities and organizations including U of I Dance Theater, Jazz Choir, Track, Blue Key, U of I Band, Society of Women Engineers and Student-Alumni Board. The chapter hosted students during Explore Idaho and were successful in Fraternity and Greek Week competitions. Beta Kappa also served as Big Sister Chapter to Zeta Pi at College of Idaho when the chapter was installed.

When the Lionel Hampton Jazz festival started at the University of Idaho in 1984, Beta Kappa’s immediately volunteered on a yearly basis for this great community event.


House Board worked quickly each summer to improve the chapter by adding new carpeting and wall paper throughout the house. The TV room and chapter room were remodeled as well.


Members trick-or-treated for UNICEF, helped with Special Olympics, cleaned downtown Moscow with other Greek groups and went Christmas caroling at a local care center.

Chapter Convention Awards:

1982 Greatest Improvement-Honorable Mention, Greatest Scholarship Improvement, with small Panhellenic, Woodman Award, Best Relations with Advisory Board-Honorable Mention, Helena Flynn Ege Award for Pledge Training-Honorable Mention, Personnel-Honorable Mention; 1984 Fraternity Appreciation-Honorable Mention, Gracious Living Award/Commendation-Honorable Mention

Highlights of the 1990s

In April 1991, more than 300 Beta Kappa’s assembled in Moscow in celebrate the 75th anniversary of the chapter. Decade gatherings, house tours, commemorative t-shirts and a gala banquet all combined to make it a memorable event.

The chapter maintained top academic honors throughout the decade and that was a factor in top women selecting the chapter during Recruitment. Awards for Scholarship, Public Relations and Membership were received from campus Greek Life, Iota Province Meetings and the Fraternity Convention award for Efficiency in 1998.

Membership in campus organizations was a source of pride to the chapter with members in Blue Key, Panhellenic, Student Alumni Relations Board, Golden Key, Dance Team, International Student Association, ASUI Activities Board, Mortar Board, Order of Omega and U of I Honors Program.


New bunk beds, repapering the stairwell, remodeling the formal living-room, retiling the foyer and new plumbing were all improvements made to the chapter facility.


Adopting a troop from Operation Desert Storm, cleaning the streets of Moscow with other Greek living groups, serving as crossing guards one week a semester for the the Moscow School District and holding an annual Halloween party for Friends Unlimited were just a few of philanthropy projects of the chapter that reflected support of the university, community and country.

Convention Awards:

1998 Efficiency (Housed)

Highlights of 2000-2010

Beta Kappa's 90th anniversary was celebrated in March 2000. During the weekend Beta Kappa's toured the house reminiscing about when they lived in the "House on the Hill" and a ritual review was held for all Kappas. The banquet speaker was, Kerrie Quinn Murray, Idaho, President of the Kappa Foundation.

The chapter thrived in the tradition of high standards of Kappa Kappa Gamma in the first decade of the millennium. As a chapter, an emphasis was placed on academic excellence and positive community interactions. The strong chapter reputation was recognized by the University of Idaho Greek system. Awards for Chapter Excellence Scholarship, and Efficiency were bestowed on the chapter at the annual Greek Awards Banquet, Iota Province Meeting and Kappa Kappa Gamma Convention.

Members attended Leadership Academy and the chapter hosted a L.E.A.D.S. seminar with the Gamma Eta Chapter. The chapter kept a full social calender with the Kappa Krush dance, the Sapphire Ball, Fraternity exchanges and watching popular TV shows with other sororities.


The upstairs bathrooms were remodeled with new countertops, sinks, toilets, showers, and fleur- de-li tiles. New couches were installed in the TV room and new carpeting in the study room. Flooding of the chapter room during Inspiration Week resulted in moving the archives and carpet replacement. The house also underwent a remodel of the formal room, the foyer, and second floor.


The chapter held the annual Kappa Kappa Gamma/Alpha Kappa Lambda food drive as well as philanthropy projects for Reading is Fundamental, Relay of Life, Saturday of Service and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. The chapter teamed up with Kappa chapter at Washington State each year for the Kappa Fun Run during Mom’s Weekend, raising money for breast cancer research.

Convention Awards:

2000 Efficiency Award; 2004 Academic Excellence Award; 2006 Panhellenic Honorable Mention, Recruitment Honorable Mention, Academic Excellence Honorable Mention, Standards Honorable Mention

Highlights of 2011-2019

(Information from chapter’s History Reports: Scholarship, group honors/awards, traditions, special events, changes on campus or within chapter, overall nature of the chapter, chapter goals, challenges and how they were overcome, etc.)

Highlights of 2012

The year of 2012 came and went as so many memories were created and shared. Beta Kappa opened January 10th as all the women came back up for another semester at the University of Idaho. To start off the year, we cleaned up our house on the 12th to keep it looking like the beautiful white house on the hill it is. With a clean house, and such a dry start to the new year, no snow falling in December or the beginning of January, snow fell a few days after returning and we were awarded with a snowday. Everyone did something different, some made snowmen, there were snowball fights and others just enjoyed watching it from the inside with a warm cup of hot coco. The following week, on the 21st, we had a sisterhood with pizza and games inside, as snow still covered campus.

February followed with the Valentine's date dinner on February 8th, where the house was decorated and all the women and dates dressed up. A couple weeks later we participated in the Lionel Hampton Festival, the 24th and 25th, and we were rewarded with Best Participation. The evening of the 25th we had Big Chill where we did not rent a venue, but large groups went out to dinner. That following Sunday all Beta Kappa's reminisced in the historical day of when Beta Kappa was founded, the 26th of February. The next day was the Scholarship Banquet, on the 27th, where Kappa's from the previous semester were honored for their academic excellence. We ended the month with a sisterhood on Leap Year, the 29th, with an ice cream social sisterhood.

Right out of the shoot for March we had midterms the 5th through the 9th, the house was quiet except for the flipping of pages in texts books. The following week everyone was rewarded with a week of relaxation, as it was Spring Break from the 12th through the 16th. The house opened back up for the last quarter of the year on the 18th. The week of the 26th through the 30th was Greek Week and the first Vandal Friday from the 29th-30th. On the 30th, all the freshman were presented with their badges and we won the Best of the Greeks Award for most members at the basketball game.

April poured onto us like a rain shower with Relay for Life on the 6th, and then the following week was Sigma Chi’s Derbys Days where we were the poster winners, which was announced on the 10th. Then that weekend followed with another Vandal Friday on the 13th-14th. Then we had a sisterhood with Pi Phi on the 17th and Mom’s Weekend was the weekend of the 20th. On Mom’s Weekend we also had the Fun Run, where we raised $2,500 dollars for Susan G. Koman. There was also Phi Delta Theta’s Turtle Derby philanthropy. Sadly, our turtle, Elvis, did not win but our dance did for the second year in a row. We also had the most donated to their philanthropy.

With all the excitement from a fun filled semester and the weather starting to warm up, we had to settle down and get nestled into our books with Dead Week from April 30th through the 4th and then finals the following week, May 7th through the 11th. Summer officially was in session May 12th, and it was also the commencement ceremony.

Summer flew by, and everyone found themselves filled with excitement heading back to the beautiful Palouse for another memorable year. Beta Kappa opened August 3rd and we came back to a new Kappa, with our old Elm trees taken down and a fresh landscape showing off our beautiful home. Work Week officially started on the 5th. After a week of diligent work, Recruitment began on the 10th and ended on the 14th, were we received 31 new freshman. On the 16th we did a sisterhood to Silverwood Amusement Park. Summer officially came to an end on the 20th for the first day of school. That night, all the new members were formally pledged.

September came quickly with Derby Days for Sigma Chi, and we won the banner competition again on the 29th. October came in a rush as it started out with Homecoming week the 1st through the 6th. Then the following week was midterms the 8th through the 12th and PIKE’s “Funds for Community” philanthropy from the 9th to the 14th, in which we won the Pike Spike volleyball tournament and were the overall winner. On October 13th was Kappa Krush at CJ’s in downtown Moscow. Following the house dance we also had a Founder’s Day sisterhood with Washington State Kappa’s on the the 14th. Our soccer team was the Intramural Soccer Champions on October 18th, where they played the season and the playoffs in the Kibbie Dome. October also was a very special month for the house for we held another successful Inspiration Week, where the freshman were officially initiated the 20th. We won Lambda Chi’s “Watermelon Bash” philanthropy. We carved pumpkins with the men of Delta Sigma Phi on the 23rd, in which we displayed the creativity of both houses on the front steps of Kappa. On the 24th we had a Just Dance sisterhood in the TV room where everyone got “jiggy with it.” The 27th we had the “Trick-or-Vote” philanthropy where about 30 girls participated and braved through the rain to encourage people to vote for the next president. October 30th highlighted Kappa’s athleticism again with winning the Swimming Intramural Championship.

After an activity filled October, November started with everyone getting to spend time with their dads as Dad’s weekend was November 2nd through the 4th. Then just a few short weeks after everyone went home for a much deserved Thanksgiving break from the 19th through the 23rd. The house reopened on the 25th for the last three weeks of school and the official transition of the new positions in the house.

The last month of the year started with a date dinner on 5th at Kappa; the house was beautifully decorated with lights and snowflakes scattered around on the ceilings and lights framing the house and shrubbery outside. The following week, the 3rd through the 7th was Dead week where everyone was getting ready for finals. That weekend we took a quick break from our studies for an evening to enjoy our annual dance, Sapphire Ball, on the 8th. At the dance our new Ice Man, Andrew Baldridge, was announced. Then finals were December 10th through the 14th. Beta Kappa finished off the year strong with getting first in grades and the house average GPA being a 3.34. As 2012 ended like a happy ending, it made all of us excited to come back and continue the story in 2013.

There have been a few changes on campus. Starting with greek life on campus, Delta Chi was revoked charter for two years and Phi Kappa Tau moved back into their house after not being allowed in it for several years. On campus, roads were repaved and the Admin building had some piping renovations, in which the road was torn up. The overall nature of our chapter is encouraging, not only for having high academic standards but maintaining a close sisterhood. We are also supportive; attending each other’s games, concerts, and other events. Lastly we are helpful, always giving assistant to a sister in need.

Highlights of 2013

The year of 2013 started for Beta Kappa chapter on the 8th of January when all the the women came back to our beautiful home for a new semester of classes and sisterhood. The Chapter Council started off the year by setting goals and resolutions with our advisers to make our chapter even stronger on January 19th in Kappa's kitchen. On January 18th the chapter had a sisterhood in the TV room that was aca-awesome as we all ate candy and watched the movie Pitch Perfect together. Another sisterhood was held in honor of the Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. It was especially packed during the half-time show as Beyonce Knowles gave a fierce performance that blew everyone away. On February 12th the house had a date dinner for Valentine's Day, and everyone looked beautiful. On the 22nd we had our Big Chill dance before we buckled down for midterms on March 4th-8th. After that stressful week we all went on Spring Break for some much need relaxation from the effort that every Kappa put into her grades.

On March 17th we all came back to our home for the last push towards the end of the semester. The University of Idaho opened up for the first Vandal Friday of the year on March 21st through the 23rd, which was the first time we met some of our future new Kappas! The second Vandal Friday was held during April 4th -6th . Kappa was 3rd in 2013's Greek Week thanks to some serious practice for the human pyramid, which is something to be proud of. We can also be proud that during the Saturday of Service held on April 13th Kappas logged over 250 hours of giving back to the city of Moscow. 2013 was also a big year for our fun run philanthropy, “Key for the Cure” held during Mom's weekend on April 20th. We had over 200 participants from all over campus and the Palouse. Later that day was Phi Delta Theta's turtle derby in which Kappa won the skit portion, received second all around, and our member Caitlyn Nichols was announced Phi Delt's “sweetheart”. On April 22nd through the 26th we celebrated our wonderful seniors with a banner over the front entrance of Kappa. On the 27th Amanda Peterson was announced Theta Chi's “dream girl” while on their cruise. April 29th through May 3rd the house was quiet while everyone prepared for their finals during Dead Week. On May 2nd we had a photo shoot sisterhood to relax a little bit, and then got back to work May 6th through the 10th for finals week. Our chapter received first in grades for the second semester in a row! May 11th was the University of Idaho's commencement ceremony for our graduates. The Kappa house then emptied out as everyone went home for the summer.

On August 10th the active members moved back in and work week began as we prepared ourselves and our home for finding our new members! August 16th through 20th was the recruitment process and on bid day August 20th we finally got to meet our new freshmen! To get to know each other better and to start our bonds of sisterhood, the entire house went to a ropes course located just outside of Moscow. On August 26th the freshmen got to socialize after the stressful recruitment process during the university sanctioned “Saturday of Service”. Then we all put on our best outfits and packed our backpacks for the first day of classes on August 26th, and later that evening the freshmen officially became pledges and received their new member pins.

In September, Kappa continued to be an active presence on Greek Row by winning FIJI's fun run and placing second in Sigma Chi's Derby Days. On October 3rd we surprised our freshmen by having “big little find out”. On the 13th we celebrated founder's day, and then later celebrated it again with the WSU Kappas by having candy, snacks, and house tours at their Kappa house. On October 12th we had Kappa Krush, our informal dance, and on the 20th our powder puff team worked their buns off and won Beta Theta Pi's tournament.October 20th through the 26th was our Inspiration week, followed by our freshmen becoming members on the 26th! We were all so happy to welcome them into the Kappa bond, and it was so special to have so many alumnae come to help and experience it with us. We celebrated with a caramel apple sisterhood later in the afternoon.

Fall started off with Dad's Weekend November 1st through 3rd, and then we had a week break to be with our family for Thanksgiving from the 25th through the 29th. When we got back the house was decorated in lights and looked beautiful thanks to our senior members. On December 6th we had our Sapphire Ball, where Kevin Racime (a Sigma Chi) was announced Ice Man, and had our Christmas Date Dinner on the 11th. Dead Week began on the 9th and all the Kappa women focused on their studies for finals week that started on the 16th. The hard work paid off and Kappa was again first in grades, making us first in grades for an entire year! On the 21st Kappa Kappa Gamma closed for Christmas break and everyone went home for the holidays and to celebrate the coming of the new year with their family and friends.

Our chapter has really pulled it together in the last semesters after a scare when we placed 4th overall in grades. Since then our scholarship has been made a priority and we have been back on top, even without demanding that our members do study table. We count on each other to hold ourselves and our sisters accountable for our grades and for attending class. We remain the Klassy Kappas that we are known for. We received awards in Province for our outstanding advisory board, chapter relations, and excellence in standards, as well as receiving the Panhellenic Award: Chapter of the Year on Campus and the Richard D. Gibbs Chapter Excellence award. Our member Sarah Vetsmany was awarded Outstanding Sophomore of the Year in the Greek Awards and our member Sarah Jacobsen was elected Panhellenic President for the University of Idaho. We are continuing the long tradition of leadership and excellence that the Kappas before us have made possible. Describe the recent changes on your campus and describe the overall nature of your chapter. Changes on Campus: Pi Kappa Phi joined our Greek community in 2013 and moved into the old ATO house by the Student Union Building. The University of Idaho welcomed a new president and our Panhellenic Council had to step up when our Greek advisers moved to a new campus.

Highlights of 2014

On January 14th everyone came excitedly back to the Beta Kappa chapter house just in time for the start of the new school year. After everyone was settled in and school was started we had chapter council leadership day where new goals and ideas were discussed for the upcoming year. To kick off February we started a month long photo challenge to encourage positive social media and to express how much we all love kappa #kappaphotochallenge. On the 12th we enjoyed a Valentines date dinner where everyone looked beautiful. For one of our philanthropies we made flower grams for Valentines Day and all the proceeds went towards our cook’s daughter. We also enjoyed volunteering for the Lionel Hamptons Jazz Festival here in Moscow. On February 28th we started a new tradition of going ice-skating. From March 10th- 14th we had midterms. Luckily, after the stressful week having spring break the following week was our reward. After returning from spring break we kicked off the second half of the semester with Greek Week and partnered with Sigma Chi. On March 26th we all invited our professors over for dinner to get to know them better and make new relations. On March 28th we had our first vandal Friday of the year. Greek games were the next day. The following weekend we were all so happy to have our moms in town for a fun filled weekend. Over moms weekend we had our key for the cure 5k run/walk where we raised $2200. On April 12th we participated in relay for life at the kibbie dome. We had our second vandal Friday on April 18th. To wrap up the school year on May 3rd Laurien Mavey was named Delta Tau Delta’s Tzena. The last day of school was May 16th and Kappa shut down for the summer.

On August 8th we all returned to the beautiful white house on the hill. After a busy workweek and oh so fun recruitment we welcomed 28 new members into our home. After just a couple days with all of our new members in the house we started school August 25th. On September 24th we welcomed all of our dads into town for the weekend and enjoyed some good old vandal football. On October 2nd we had our family find out. The following night we had kappa krush, a t-shirt date function hosted at our home, where we had panda express delivered! To celebrate founder’s day we traveled over to Washington State University for the afternoon and spent it with the Kappa’s there. We had inspiration week October 19-25 and our 28 new members finally became members. That weekend we also won Beta Theta Pi’s powder puff competition. The new members were given their badges by putting together a fake fireside on November 13th. We had a delicious caramel apple sisterhood on the 18th of November. We had fall break from the 22-30. After we returned to school there were only three weeks left in the semester. We celebrated our sapphire ball on December 5th and Ty Prince was named our new iceman. Alpha Phi was our sister house this semester so we hosted a cookie decorating sister hood with them in our dining room on December 5th. On December 13th we had our secret Santa sisterhood. To wrap up the year we had finals the 14-19 and we all left Kappa for winter break.

We welcomed a new Greek adviser to our campus who is young and beginning to implement some new ideas, such as restructuring Greek week. Additionally we welcomed an assistant Greek advisor, Megan Harre, a former Kappa. She was able to join us for aspects of our inspiration week. Because all of our pledge classes live in we are pretty cohesive. We have a very strong sisterhood, we spend a lot of time together, and mix and blend together well.

We hold our meetings in our chapter house in the formal or chapter room. Beta Kappa is a "housed" chapter. The House Board owns the land and the house. The Chapter leases the chapter house from Pi Omega Alumnae and the member’s rent from the Chapter.

The original Kappa house was built in the 1800s and was owned by a University of Idaho professor. A new addition was built onto the house in 1923 and another addition from 1954-1955. We have always had members live in the house. All the freshmen live in the house while sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the option to apply to live out of the house. Currently we have 73 members living in the house but it ranges from year to year, usually fluctuating between 68 and 75 members. The chapter members rent the house.

Highlights of 2015

On January 13th the beautiful Beta Kappa Chapter House opened back up for everyone to return for spring 2015 semester. After taking the day to settle in classes started the very next day on January 14th. After getting used to the new routine of the semester we had leadership day on January 24th where new goals and ideas were discussed and created for the year. On the 11th of February we enjoyed a Valentines date dinner where everyone got have a tasty meal with someone special. Also for Valentines day we made flower grams to be delivered on the 14th of February all proceeds went to Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse.

February 15th-22nd Hanna Johnson, the leadership consultant, came to visit again. The previous fall semester we had received first in grades, we held our scholarship banquet on February 23th and Ellison Schultz was chosen to wear the scholarship key for the following year. We had our second annual big chill/skate date on February 27th. We volunteered for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival here in Moscow on February 28th.

From March 9th-13th we had midterms. Luckily after a week of tests we were rewarded with spring recess the following week from March 16th-20th. To kick off the second half of the semester we returned and had Greek week and partnered with Phi Delta Theta and Lambda Chi Alpha. On March 26th-27th we had our first Vandal Friday where Seniors in high school came to visit the university and enroll in classes.

The following weekend we hosted the second Vandal Friday on April 2nd-3rd. On April 4th we had a recruitment workshop to refresh ourselves and better prepare for recruitment in the fall. On April 11th we had Saturday of Service where we helped out in the Moscow community. On April 16th we had our second annual Junior Hoopla where the juniors little’s made paddles for them. We were so excited to have our moms in town from April 17th- 19th. On April 26th Patti Perry, a member of house board received her 50th pin. On April 28th Katelin Bartles was named Sigma Chi’s Sweetheart.

On April 27th-May 1st we gave recognition to our seniors by having senior week. We had an ice cream sisterhood with Kappa Delta on May 3rd. Dead week was May 4th-8th. On May 8th we had Symposium with Tri-Delta and Delta Gamma where we ate pizza at our house and Delta Gamma’s and had popsicles and played lawn games at Tri-Delta. Finals were May 11th- May 15th. The house closed for the summer on May 15th and Spring Commencement Ceremony was May 16th.

Everyone returned to the beautiful white house on the hill on August 7th. After a couple of day of getting settled in we were excited for recruitment and began workweek on August 9th. Recruitment was August 14th-17th. While it was a fun, exciting, and stressful four days we successfully welcomed 27 new members into our home on bid night August 17th. On August 19th we enjoyed our all house retreat at Silverwood theme park where we got some thrills from the rides and sun in the water park. Classes then began on August 24th and that evening the new members had their formal pledging ceremony.

On September 24th we had our Scholarship banquet to honor those who did well in the spring semester. We had big/little find out on September 24th. We welcomed our dads to campus for the weekend on September 25th-27th for some good old Vandal football.

We had Inspiration Week October 4th-10th and our 26 new members became members. We had a small founders day celebration in our dining room where we did a small ritual and enjoyed some cupcakes on October 13th. We had midterms October 12th- 16th. We had Kappa Krush on October 16th where we brought our dates over to have panda express and take some fun photos. Homecoming week was October 19th-24th. We had a fun sister hood on October 23rd where we went to the Haunted Palouse and went through 2 haunted houses and a haunted hayride which were frightening and fun. We had an etiquette dinner during formal dinner with the campus nutritionist on October 26th.

The leadership consultant, Carly Wooldridge, came to visit November 1st-6th and gave us great ideas. On November 2nd Andrea Bennett was pinned by Phi Delta Theta Chris Steinmetz, how wonderful to see true love. On November 4th we had a sisterhood and watched Magic Mike XXL and enjoyed tasty snack. We had an appreciation for our cook Katie, as it was her last day cooking on November 6th. We had a puppy philanthropy on November 7th where several of us went and volunteered at the humane society with Sigma Chi. Monmouth Duo was a blast with Pi Beta Phi on November 7th. Make a Difference Day was on November 14th where we went and helped local communities with projects. On November 15th Nicole Noble was elected to Panhellenic as the Secretary. Fall Recess was from November 23rd-27th.

We had a card making sisterhood with Gamma Phi Beta on December 2nd where we made cards for the local Gritman Medical Center to give to their patients for the holiday season. Dead week was from December 7th-11th. During this week we had a Christmas date dinner on the 9th where we got to show off our beautifully decorated home and have a nice meal we also had a Secret Santa Sisterhood to show appreciation for each other on the 10th. Finals week Began on December 14th.

Some recent changes to our campus were that we welcomed a new dean of students, Blaine Eckles and new assistant Greek advisor, Leyalle Harris. We also currently don’t have a Greek advisor.

Chapter Philanthropy:

What organization(s) has your chapter historically/traditionally raised money for, or donated hours to, in your community? We have traditionally raised money or donated time to Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Make a Difference Day, The Children’s Center, and Saturday of Service.

Why did your chapter choose this organization(s) to support? We chose these organization because they have demonstrated need and we are more than willing to help them out.