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Eta Psi

Eta Psi Chapter was founded at Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, North Carolina on November 18, 2017.

Founding Date: Nov 18th, 2017

Status: Active



District: Lambda

History of Pfeiffer University

Pfeiffer University is a private university located in Misenheimer, North Carolina. Pfeiffer is affiliated with the Methodist Church. It was established in 1885 by a woman named Emily Pruden. The school was first began its operation on the edge of Hudson, North Carolina and was called Oberlin School, and was later endowed by Mrs. Mary P. Mitchell and was named in her honor as the Mitchell School. A fire destroyed the original school in 1907, and it was then moved to Lenoir, North Carolina. The new location proved to be inadequate and was relocated in 1910, to Misenheimer, North Carolina. The Mitchell School began awarding high school diplomas in 1913, and began offering junior college classes in 1928. In 1934, the Pfeiffer family of New York City, New York, gave several generous financial gifts to the school. The school changed its name to Pfeiffer Junior College, after it was accredited the same year. In the 1950s, the school began offering senior level college courses, and was then accredited as a four-year college in 1960. In 1996, the college received university status, as Pfeiffer University.

Presentation and Establishment

Kappa Kappa Gamma was presented to Pfeiffer University during the fall of 2017. Sena Griffith, and other women from Kappa Kappa Gamma headquarters, began making visits to Pfeiffer, in order to promote the colonization of Kappa Kappa Gamma within the university. Women who were interested in the organization, attended recruitment events to learn more about Kappa Kappa Gamma, and what it has to offer for the women who decide to join. These recruitment events were then followed by a successful bid day.

On, September twenty-ninth, 2017, twenty-one women pledged their name in interest to the colonization of Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter, Eta Psi. The pledging was led by leadership consultant, Sena Griffith.

Kappa Kappa Gamma was the first Greek-letter organization to establish a chapter at Pfeiffer.

During the New Member period the chapter was mentored by their chapter consultant, Sena Griffith (UC Merced). She was joined by Field Representatives and members of the extension team, and held meetings with campus organizations, as well as information sessions for interested students. At the end of this period, there was a Bid Day to invite them into membership.


On November eighteenth, 2017, the first initiation ceremony installed twenty-one women from Pfeiffer University. Initiation was performed at North Carolina State University. Elizabeth Bailey, Fraternity Vice President, led the FS service, which was followed by light desert and time to visit. Two more members were initiated during the spring semester, on March thirtieth, 2018.

The chapter was installed by Beth Uphoff Black, Fraternity President, on November 18, 2017. She was assisted by Denise Rugani, Ritual and History Director, and Elizabeth Bailey, Fraternity Vice President. Forty-two women were initiated into Eta Psi Chapter.

Sisters of Eta Chi chapter participated in the initiation, as well as many alumnae.

The founding members of the chapter are: Kortni Adams, Kara Adcock, Regan Allen Nijay Armstrong, Mara Beck, Ashleigh Bost, Danielle Boza, Cortney Brown, Aisha Gardner, Kayla Greene, B Griffin, Grayson Harris, Cassidy Hooper, Katie Hovater, Tori Jackson, ChyAnn Ketchum, Angel Koon, Courtney Laughlin, Michelle Lee, Kara Luck, Athena Maravelas, Dallas Mooneyham, Maddie Moose, Mckinzie Morgan, Abby Neal, Madison Riddle, Sam Smith, Mackenzie Swetnam, Mo Taylor, Abby Waggoner, ShaNisha White, Allison Wike.

Highlights of 2017

Eta Psi was installed as a chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma on November 18, 2017. Eta Psi is the first greek organization on campus. Changes seen are individuals of different sports teams now intermingling due to Kappa being our thing in common.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Eta Psi's members donated three hours of time to Reading is Fundamental, five hours of time donated to various campus service projects, and five hours donated to various community service projects. $150 was donated to Reading is Fundamental, along with 130 books that were collected by the chapter for donation. Eta Psi also donated $50 to the Kappa Kappa Gamma foundation.

Our chapter had a bake sale, and stormed the dorms, when we went to the student dorms to ask for extra change. Locally, we have chosen to support GHA Autism Supports, which provides a unique environment for individuals on the spectrum. Various outdoors activities, opportunities, and more are provided allowing them to contribute to the community.

Our work during this period was mainly sisterhood events, and selecting officer structure all helped by Sena Griffith, our chapter consultant. We meet in a classroom in the Student Center on campus.

Highlights of 2018

On September fifth, 2018, the women of chapter Eta Psi, began fall recruitment in attempt to expand the growth of their chapter on the Pfeiffer Campus. Seventeen women were recruited and pledged their name in interest. On November tenth, 2018, those seventeen women were initiated on the Pfeiffer Campus, which was led by Jenna Patton.

Highlights of 2019

In the Spring of 2018 there was an abrupt change of officers due to a couple of transfers. However, in the spring we were able to raise money for GHA. We also volunteered at local elementary school to read books, and make crafts with students there. It was Eta Psi's goal make sure that every child left with a book. Our chapter goal is to be more involved in our community and raise chapter morale. As a council we would like our members to be more active. The words "what you get out of Kappa, is what you put into her." The more work you put into Kappa the more your love grows for her.

This year our campus received a new president. In November we just completed officer elections. The new chapter council's main goal is to boost chapter morale. With it being our first year without a based leadership consultant we have seen many downs. Many girls feel that Kappa does not give them the sisterhood that was promised in recruitment. With a change in officers we plan to see a world's difference in morale and attendance. Eta Psi will get through this and flourish just as the fleur-de-lis do in the beautiful gardens of Kappa

Chapter Philanthropy: GHA Autism Supports. This organization is established in our county that offers services to people of our community who have a disorder under the Autistic spectrum and we fund raise donations for them.

Founders Day: On Founders Day the chapter and advisors gathered outside for some finger food and congregation. It was a lovely day outside to celebrate our founding ladies.

Sesquicentennial Celebration: Our chapter plans to host its first ever Spirit Week. The chapter will be split into two teams; the owls and the keys. Kappa Spirit Week will kick off with ritual and history jeopardy. Throughout the week the best Kappa costumes will earn points for their team. Categories like the most Kappas at a campus event, and other small acts will earn points for each team. In the middle of the week there will be a sisterhood event planned by standards. To end the week Kappa will be hosting a color run to raise money for either GHA or RIF.